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703 – The Pair’s Statuses
Having safely crossed the sea, we approach the land.

『Master-dono, let’s split up here.』

Treant proposes.

『…Yes, let’s do that.』

Aro holds treant and jumps off of me. Her black wings stretch out, and she flies in front of me.

To start with, I focus on treant.

Species: World Treant
Condition: Cursed, Tree Spiritisation Lv6
Lv: 130/130 (MAX)
HP: 2886/5773
MP: 1534/1534
Attack: 304 (609)
Defence: 1321 (2642)
Magic: 1169
Speed: 1318 (659)
Rank: A+

Characteristic Skills:
[Dark Attribute: Lv-] [Grisha Language: Lv3] [Harden: Lv7] [Automatic HP Recovery: Lv7] [Automatic MP Recovery: Lv6] [Flight: Lv4] [Soothing Drop: Lv6] [Indomitable Guardian: Lv-] [Gravity Compression: Lv5] [Stealthy Movement: Lv5] [Vitality Conferment: Lv-] [World Tree Bark: Lv6] [Fairy Hex: Lv-] [Slow Body: Lv-]

Resistance Skills:
[Physical Resistance: Lv8] [Fall Resistance: Lv9] [Magic Resistance: Lv7]

Normal Skills:
[Take Root: Lv5] [Clay: Lv5] [High Rest: Lv6] [Fire Sphere: Lv7] [Aqua Sphere: Lv4] [Clay Sphere: Lv7] [Wind Sphere: Lv4] [Telepathy: Lv5] [Gravity: Lv6] [Poison Cloud: Lv4] [Physical Barrier: Lv6 ][Antipower: Lv6] [Decoy: Lv6] [Statue: Lv6] [Meteor Stamp: Lv6] [Tree Spiritisation: Lv6] [Berserk: Lv5] [Wood Strike: Lv5] [Wood Counter: Lv5] [Armour Break: Lv5] [Guard Lost: Lv5] [Clay Wall: Lv5] [Ground Tremor: Lv5] [Heat Ray: Lv6] [Woven Armour: Lv5] [Death God Seed: Lv5] [Undying Regeneration: Lv6] [Humanisation Technique: Lv2]

Title Skills:
[Demon Lord’s Subordinate: Lv-] [Eater of the Fruit of Wisdom: Lv-] [White Mage: Lv7] [Black Mage: Lv7] [Dragon’s Lost Property: Lv-] [World Tree: Lv-]

Looking at his stats again, it’s amazing to see how strong he’s become.

His HP and defence are a match for even the origin matter or Miia.

I thought this when he was persuading Aro, but he really is constantly growing. His stats too of course, but he also seems to be developing mentally through the many battles.

Next, I focus on Aro.

Name: Aro
Species: Walpurgis
Condition: Cursed
Lv: 118/130
HP: 95/95
MP: 3393/3601
Attack: 1284
Defence: 1023
Magic: 2409
Speed: 1168
Rank: A+

Characteristic Skills:
[Grisha Language: Lv4] [Undead: Lv-] [Darkness Attribute: Lv-] [Flesh Transformation: Lv9] [Privilege of the Deceased: Lv-] [Ruler of Earth: Lv-] [Evil Demon Eye: Lv7] [Undead Maker: Lv-] [Petrifying Demon Eye: Lv7] [Flight: Lv3] [The Undying Dark: Lv-] [Baleful Wings of Ebony: Lv-]

Resistance Skills:
[Status Condition Nullification: Lv-] [Physical Resistance: Lv8] [Magic Resistance: Lv6] [Physical Damage Halving: Lv-]

Normal Skills:
[Gale: Lv8] [Curse: Lv6] [Life Drain: Lv7] [Clay: Lv7] [Autoregeneration: Lv8] [Clay Doll: Lv7] [Mana Drain: Lv8] [Rope of Regret: Lv7] [Fog of the Dead: Lv6] [Charm: Lv6] [Wide Drain: Lv6] [Dark Sphere: Lv6] [Vampire: Lv7] [Death: Lv7] [Mirage: Lv7] [Black Bloodbats: Lv7] [Ravenous Poison Fangs: Lv3] [Darkness Kaleidoscope: Lv5] [Soul AppendmentFake Life: Lv4]

Title Skills:
[Demon Lord’s Subordinate: Lv-] [Hollow Sorcerer: Lv8] [Undecaying Body: Lv-] [Undead Queen: Lv-] [Undying Witch: Lv-] [Final Evolution: Lv-]

Aro’s stats are also shooting up. Treant’s stats as an endurance type are incredibly high, so Aro’s look a little plain in comparison, but ultimately what’s important in a battle are attack power, magical strength, and speed.

With her focus on magical attacks, Aro’s stats could be said to be well-balanced. Her MP consumption is painfully high, but her ability to triple her firepower with [Darkness Kaleidoscope] is a big benefit.

『…Both of you, absolutely don’t get yourselves killed. Once I’ve dealt with the [Spirit Servants] in Harenae and Ardesia, I’ll come straight to you.』

“Of course, dragon-god-sama.”

Aro nods deeply.

『Don’t worry, master-dono! My strength is in my toughness after all! I’ll also protect Aro-dono for sure.』

Treant flaps his wings excitedly from within Aro’s arms.

After the brief exchange of words, they begin flying away from me. At the same time, I turn around and begin flying away.

I would have liked to have talked more. But, if we did, I got the feeling it would have been our last conversation.

We will definitely see each other again. That’s why there’s no need to say something like ‘this could be the last we see each other’.

Having flown a little ways away, I turn around.

『Aro, treant!』

The pair react to my [Telepathy]. They stop and turn to face me,

『Wait for me! I’ll be there soon!』

“Okay!” 『Okay!』

Aro and treant shout back at the same time. After a brief smile, we resume flying in our separate directions.


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