Revenge Consulting - Chapter 9

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Posted on April 4, 2017by darkdeathking

After hearing the word “Sale”,the woman raised her head.
Ryushin noticed her gaze,which was looking at him.
The middle-aged woman offered a cup of coffee to Ryu.

“Any specifications you have? ”
“Ah Yes.First,plz tell me the apartment price of size 30 pyeong or more”
“Ok,What other requirements do you have? ”
“The apartment should be facing the Han River”
“Ho ho, yes.So,You like Riverview.I’ll try to pick up the appropriate list for you. ”

Soon the woman came up with a thick booklet.
In the booklet, there were all kinds of apartment appearance, interior, and other facilities mentioned.

“Apartments in Cheongdam area with size of 365 pyeong are about 17.”
“… 17 million?”
“Its 1.7 billion. ”

Ryushin inhaled a deep breath.
He remembered the face of Park Hyun – Gun.

‘If I had known earlier, I would have taken 5 billion instead of 1 billion.’

Others can do that, but Ryushin would not.
The one billion that was taken out was the capital Park Hyun-Gun originally had.
The rest of the money was from the blood of mortgaged people, so he could not afford more than that.

‘Just forget it, Seoul house prices are expensive!’

Yes. It was impossible to find apartments with one billion won price tag.
Ryushin changed his conditions again.

“When I think about it, I live alone anyway.
“Oh, if you live alone then 21 pyeong would also be fine ”
“Okay, then whats the price for that?”
“Well,In Cheongdam Lyman, a 21 pyeong apartment is in sale for 95 million.”

Barely safe.
But this does not even include the cost of furniture required for an office.
‘I don’t think I can work as a homeboy and do revenge consulting.’
Ryu-shin once again decided to lower his requirement.

“Oh, I can live with that, but it ‘s too tight. What is 36 pyeong monthly rent? ”
“I have 400 or 450 thousand monthly rent on a deposit of 100 million.”
“Okay, let’s do it.”

‘If I earn more money later, then I am gonna buy it.’

“I want to move in as soon as possible. Do you have an apartment for sale now? ”
“Well, I do, but it’s hard to get the same price for the floor you want. Each floor has a different price range ······. The one I have now is 35 stories tall. By the way,do you want to live in the apartment? ”
“If you change the location,then it can be about 300 to 500 million only.”
“No.It has to be facing the Han River.”

After a firm conviction, Ryushin chose the house where the property was listed.
A 36-pyeong apartment overlooking the Han River.
Three years ago, the landlord had remodeled it, but it was recently sold off so they were renting it.
Since that day, Ryushin became busy with finding the proper furniture for his office.
A few days passed in such a manner, and the promised time arrived.

After having breakfast at a hotel where he stayed for a few days,he went back to his room and checked his figure.
His appearance and body changed.
After Ryushin turned into Kwon Tae Ha, he wore the black suit as he always did and focused his thoughts together.

‘To be able to meet with those so-called leaders,I shouldn’t have the appearance of Ryu.Instead Kwon Tae-ha, who works as a revenge consultant, will go with you. ”

Ryushin finally opens the door.
He called a taxi to go to the promised place where he will meet her.

‘The second floor cafe opposite to Constitutional Court.’

‘According to her, the leader has been in charge of every single post in society.
Besides, the place of promise is opposite to Constitutional Court.
Maybe the reader in legal system is preparing to meet with me.’

‘It might be bigger than I think.’

Ryuchin smiles unintentionally.
‘If I say that I am relaxed, it would be a lie.
However, I feel excited because of the expectation for future.’
500 years of fighting bloody fights every day!
So,regardless of what Ryushin was doing now, it was an interesting series of days for him.’

He reached his destination.
Ryushin went out of the car and gave the appropriate money to the taxi driver.
The best taxi driver he thinks is the one who does not talks to the customer during the trip.
After taking a deep breath he approached the one who was standing in front of the cafe.

“Are your arms and legs okay?”
“· · · · ·? It does not interfere with my everyday life. ”

She looked up with a flat face.
She still remembered the Ryushin, who was trying to kill her.
Therefore,she felt uncomfortable near Ryushin.

“Yes. So where are the good leaders who want to see me? ”
“We have prepared the vehicle. We’ll be going there now. ”

As her voice fell,a luxury sedan stopped in front of them.
Opening the door with his own hands,he sits in the passenger seat.
When the door closed, the car departed smoothly so that inertia was hardly felt.

‘… turning the direction.’

The car passed the Constitutional Court.
Ryu-shin laughed. The Constitutional Court, along with the Supreme Court,are ont the two largest mountain ranges in the country.

‘Even if the leader are a group of people flying,there will be limitations.’

It will be hard for you to work in the Constitutional Court and to find a place where people can come and go.
That was the judgment of Ryu.

“· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·. Where are you going now? ”
“Please understand. I can’t tell you in advance. ”

The car stops.
What was seen in front of Ryu’s eyes were a gorgeous iron gate.
A luxurious entrance with golden calligraphy centered around two golden phoenixes facing each other.
As if the appearance was unbelievable, Ryu took a look at left and right.
Police dressed courteously stood guard from side to side.

“Identified. Please enter. ”

A wide door opened!
Now Ryushin saw the situation and his both eyes became large.
As the car passed the entrance and entered the inside,he saw magnificent architecture.
Which was in harmony with the garden!It was the blue house!!!

“Can you hear me?”

Ryushin laughed with a distorted face.


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