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Hello everyone—thank you for reading. This is Yuri Kitayama. As always, thank you for picking up Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles, volume 16,The Knight’s Respite. 

So, how did you find volume 16? 

In this volume, Rio’s revenge tale has ended and the story is transitioning to the next stage, so I tried to tie up some loose ends and lay the groundwork for the future with a bit of a breather. 

Since there are people who like to read from the afterword, I’ll refrain from writing any spoilers, but in volume 16 there are people who finally meet each other, the appearance of someone new, and the feeling of everyone finally gathering together, which leaves even me, the author, feeling touched. (In my case, I leave all of the illustrations to my editor and Riv, so I’m always extremely touched when I see the wonderful art!) 

From here on, there’ll be more developments between the appearing characters, the reappearance of old characters, and the resolution of various plot points that have built up until now, making the story even more interesting. Please look forward to volume 17, as it’ll only get better from here. 

Speaking of volume 17, the production of the third drama CD has been decided. There’ll be over ten characters appearing in it, including popular characters from the past and new faces. Please look forward to the cast announcements! (The plot won’t affect the main story, and the contents will mostly focus on daily life during volume 17.) 

I’m running out of space, so I’ll wrap things up here. I don’t normally write about my own circumstances, but perhaps once in a while... And so, I still haven’t gone on my first shrine visit of the year. I’m hoping I’ll get to go before this volume goes on sale, but I haven’t filed my taxes yet and I’m scrambling everywhere. 

Things got unexpectedly busy from the end of last year, and I’m still following up on adjusting my schedule, but I’m somehow managing to continue my work in good health. Make sure you take care of yourselves too, everyone! Let’s meet again in volume 17 this summer! 

Yuri Kitayama 

March 2020 

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when will the release of volume 17?

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