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I meant to put this out earlier. Sorry Cyrogen and Rumanshi for dropping the “baton” on the continuous releases. Many thanks to Otka and his help with TLC. Once more I apologize and without any more distractions enjoy.

Translator: Aryaryagi Translation Checker: Otka Chapter 42 – Bath

Within Quratar labyrinths fifth level, we came across a magic crystal. By chance. Collagen Coral Lv5

Collagen Coral Lv5

Magic Crystal

Cheep Sheep Lv5 The moment I was doing [Appraisal] on the demons, it also appeared. For an instant I thought four had appeared.

First of all, The demons received 3 shots of [Firestorm]. With the wand I parried the Collagen Coral’s ramming body attack and finished it off with a fourth shot.

“We should head straight back to our previous location.” “No, There is a magic crystal over there.”

I stopped Roxanne when she tried to go back the way we came. I go forward. To the area where I first saw the demons. Half of a black magic crystal was buried and hidden in the ground.

“You found it even though it was dark and so far away, as expected of Master” “It just happened to be near where we found the demons” “Still it is difficult to find since the black magic crystal does not shine.”

I see, so the black magic crystal doesn’t shine? There is a possibility I overlooked them until now. I cannot make observations every single time but, will try to make better observations from now on even if it seems insignificant.

“Do the other crystals shine?” “Yes, but they are very dim.”

In the end it becomes a white magic crystal, I think it will shine. It is certainly easier to find a shining one.

“In the case of black magic crystal, I can’t sell it until it accumulates magic?” “Well, magic crystals are fusible.”

I hand the black magic crystal to Roxanne and she takes it.

“Fusible?” “Yes, you push the two and they easily fuse into one.” “I see, so the magic is not lost with the fusion?” “It is fine.”

I carry some spare magic crystals so I don’t mind trying it to see. After all they are 10 Nars.

I took out a green magic crystal from the rucksack. I place the green one on the palm of my right hand and the black crystal that I found with my left hand I pile on top. The black magic crystal sinks into the green one with no resistance at all. It enters steadily when I push it with my hand.

Somehow, it is a comfortable feeling. It’s not a hard nor a soft reaction, it feels like an exquisite resistance. It resembles a feeling of crushing bubble wrap that goes into cardboard boxes. I think it may become a habit.

“Is it like this?”

Only the green crystal remained once I finished fusing the crystals. The magic crystal I found was black, so it didn’t even have 10 magic power in it. At least 10,000 magic power is needed to change the colour of the green magic crystal, so it seems it didn’t have enough

We finished exploring the 5th floor by the time the bathtub was completed. Beep Sheep who we’ve fought before is the boss of Vale labyrinth’s 5th floor. The combination of demons and bosses appear to be the same in any labyrinth.

I must not let the Beep Sheep use a skill. I stick close, always ready with Durandal which has the incantation interruption effect. I don’t jump back and instead block it’s attack with the sword because I can’t allow it to have an opportunity. As long as the skill is prevented I can leave the front to Roxanne while I just focus on the back.

The coral demon in Quratar’s labyrinth does not have a distinction between front and back, it’s a bit troublesome. But still when there are 2 people, attack frequency becomes half. I swing Durandal around and somehow win.

“I will give back the medicine”

Roxanne lowers the rucksack. Since I don’t know what will happen, before the boss fight I handed the medicine to Roxanne. It is something I learned from the previous boss fight. It will be terrible if Roxanne is poisoned while I am affected by sleep.

If only the normal attacks have added effect then Roxanne can avoid them without a hitch.

“Isn’t it alright to hold on to it until we see the demons from the sixth floor?” “It’s fine. Mino will appear on the sixth floor of the Quratar labyrinth.”

Vail labyrinth’s sixth floor demons as well as Quratar’s second floor demons were Naive Olive. If fighting demons I already fought then I feel relatively safe. Because I can bring down Lv6 demons with 4 magic shots, I think sixth floor demons are not a problem. I put away Durandal and the medicine and moved to the sixth floor. The messenger from the woodshop came on the fifth day as promised. After being told I could accept it straight away, he immediately went back and returned with a wagon.


As I was waiting outside I saw the wagon in the distance and I unintentionally let a word leave my mouth.

It’s big. The enormous round tub is put vertically on the carrying tray. The height of the carrying tray is 1 meter and the tub is 2 meters, so about 3 meters in total. About half of the tub was above the coachman’s head.

Since there is furniture of the similar height it probably isn’t that big, but when I consider that it’s a tub it still seems bizarrely impressive. As the wagon approaches, I take a look and it really is big. It really is about 2 meters. It seems it was made according to my request, slightly taller than a person.

“Here are the ordered goods.” “The boards are thick, it seems solid.”

The boards used are fairly thick. The bottom boards seem to be considerably thick.

“Like this it will not break soon.”

The person employed to transport left with these words. Like this it won’t break. I wonder how much water I can put in.

Let’s see… 1 Litre is 1,000 cc. Since 1 cc is 1 cubic centimetre so, 1cm x 1cm x 1cm. So 100cm x 10cm x 1cm is 1,000cc and becomes 1 litre. Since 1 meter is 100cm, 1 meter x 10cm x 1cm is 1 litre then 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 cm is 10 litres. In a container size of length and width of 1 meter and depth of 1 cm can contain 10 litres of water.

Huh? It’s way more than I thought.

Since the size of the tub is radius x radius x Pi, the diameter is 2 meters then the radius is 1 meter and Pi is 3.14. [Otka: took some liberties as the Japanese was too messy to translate word by word and make sense] The depth is 50 cm so 3.14 meters x 50 cm x 10 litres is 1570 litres?

Let’s calm down. Calm down. It could be a mistake….. nope. I recalculated but it was still the same.

1570 litres of water fit in this tub? Since 1 litre of water is 1 kg then it’s 1570 kg. That is approximately 1.5 tons.

It is a tremendous amount of water. I did not think I would need a ton for daily life. To add to that the boards are also thick.

“Fo-for now shall we carry it to the second floor?” “Yes, Master”

Roxanne along with 2 other people bring the tub up to the 2nd floor. No. It’s no longer a tub, it’s a bathtub. It’s very heavy but because you can roll it it’s not unreasonable to move it. With two people it will be easy to push up the stairs.

We put it in the room with drainage outlet on 2nd floor. After we brought it into the room Roxanne and the two others carefully laid it down. Since the room is about 8 tatami size, even if I put the bathtub in there, there would still be room.

“As expected it is a mansion.” “Ermm. I wonder what is this?” “Once you find out you will be surprised and will laugh. We will use this as a bathtub.”

I declared to Roxanne. A paradise to go in, but hell to produce the water. I can make 10 litres of water with one [Water Wall] so I will need to cast magic as many as 157 times to make it full.

157 times? Moreover just to make water. My head hurts.

“A bathtub used to take a bath?” “That’s right. I want to get it ready straight away.” “I understand.”

I don’t know how much time it will take. I think I should do the preparations fast.

First I lightly wash the bathtub with water, with [Water Wall] I fill the water jars with water. Once filled, I cast [Fireball] on the water jars to heat the water. One [Fireball] cast makes it lukewarm water, two casts make it boiling water.

I take into consideration that while preparing the hot water will cool down, after firing two casts I empty it into the bathtub. Before the water gets too hot I should dilute it. Because wood is different from ceramic water jars, I shouldn’t be shooting [Fireballs] at the accumulated water in the bathtub. It would be terrible if the fire spreads.

While filling the bathtub with hot water, when magic consumed I jump to the labyrinth to replenish it. It’s difficult.

“Like this we will take a bath about once a week.” “What is wunsawik? TN:isshuwakan – word for one week, I guess a week does not exist there. “…Once or twice every ten days.”

While warping to the Labyrinth several times I grumbled unintentionally. This world does not have the concept of a week. I think according to Roxanne I am an oddball who sometimes speaks in incomprehensible language. I am a serious weirdo.

Midway, The temperature of the bathroom started to become hotter. It’s like a sauna. Only I enter and continue working while Roxanne is waiting outside. Just being in there a short while covers me with sweat.


When I walked out Roxanne handed me a towel. I wipe off the sweat and again make a round trip to the labyrinth. Do I want to take a bath with Roxanne this much? I am really a pervert.

To the end, I was stubborn and collected the hot water in the bathtub. I’m desperate. For that reason I collected it.

It probably has been no less than 2 hours since the start of the preparations. I also prepared some spare water in the water jars.

“Today with this much done. It is finished.”

The tub is about 90% filled with hot water. The bathroom was filled with white steam.

“Good work.” “If there’s time lets go to the labyrinth once, and after dinner take a bath.”

I receive a towel from Roxanne and wipe my sweat. It will be fine for few hours since when I put my hand in it, it was still considerably hot.

“Umm, do I also partake?” “Of course, that was my intention, but…?”

I wonder if Roxanne dislikes baths? I want her to enter even if she dislikes it. There is also an option of ordering her to enter.

“Only lords or nobles take baths. Also I was told to wait outside midway.” “I told you to wait outside because inside is sultry. There was no reason for both of us to become drenched in sweat.” “Was that the reason? I thought there was some special reason for master”

Did she think there was such a thing? I return the towel and stroke her dog ears.

“Well special is special. Because I will enter together with Roxanne.” “Eh. …eem-eermm” “We will enter together.” “Y-yes, thank you very much.”

What a relief. It seems we will enter together. If at the very end she had refused then I wouldn’t know for what reason I went through all the hardships. After completing all the work for the day we enter the bath. The water was still slightly too hot. I create a [Water Wall] directly above the tub to cool the water.

Adjusting the temperature is difficult. It is difficult to make fine adjustments with magic. I put my right hand in the bathtub and stir it. Is this good enough?

After a while I got the hang of making hot water, next I made about half the water jars into hot water using [Fireball]. I think it has become slightly easier. But really only slightly. I wonder does it become slightly easier when the level increases?

I placed a lemon in the bathtub before dinner. I’m not completely sure if it’s a lemon but, it was translated as lemon so I guess it is a lemon.

I’m not sure what kind of herbs to use to substitute iris leaves for bathwater. [Otka: seems putting 菖蒲湯 in bathwater is some sort of tradition in Japan since Edo times, I only had a brief look at it on Japanese Wiki about it, Google it for images if you are interested] It would be terrible if it had a weird smell. In case of hot citron bath, I wonder is it not possible to substitute for some other citrus fruit?

With the lemon there is a nice aroma. Since it is edible it does not dissolve.

Roxanne placed a lantern in a hole within the room. I take hot water and lightly rinse my body. We both entered the bath after I washed Roxanne’s body.

It feels good.

The mildly hot water surrounded my body. I freely stretch my arms and legs out. The size of the bathtub makes it feel like a hot spring.

Since there is no Kinoki cypress there is no mellow tree fragrance, but still it is relaxing. [Otka: 檜 – Kinoki Cypress is a type of tree that grows in Japan, seems to be water resilient, and based on what he said also releases a fragrance] I place a towel on the edge of the tub and lay my head on it.

Roxanne also lies down. I extended my arm and embraced her. It feels good.

Her lean and flexible body comes close next to me. Since she was floating I was able to easily come closer. Our feet twine and cling together.

In the hot water Roxanne’s skin is smooth. It is softly smooth making it feel very good.

“Mmm, it’s the best.” “Yes, it is a splendid feeling.”

She might have gotten the wrong meaning, but if Roxanne is fine with it then it is all good.

Something brushed against my knee in the water. It is strangely comfortable. I stretch a hand out as I wonder what it could be. It’s a tail.

Roxanne’s tail spread like water plant in the bath. When scooping with my arm there is a soft brush impression brushing on my hand. In the water I stroked her with my hand gently. This is an unexpected discovery.

“Roxanne’s tail feels good.” “Is that so? Thank you very much.”

I stretch my hand, the tail is swinging many times. It sways gently in the water. The tail waves like a gentle breeze passing through. Roxanne’s tail is pleasant in the bath.

It is way better to take a bath with Roxanne that I had thought it would be. The preparations are difficult to do every day but, once every ten- no once every week- no once every five days I want to enter. Once every 3 days is also fine.

I moved my body and soaked my head. The hot water soaks through the hair. I scrubbed my head in the hot water. I scrubbed my head several times until all the dirt was out, and then raise my head.

“It feels good. Roxanne should try it also.” “Yes”

Roxanne soaked her head in hot water. I stretched my hands out and scrubbed Roxanne’s hair. I also washed her dog ears.

Her hair does not have the same feeling as her tail. Still it will cling to my finger due to the moisture.

Roxanne was submerged in the water for nearly a minute. Soon her upper body rises and the water runs down. When she rose from the water I secretly stared at her huge mountains that were shaking *gaburun**gaburun*.

Yup I knew it baths are great. Baths are the best.


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