Star Odyssey - Chapter 1436

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Shang Qing had not expected Xia Shenfei to possess the Nine Clones Secret Technique. Even more shockingly, the clones could apparently be separated even after they had all merged together. This revelation shattered Shang Qing’s common sense. He felt helpless, and his last stream of ancestral qi moved away from his body and took on the form of Progenitor Hui.

Xia Shenfei had assumed that the last strand of qi would also be one of Progenitor Chen’s clones, and he had not expected to see a stranger appear.

The moment Progenitor Hui appeared, the summon started dashing around the battlefield. At the same time, Shang Qing moved to dodge the attacks of Xia Shenfei’s clones.

Xia Shenfei staggered from the overpowering rage that was consuming him, and his own strength naturally fell a bit as well. He was protecting himself from the clone of Progenitor Chen as well as Shang Qing, so he had not expected to suddenly be attacked by Bai Shaohong.

Bai Shaohong used a single finger to touch the void, and it caused a black line to appear. “Void Rip.”

The black line tore through the void and cut across Xia Shenfei’s back. He turned around to stare at Bai Shaohong in shock.

Long Tian was also surprised. He had originally believed that Bai Shaohong was directing the Void Rip at him.

Wang Su frowned. Bai Shaohong was too despicable. This sort of surprise attack was completely unscrupulous.

As far as Bai Shaohong was concerned, no matter how impressive Shang Qing’s strength might be, he was still nothing more than a trespasser from the Forsaken Land. Thus, he could never possess the strength to match up to a Junior Progenitor. Bai Shaohong only saw the other Junior Progenitors as his peers.

At this moment, Xia Shenfei was still too upset.

Shang Qing had not expected Bai Shaohong to suddenly sneak attack Xia Shenfei. He shot a glance over at Bai Shaohong. This person was like a poisonous snake that could turn on people without warning.

Lu Yin also kept a wary eye on Bai Shaohong. This guy had no bottom line.

“Long Qi, behind you!” Long Xi yelled. Lu Yin instantly dodged, but smoke appeared and took on the form of a rope that wrapped around him. Yun Tingting was attacking him.

Lu Yin smashed out with his hand, and while he was able to disperse the smoke, it quickly reformed.

The smoke had appeared in more than one direction, and it had actually completely surrounded him. In fact, it was even beneath his feet.

Long Tian shouted, “Wen Diyi, stop her!”

At this moment, Wen Diyi was busy fighting with another Yun Tingting. He truly did want to stop the woman, but he had already been badly injured, and his injuries had not had a chance to heal yet. On top of that, Yun Tingting had a strange power that allowed her to create multiple clones. However, each of these clones were formed from smoke, and they were known as Smoke Incarnations. With this technique, Yun Tingting was able to form ten clones.

Yun Tingting continued fighting with Wen Diyi even while she was attacking Lu Yin.

However, Lu Yin was not an easy opponent, and he gradually revealed a level of strength that left Yun Tingting helpless.

Wang Su forced back a summoned clone of Progenitor Chen by using Four Arts: Celestial Blade. She coldly stated, “Origin Matter is the most important thing here! If trespassers manage to steal it from us, that would be too humiliating. We need to deal with them first.”

“I agree.” Bai Shaohong was the first to agree.

Wang Su dodged another knife attack from Progenitor Chen, and she glanced at Bai Shaohong. “Bai Shaohong, let’s work together for now. However, if you act against us again, then I, Wang Su, swear that you will pay for such a betrayal.”

At this same time, Xia Shenfei was busy evading the illusory Progenitor Chen’s attacks. Even though Xia Shenfei did not want to accept it, he understood the priorities at this moment. “I agree.”

Long Tian stepped back and stopped fighting with Bai Shaohong. “I also agree.”

Shang Qing frowned. This was bad. The worst possible outcome had occurred. The four Junior Progenitors were uniting, and no one could oppose them. Shang Qing turned and winked at Lu Yin, indicating that they needed to find a way to escape.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. He suddenly spoke up. “Brother Long Tian, don’t worry! The Origin Matter is with me, and I’ll make sure to get it safely back to Dragon Mountain so that you can open your upper meridian point.”

Lu Yin’s statement was extremely irritating to Bai Shaohong’s ears. He pointed at Lu Yin. “He has to turn over the Origin Matter first! He could also be a trespasser, and we have to deal with all of them first!”

“No, I won’t agree to that,” Long Tian said.

Bai Shaohong loudly protested, “Long Qi is most likely a trespasser! He’s just pretending! Can’t you see that?”

Just as Wang Su was about to interject, Shang Qing attacked her. The summoned Progenitor Chen’s knife became even more ferocious, and Wang Su was forced to hold back what she had been about to say.

Long Tian did not actually care about whether or not Lu Yin was a trespasser. After all, Long Tian was completely selfish and self centered. As long as he was able to get the Origin Matter, it did not matter even if Long Qi was a trespasser. Besides, there was no evidence supporting the claim that Long Qi was a trespasser.

The four Junior Progenitors were able to restrain each other, which meant that Long Tian had to protect Long Qi in order to be the one to ultimately take away the Origin Matter. Even if it eventually came out that Long Qi was a trespasser, his life or death would have nothing to do with Long Tian.

“Bai Shaohong, you just want to steal the Origin Matter! That’s why you’re trying to slander me as a trespasser!” Lu Yin loudly shouted out an accusation.

Bai Shaohong was enraged, and a killing glint flickered through his eyes. “You must want to die.”

In a corner of the chamber, Crown Prince Gui Qian suddenly attacked. He had been silent and passive this entire time, and even now, he still did not attack anyone. Instead, he was targeting the pillar of tribulation crystal. He quickly stashed the huge pillar in his cosmic ring and fled without any hesitation.

Everyone’s attention had been on Lu Yin, and no one had expected Crown Prince Gui Qian to suddenly steal the tribulation pillar. By the time anyone was able to react, the prince had already returned to his previous corner and was busy escaping.

Lu Yin did not ignore Crown Prince Gui Qian’s efforts. If not for the prince, Lu Yin would have never been exposed. Thus, when the prince stole the crystal pillar, Lu Yin had not made any move to stop the prince. Only after the prince had returned to the corner of the chamber and was about to flee did Lu Yin use his secret technique: Astral Chessboard.

Crown Prince Gui Qian was just about to dash around the corner, but he suddenly noticed that the scenery before him had changed. He was now in the center of the chamber while Lu Yin had taken the prince’s previous position. Then, Lu Yin quickly fled.

Crown Prince Gui Qian had failed to escape for a second time.

Lu Yin sped up and raced away. As long as he was able to escape with the Origin Matter, the four Junior Progenitors would definitely chase after him, which would be the safest option for Unseen Light and the others.

Unfortunately, Lu Yin had been too optimistic. Crown Prince Gui Qian had not been able to escape, and neither could Lu Yin. With four Junior Progenitors present, no one could even dream of escaping, even if they did have secret techniques.

Lu Yin rushed out of the chamber at his fastest speed, only to find that his path had somehow been reversed and that he was actually returning to the chamber.

What had just happened?

“Brother Long, if you’re in too much of a rush, then it’ll be easy to run into a wall.” A voice entered Lu Yin’s ear, and he turned to see Xia Shenfei. What had he done?

Lu Yin was just looking at one of Xia Shenfei’s clones. This clone had attacked Shang Qing before, but because of Bai Shaohong’s sneak attack, Xia Shenfei had not recombined with all of his clones. Instead, he had kept one of them on standby to act as a guard. While Xia Shenfei seemed like an emotional person, he was actually even more wiley than anyone else. Crown Prince Gui Qian had claimed that Long Qi had managed to escape from Long Tian and Bai Shaohong, so Xia Shenfei had been waiting for just this moment.

Since Long Qi had been able to escape once before, it was likely that he would attempt to do so a second time, and Xia Shenfei intended to seize that opportunity.

The outcome could be considered ideal. Long Qi had almost escaped with the use of a secret technique, but fortunately, Xia Shenfei had been prepared.

“Give it to me.” Xia Shenfei’s body was covered with the Divine Martial Armor, and he grabbed at Lu Yin.

In the distance, Long Tian, Bai Shaohong, and Wang Su all wanted to take action, but there were people blocking them. In particular, Bai Shaohong was held back, as Xia Shenfei’s main body was blocking him.

A Junior Progenitor, or even just a clone of one, was not something that an ordinary cultivator could face.

At this time, the summoned Progenitor Hui appeared at Lu Yin’s side. The summoned Progenitor grabbed Lu Yin and instantly disappeared. The two passed right by Xia Shenfei and continued to race out of the chamber.

This was the clone of Progenitor Hui’s power. It would dash about the battlefield to place countless spatial coordinates, which would then allow it to freely move about as it wished.

During ZENITH, Shang Qing had infuriated many people with this ability.

Progenitor Hui carried Lu Yin and rushed away. However, the void suddenly distorted in front of them, and it looked as though it had been grabbed. Lu Yin secretly cursed. This was not good, as Long Tian had attacked him. He had an innate gift of space, so distance meant nothing to him. Even if the summon blocked this attack and allowed Lu Yin to escape from the branch, he would still be attacked.

“Let him go!” Long Tian shouted. He pulled his right hand back, and the void in front of the summoned Progenitor Hui shifted as his attack landed. Half of the summon’s body was shattered by this attack. Long Tian had deliberately avoided Long Qi with his attack, as he actually wanted Long Qi to escape. If the Origin Matter was in Long Qi’s possession, then the White Dragon Clan would have every right to claim it. As for the possibility of Long Qi using the Origin Matter to open his own upper meridian point, there was no fear of that happening as it was simply impossible.

Long Tian had assumed that Progenitor Hui had been kidnapping Long Qi, which was why he had attacked and scattered the summoned Progenitor Hui, momentarily delaying the summon. This delay had allowed Xia Shenfei to catch up to Lu Yin once more.

Long Tian continued to attack. He tried to use his innate gift to lock down Xia Shenfei, but his efforts were being rebuffed by Bai Shaohong, who was interfering with Long Tian’s attacks. Bai Shaohong then looked over at Xia Shenfei. “Brother Xia, catch Long Qi! We’ll have a fair competition afterwards.”

“Okay!” Xia Shenfei shouted back. Once he was past the corner, he raised a hand and grabbed at Lu Yin. His hand was covered by his Divine Martial Armor, ensuring that Lu Yin would not be able to resist.

Long Xi’s expression changed drastically. “Long Qi, RUN!”

Unseen Light was still fighting against Dong Shan. He opened his eyes and helplessly said, “It’s time to make a move, Champ.”

Across from Unseen Light, Dong Shan was confused, as he could not understand what Unseen Light meant.

Yao Xuan, Liu Tianmu, Shang Qing, and Wu Taibai all simultaneously looked over at the corner, each of them anticipating a shocking scene. They were waiting to see the Lu Yin who had challenged and triumphed over everyone during ZENITH.

Xia Shenfei lowered his hand. He was just about to seize Lu Yin when Lu Yin let out a breath and looked up. “Is this fun?”

As soon as these words left his mouth, a golden light appeared and shrouded Lu Yin’s body. He raised his own hand and reached out for Xia Shenfei’s. Xia Shenfei felt the power behind Lu Yin’s hand, and his expression changed. “Is this-?”

There was a bang, and Xia Shenfei’s clone was suddenly forced up against the wall by Lu Yin. “It’s over.”

Lu Yin instantly released a Vacuum Palm with a full 250 Stacks behind it, as well as his golden battle force. Lu Yin’s hand continued to press forward, tearing through Xia Shenfei’s clone.

Everyone stared on, dumbfounded; how was this possible? That was Xia Shenfei, a Junior Progenitor! While Lu Yin had only been up against a clone, that clone had still been around as strong as Wang Yi and others at that level. And yet, Lu Yin’s hand had gone straight through the body!

In the distance, Xia Shenfei’s true body spat out a mouthful of blood, as another clone had been holes punched through his body.

He stared at Lu Yin in utter shock. “Ten lined battle force? You actually managed to cultivate ten lined battle force!”

Bai Shaohong and the others were similarly shocked. It was not difficult for such people to cultivate battle force, but reaching ten lined battle force was a completely different story, as that required an unparalleled ambition. Only after achieving ten lined battle force could one be considered to have become unparalleled.

The four Junior Progenitors had never focused on cultivating a domain or battle force, as they had all received various inheritances and had enough to focus on in terms of training. They had never imagined that Lu Yin would have actually achieved ten lined battle force.

Ten lined battle force was comparable to the Divine Martial Armor!

Suddenly, Lu Yin no longer wished to escape. He was fully capable of doing so at this moment, but why should he do so? He had already been exposed, so he would just fight it out. There was also a conjecture that he needed to confirm in this place, as it could only be done in this place.

Long Xi stared blankly at Lu Yin, who was shrouded in a golden light. It was now confirmed that Long Qi was a trespasser, but that was not a surprise.

Only a trespasser could have hidden such strength.

Long Tian wore an extremely grim expression on his face. The son-in-law of the White Dragon Clan’s main family actually turned out to actually be a trespasser! Once word of this spread, it would be the ultimate humiliation.

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