Suki Kirai - Volume 1 - Chapter 7

The last summer of my high school life ended. 
It feels like it was shorter than usual because I filled it with going here and there with Rin this year.
Even though classes started, too, I was seriously worried if I could change my way of thinking.
(Because Rin is hopelessly cute in everything she does……)

In any case, the girlfriend I managed to get at the end of my unrequited love that lasted for about a year and a half is cute.
Wholeheartedly cute. Hopelessly cute. National treasure-level cute. 
When I get carried away and say something stupid, she gets mad without a moment’s delay, that side of her is really the best.
And how she worriedly avoids meeting my gaze when she thinks she’s said too much, I think that’s breaking the rules, too.

But lately, Rin has been acting a little weird. 
If I’m not mistaken, it’s since a certain news was delivered.

At this year’s cultural festival, a big guest will stand on stage.
Even an alumna, the legendary diva aka Hatsune Miku.

The details were obscured, but apparently it’ll be a so-called triumphant return concert this time. 
Because the overseas festivals from before last year are continuing, she can’t return to Japan for while, such are also among the reasons.

(The reaction sure was crazy, when the student council made the official announcement.)
Of course there are people who like Miku’s music, and quite a lot of kids admire her success story, that moment reminded me of that again. 
Speaking of which, Rin also said that she took the exam at Aisaka Academy because she admired Miku.

“Miku-san is coming to the cultural festival? Really? Wow, what shall I do……”

Seeing Rin in a shaken up manner more or less for the first time, I unintentionally ended up laughing.
She stared up at me, and that was cute, too, so I unreservedly patted her head.

“It’ll be fine, just act the way you usually do. Because Rin’s cute the way she is.”
“I-I’m not cute! Besides, I wasn’t talking about that.”
“Yeah? Then, what.”
“……As a kouhai of the Light Music Club, I’m nervous!”

At that time, I said ‘So that’s what it’s about?’ and I thought it was a little bit heartwarming, too.
But contrary to those words, Rin’s expression somehow didn’t feel refreshed. 
(I wonder how Rin feels about Miku and I……)


“So the profile is something like this. Next is the crucial sound source……”
While fiddling with the PC in my room, I inadvertently slip into talking to myself.
Because the room is awfully silent as always, I could hear it terribly echoing.

After hesitating a little, ‘Like Hate’ flows from the speakers.
The house is all mine tonight as well anyways, or rather unless the date changes.

“……Huh, what was this file again?”
Finding a mysterious file in the very depths of the PC, my finger that clicks with the mouse stopped. 
Four numbers are lined up in the file.

“0309? 0309, maybe it’s a date for something.”
Reading the numbers aloud, I was surprised.
I remember this date.

“Aah, the middle school graduation ceremony’s……”

Clicking without hesitation this time, the sound source that I expected showed itself.
It’s the ‘Crybaby Boyfriend’ that I sent to Miku three years ago.

Originally Miku made it, at first it was only the lyrics from the girl’s point of view.
Adding the boy’s point of view into it, I’m the one who turned it into a duet.
It seems that Miku was pleased with the arrangement of it, it was recorded on the debut single. 
Perhaps because it was treated as a secret track, the lyrics weren’t shown.
But I think it’s more ‘fitting’ that way.

“……Miku, are you doing alright and singing……”

We’ve already stopped sending each other messages, and we haven’t once met in the past three years.
Nevertheless, I still vividly remember her even now.

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