Super Gene - Chapter 3095

Chapter 3095 Villager That Has an Online Shop

“Little Yin, why are you here?” Feng Fei Fei walked in front of Feng Yin Yin. She looked happy as she spoke.

She had always loved Feng Yin Yin. Now, it was Feng Yin Yin’s birthday. She would not tell her off. Although Feng Yin Yin had brought Han Sen and the other man with her, she did not show how upset she was.

Feng Yin Yin was going to answer, but Feng Fei Fei suddenly shocked her. She said, “Little Auntie, your nose is bleeding.”

Feng Fei Fei was surprised by that. She took out a cloth to wipe her nose. There was some blood smeared across the white towel.

“Maybe my nose is too dry?” Feng Fei Fei did not think it was anything too strange. She wiped away the blood and took Feng Yin Yin by the hand. “Little Yin, let’s go into the lobby. Your birthday starts very soon. I have a very special gift for you.” After that, she looked at Han Sen and Bald Guy and said, “You two, come to the lobby. Help yourselves to the food and drinks. Little Yin, it is your birthday today.”

Han Sen only knew it was Feng Fei Fei’s birthday. He did not know Feng Yin Yin had a birthday celebration as well.

“After midnight, it is my birthday. San Mu, go and celebrate my birthday.” Little Yin held Feng Fei Fei’s hand, and she also held Han Sen’s hand. She happily went to the lobby.

Feng Fei Fei was shocked. She did not know why Feng Yin Yin was being so nice to Han Sen. The way she looked at Han Sen was like she was looking at a bad guy that kidnapped underage girls.

Han Sen ignored Feng Fei Fei’s mean gaze. Feng Fei Fei kept walking and asked Feng Yin Yin, “Little Yin, since when did you make a friend like this? I had no idea.” “I met him at the party,” Feng Yin Yin said. “I have not introduced you yet, but that is fine. You guys can get to know each other later. Let’s go to the lobby. I really want to know what kind of special gift you got me” She pulled the two of them into the hall. Feng Fei Fei had been missing, so many people had gone out in search of her. Feng Yin Yin was holding the hands of two people. When she pulled Feng Fei Fei and Han Sen into the lobby, many people frowned. Si Tu Ya came forward. She smiled at Feng Fei Fei and Feng Yin Yin as she asked, “Fei Fei, Little Yin, where did you guys go?”

“Nowhere. We were just preparing gifts for Little Yin,” Feng Fei Fei said.

Si Tu Ya saw Feng Yin Yin holding Han Sen, so she asked, “This is?”.

In the high-class circles of the capital, she had never seen him before. She recognized the bald fellow though. She knew him as Xia Yu Fei.

While Xia Yu Fei was a student of Mister Wei, his talents were decidedly average. He did not have much renown. It was not enough for him to be considered one of the upper echelons.

“This is San Mu, my friend,” Feng Yin Yin said. She pulled Han Sen to the main table.

At a party like that, wherever people sat was already pre-determined. To sit at the main table was something only very prestigious characters of the capital did.

Now, Feng Yin Yin had pulled Han Sen over to sit at the main table. He occupied a space right next to her. He sat beside Feng Fei Fei too. Many people thought it was really weird.

Si Tu Ya looked at Feng Fei Fei with confusion. Feng Fei Fei performed a shrugging gesture and said, “Mister Han is Little Yin’s friend. Little Yin wanted him to celebrate with her.”

After hearing that, everybody knew Han Sen sitting there wasn’t something that had been arranged by Feng Fei Fei. It was because Feng Yin Yin did not know her manners and had brought a friend from the outside. They now understood the situation.

Si Tu Ya looked at Han Sen. She smiled and said, “To be Little Yin’s friend, you must be a very excellent person. I wonder, which family do you hail from?”

“I was born on Ancient Big God Mountain,” Han Sen truthfully answered. That was where he had come from, in this universe at least. That counted as his birthplace.

After hearing that, the expressions on the nobles’ faces looked weird. Many people mockingly looked at him.

For the people born into a higher class, it was known where their blood came from. If it was good, they would earn a town.

Han Sen said he was from Ancient Big God Mountain. It proved he was a villager that did not even own a town.

An identity like that was only one level higher than a slave. Without a background of prestige, even having a God Spirit Blood-Pulse didn’t do much. To be a town leader was the best they might one day achieve.

Being a town leader meant nothing in that place. Whoever went there owned numerous towns.

Si Tu Ya said, “I did not know Mister Han came from someplace so far away. You must have big business in Jade Wall City.” She looked at Han Sen as if she was smiling, but she was not smiling

She was not picking on Han Sen. He had said Feng Yin Yin pulled him there, but he was Feng Fei Fei’s guest. If she could embarrass him, it would embarrass Feng Fei Fei too.

Si Tu Ya and Feng Fei Fei were singers. They were best friends. At least, people thought they were best friends. Si Tu Ya was secretly very jealous of Feng Fei Fei. If she wasn’t, she would not have helped Gong Shu Zhi harm Feng Fei Fei.

Because Si Tu Ya did a very good job in the service, Feng Fei Fei thought she was like a good sister.

“It is not big business. I have an online shop in which I sell gene eggs,” Han Sen honestly confessed.

After saying that, Si Tu Ya and the other nobles looked at him with disdain. An online gene egg shop could be successful, but no matter how good it was, it was nothing mainstream and thought highly of.

It was even like that for the Lu Shi shop. The real gene egg shops that sold high-class stuff did not exist solely in cyberspace.

“Mister Han is the same as us,” a young man said with a smile. He waved his fan as he spoke aloud. “I am not very good. The gene shop I opened is called Sky. I wonder what your shop is called, and what sort of gene eggs you sell.”

The way he spoke with Han Sen was not in cheer. It was like he was making fun of a dog or a cat.

“My online shop is called Shop,” Han Sen replied. “It has not been open for long. It sells viscount-class and earl-class gene eggs.”

When everyone heard that, they laughed. The young man laughed very hard. “It really is a small shop! You are not going to use a gene egg from your shop as a gift for Feng Yin Yin, are you?”

“That is what I was planning to do, yes.” No one thought Han Sen had the guts to pull out a cheap gift to present Feng Fei Fei, but he did.

“I am really looking forward to seeing your gift,” Si Tu Ya said in jest.

She realized the joke might have made her look bad, so she said nothing more. When everyone sat down, the people at the main table carried on with their discussions and ignored Han Sen. Only Feng Yin Yin spoke to Han Sen.

They did not all ignore Han Sen on purpose though. It was just because Han Sen was a villager that owned an online shop. Their circles couldn’t really mesh well, so the well of conversations people from different circles could have was a bit dry. Therefore, no one spoke to Han Sen.