Chapter 490: Fang Zhao Being Unable To Join Is Great News

This topic was raised up by netizens and quickly disseminated.

Those who saw the publicity image were astounded momentarily and were filled with indescribable sentiments watching the video.

“Ahhh! I’m blinded!”

“Such an awesome lineup… These pink flower blossoms and glittering gold adornments… What a luxurious and indulgent style…”

“Zaro, Barbara, Mitisy, Woo Tianhao, Chu Bo, Danke Assis…”

“Danke Assis? The current Inter-planetary Fund director general Meche Assis’s son? The young crown prince of the Inter-planetary Fund? This is the first time seeing him in a commercial!”

“I was wondering why Dog Zaro was so quiet recently. But, it’s really astonishing when he barks!”

“Is Barbara’s fan made of pure gold? What are those precious stones she’s wearing on each of her ten fingers? Are there any similar designs?”

“I don’t need a similar design. Even a replica will do! That would be way cheaper!”

“Since when did Planet Wai become so rich?!”

“It’s obvious that they brought their own outfits. A single outfit is already so darned expensive. Planet Wai wouldn’t be able to provide them.

“My eyes, my eyes and my heart!”

“Even if the entire sky is dancing with peach blossoms, all I smell is the scent of money and riches!”

“Come come, let us dig up every single detail of the aura of luxury and gold!”

Netizens cooked up a storm regarding this unique and special commercial for Planet Wai’s scenic attraction. Many people felt deeply brainwashed by this “chaotic pink” and “luxurious gold”.

Huo Yi had complex sentiments with regard to all this.

Huo Yi had hoped that Planet Wai’s scenic area campaign would grab the headlines,but he never imagined that it would be in this form.

He felt a little shame, but at the same time, he was a little delighted too.

Of course, the result was still very pleasing.

People now associated Planet Wai’s specialty peach blossom showers with the “twelve poser kings”. Nevertheless, all available tickets quickly sold out, and reservations were lined up until next year.

The tickets had sold out In less than half a day!

It could be said that achieving this objective was good enough. The rest… wasn’t important.

Of course, when someone mentioned this at a video conference with heads of the various military districts and foreign planet bases, Huo Yi still had to give an explanation.

His original intention really wasn’t this!

Huo Yi had imagined beautiful falling showers of pink with powerful and grand gold. It would meld strength with gentleness and create a picturesque charm.

But, the actual advertisement conveyed, Warning! Danger! Take evasive action!!

Huo Yi thought of the reception he had intended. Woah! Look, these rich young masters are actually enjoying Planet Wai’s scenery!

However, the actual advertisement was met differently. Woah! Look at these posers, each one trying to outdo the other!

The others simply didn’t believe Huo Yi’s explanation. They thought that the wily Huo Yi had duped these twelve high quality spoiled brats to shoot such a promotional campaign. He had even tricked them into bringing their own adornments.

How scheming! What a great method!

“No, I really didn’t intend this!”

Seeing that his explanations fell on deaf ears, Huo Yi found a scapegoat to blame.

“It’s Fang Zhao! These twelve were roped in by Fang Zhao!”

In seclusion, Fang Zhao didn’t know he was being made the scapegoat. He had seen the final result Zaro and the others had produced. After a small chuckle, he noticed the tickets for Planet Wai’s scenic area selling like hot cakes and no longer paid any attention.

Old Master Mo Lang had pulled some strings and had recommended a new assignment for Fang Zhao. It was an assignment to compose music for a thematic series.

This series was a project launched by the cultural ministry. It was a documentary about the people and process of warp engine development.

This was another large-scale thematic series, just like “Founding Era”. While the scope and talent array of this series couldn’t be compared with “Founding Era”, it was still considered a quality production.

In fact, filming for the series had already been completed. The series was currently still under wraps. There was a reshoot for a certain segment, but most of the series was in post-production. It would be ready for broadcast soon.

The series had contracted various outstanding composers from the twelve continents. Fang Zhao was one of them and also the youngest.

Fang Zhao also viewed this assignment with importance. This was an opportunity that was hard to come by. Thus, to compose well, he assigned Nanfeng, Zuo Yu and Yan Biao to handle all other matters.

Nanfeng wasn’t on the island. He needed to handle various matters on behalf of Fang Zhao. This was practice for being a successful agent. Nanfeng was confident he could be promoted from assistant to manager. Thus, he worked hard and gave his very best!

While Fang Zhao was in seclusion, Nanfeng had to represent him in a variety of settings. Matters regarding Silver Wing, cooperative partners, Public Safety Bureau and others were dealt with by him. Besides that, Nanfeng also had to pay attention to any land being put up for sale.

Fang Zhao planned to construct a private collection hall. Now that the Outer Space Immigration Plan was starting, some unsafe buildings in old city districts on the various continents would be torn down. A number of areas would also have a new review of regulations. Purchasing land to construct a private collection hall would become much easier.

On the other hand, Curly Hair didn’t seem to be affected by the changes from the Outer Space Immigration Plan. Yan Biao took him out on a speedboat for walks every few days.

Curly Hair no longer needed to pretend in front of Yan Biao and Zuo Yu after exposing his secret. Fang Zhao wanted someone to be with Curly Hair whenever he went out for walks, so Yan Biao and Zuo Yu took turns.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu had already gotten used to the high risk job of dog-walking and now viewed it in a whole different light. While it sounded unbelievable, it was fine as long as they were accustomed to it. They could even speak and play games with the dog without showing any astonishment.

Now, they were already able to calmly take the dog out to sea and bring Curly Hair back at the Boss’s stipulated time. Furthermore, they would also bring back things that Curly Hair picked up like certain ores, gems, fossils of unknown organisms, and equipment from wrecks.

Each time before walking the dog, Yan Biao and Zuo Yu would make some mental preparation.

I am a bodyguard.

After witnessing a mecha being devoured, I have come to a whole new and profound understanding.

It’s my turn to walk the dog today. I will pilot the speedboat out to sea and wait for him as he goes exploring.

I do not know what he has eaten, nor do I dare ask. I don’t even dare smell his dog farts.

The less I know, the safer I will be.

As a proper bodyguard, I just have to do whatever the boss requires of me. I shall not see, hear or speak about anything that goes beyond that scope.

Only Nanfeng who didn’t know the truth viewed Curly Hair as some fragile little thing and assumed that everyone looked like a dog thief.

Curly Hair’s value had changed again.

After starring in the public safety campaign with Fang Zhao, Curly Hair’s value had risen again! As a dog that had rendered meritorious service, his value estimation was different from other pet dogs.

On the new issue of the world’s most authoritative pet magazine, “PET”, Curly Hair’s information had been updated. His profile photo had been changed to an image from the promotional video, and there weren’t any figures displayed at his value. Instead, there was only one line: “Special dog type, invaluable”.

Curly Hair wasn’t really affected by the online public opinion and his valuation change. He was allowed to play games and watch TV more while Fang Zhao shut himself in.

Fang Zhao had assigned homework for Curly Hair with a minor test every three days and a full exam once per week. Curly Hair didn’t mind as long as he could have fun with the new game helmet and personal terminal that Fang Zhao had bought him.

His first personal terminal had been thoroughly destroyed so Curly Hair especially treasured his second one. He hid it away in his cabinet so even Nanfeng and the other two hadn’t seen it. Curly Hair also holed up in his own little room to game. Besides Fang Zhao, nobody else was allowed to enter.

The handheld console had also been stored away by Curly Hair. After Zaro left that day, Curly Hair had smelled someone else’s scent on it and was displeased.

Today, Curly Hair returned from a trip in the ocean.

Zuo Yu was on the couch watching TV. Curly Hair ran in and slid to a stop to stare at the screen.

He stopped Zuo Yu, who had been about to change the channel.

Yan Biao came in after parking the boat. He glanced at Curly Hair, then at the TV before shooting a questioning glance at Zuo Yu. What program is this?

Zuo Yu replied, “It’s some gamine news. Fiery Bird says that they will be opening a new map in ‘Battle of the Century’ to celebrate the success of the new generation of warp engines. It will last for a month, and the top ten on the leaderboards will win grand prizes. At the same time, a hundred lucky players will have a chance to win gaming peripherals every day.”

“How generous!” Yan Biao lamented. “However, Boss doesn’t game anymore and is secluding himself for composing. I also don’t play it nowadays. This event has nothing to do with us.”

“I don’t play either, and it’s been a long time since I looked into my account. But this prize draw…” Zuo Yu stroked his chin and glanced at Curly Hair. “Master Curly?”

Curly Hair’s ears pricked up and he came over.

“Want to draw a prize?” Zuo Yu asked.

“No!” Curly Hair continued to stare at the screen.

Zuo Yu sighed. What a pity.

He really wanted Curly Hair to help him win a prize. Curly Hair was really special. Who knew what Zuo Yu could win if Curly Hair helped?


News of “Battle of the Century” opening a commemorative map spread quickly. Teams from every continent were getting ready to fight for glory and prizes!

Esports clubs stayed up several nights in a row to come up with a battle plan and also tried to find out information about other teams.

In the global group chat with many reputable Esports athletes, many teams were making inquiries with Jinro.

“Captain Jin, will Zhao God be participating this time round?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since Zhao God appeared. I long to see him play again.”

SilverLight team captain replied, “Of course not. Zhao God has accepted a composing assignment and has secluded himself. He is wholeheartedly focusing on composing and doesn’t want to get involved in gaming nowadays.”

Jinro knew this bunch all too well. While they “longed to see him play again”, deep down, they were chanting, “Do not come.” At this time when all the esports clubs were striving for achievements and results, nobody was willing to have an additional threat appear.

Indeed, the mood lightened considerably after Jinro said that Fang Zhao had secluded himself to compose.

The strength of a SilverLight team without Fang Zhao was totally different!

If the current combat strength of the SilverLight team was said to be 5000, then it would become 10,000 if Fang Zhao was added in! This wasn’t an exaggeration; it was based off of the solid data of various esports clubs!

Therefore, Fang Zhao being unable to join was great news!

Everyone relaxed.

Gamers flooded into the new map the day it opened. Those unable to log in watched live broadcasts. This was what it meant to be a gaming fan.

However, not long after the new map was opened, many gamers who were having fun suddenly received a pop-up notification.

[AliveAfter500Years] is online.

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