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Chapter 261

Creation of the World (5)

When the Devil Omphalos descended and attacked the forces of the Three Continental Powers, the angels’ offensive did not discriminate between Latnains and Earthlings. It was incomprehensible from the perspective of Akhtarun’s Aliens.

“Are they crazy?”

“They said they were angels of Omphalos.”

“Why do they pretend they don’t know us when they’re the ones that sent us to this world?”

They kept hiding amid that impossible situation.

In the meantime, of course, they slaughtered the Latnains. The only joy in life for them was the pleasure reward.

After a while, the angel statues had taken root throughout Latna.

According to the story, if they received Omphalos’s seal or something, it would prevent attack from the monsters and the angels. They would also be given whatever they needed.

“Can you believe this?”

Despite being suspicious, the Aliens were granted the seal of the Devil.

“We have Guidelines embedded in our bodies anyway.”

“What difference would it make to get one more now?”

After receiving the seal, they were no longer attacked. In addition, there was another advantage.

The ban had been lifted.

The constraints hung by the Thunder King and the Archmage melted as soon as they got it.

With great joy, they removed the ‘unnecessary burden’ first.

“How dare you, you stupid people!”

“I’m sorry, Lord Tonitrus, but it’s quite a nuisance to carry you around!”

Tonitrus’s body was dumped like trash on an unnamed hill. It was too miserable of an end for Kaldris’s Commander-in-Chief and the most powerful Magic Swordsman in the kingdom.

Freed, Akhtarun’s Aliens found their way to a nearby village and committed another slaughter.

Only then did they realize there was a serious problem.

Those who were granted the seal of the Devil were no longer recognized as ‘Latna’s intellectual bodies.’

No matter how many times they killed them, they weren’t rewarded with pleasure!

However, they couldn’t feel pleasure even if they ate the blood and flesh of Demon Dogs.

There was only one option left for them.

They were going to stick to the Omphalos’s forces and slaughter those without seals!

“I can’t even trust the Devil…”

“Even so, if we’re given the right pleasure reward, it’s awesome.”

The sword and magic of the Aliens cruelly smashed the Latna Liberation Army.

Screams echoed everywhere.


* * *

Sapphire Tower, south of Omphalos’s Dimensional Palace.


Standing in countless circles of light, Omphalos nodded.

“You’ve corrected it for now.”

Originally, Aliens shouldn’t be attacked by angels. Those with Guidelines were initially designated as ‘non-preemptive targets.’

But the angels attacked Akhtarun’s Aliens.

It was because their Guidelines were contaminated.

Due to the prohibition that Genovia had applied to them, they were recognized as a ‘Latna inhabitant’ and clashed with the existing orders.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now…”

The reason he had sent the right people on the land was for ‘descent.’

By the time he had descended, the right people had already run out of use. Now it was no longer his business whether they died or not.

“But mistakes are mistakes, so I’ll have to fix them.”

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Genovia, who was watching from the side, wondered.

“Do gods make mistakes, too?”

“Of course, we do.”

Looking back at her, Omphalos continued.

“Isn’t it thanks to the mistakes of the Goddesses that I was able to descend to Latna?”

Since he lived for so long, he had forgotten about it.

Genovia looked beyond the circle of light at Akhtarun’s Aliens, the Earthlings who had been once under her control.

She suddenly became curious.

“What would be their fate?”

“It is true that they are no longer needed. But isn’t it too much to dispose of them?”

Pointing to Gustav and his subordinates slaughtering the Latna Liberation Army, the Devil grinned.

“Let’s make sure they get paid back in this world.”

He had such a good-looking smile.

“Well, this world won’t last that long.”

[Phase 2, Heavenly Net.]

[Progress: 20.5 percent.]

* * *

The wind blew through a huge canyon. It was a formidable blade storm that tore everything that passed by.

Standing in front of it, the black-haired beauty clapped twice.

Clap clap!

It calmed down swiftly.

Kibie walked without hesitation in the completely windless zone. She picked up the blue marble in the air.

The Goddess of the Wind, Preleu’s sacred item.

It was a Breath of the World’s Beginning.

“This brings together water, fire, wind, and earth.”

It was still just a marble form. They had to bring it to Althea to activate it.

Artis clicked his tongue.

“That’s so fast.”

Only two days ago, they took the Tears of Eternity of the Water Goddess, Rhamniana. They crossed half the continent in just two days.

It was all thanks to Effir’s formidable flying ability.

“I’m a little tired. I have a sore shoulder.”

Kibie soothed Effir as she stuffed the sacred item of the wind in her pouch.

“Cheer up a little more. We only need one last thing.”

* * *

Numerous battles ensued throughout the continent.

The Latna Liberation Army serving the Goddesses and the apostates under the commands of the Devil called each other heretics and fought a brutal war.

The disadvantage was on the part of the Latna Liberation Army.

The powerless they wanted to protect were now enemies.

Even the world they wanted to protect was now an enemy.

Too many people abandoned the Goddesses and served the Devil.

High-level Hunters, strong individuals of the Three Continental Powers, and even the six Churches had switched sides.

Nevertheless, some remained loyal.

Upper Draconium’s Ancient Dragons, those who already betrayed their creator, didn’t serve the Devil.

They never knew how valuable something was until they lost it.

They were once deprived of their freedom.

They couldn’t go back to that again.

“I’d rather die!”

“I will never accept the seal of the Devil!”

Of course, what they meant was:

“No, actually, I wouldn’t take it even if I was about to die.”

“Hey, we Dragons value our lives the most…”

Upper Draconium’s Ancient Dragons had such high average levels. Angels or monsters were not life-threatening to them.

As such, they actively supported the Goddesses. Thanks to this, the Latna Liberation Army persisted despite unfavorable circumstances.

Hence, Omphalos was very pleased.

“It is indeed an appropriate balance of power.”

To completely subdue this world without breaking their faiths on their deities was a task that required fine-tuning. Hundreds of years of hard work could turn into shambles with one mistake.

Fortunately, everything was going smoothly.

“We’re doing great progress.”

The Devil was suddenly worried.

“It’s going way too well in our favor…”

Was it really going smoothly without any problems?



“Someone’s doing a very complicated and elaborate job over a long period, but I don’t see any problems.”

Omphalos frowned and spoke.

“So, is there no problem with this or not?”

“You obviously haven’t found any. Even though you’re a transcendent being, you’re still not sure…”

“I told you, being a god isn’t as great as you expect it to be.”

Omphalos turned to the screens of light.

“Yes, we make mistakes.”

And he decided to revise the plan a little.

Even if the schedule was a little delayed, being on the safe side was better.

“We better prepare, just in case.”

* * *

Talaspia, a small city on the southwestern continent.

Checks were underway throughout the city.


“Prove by prayer that you are his believer.”

Heavily armed soldiers checked each forehead of a group of refugees.

“You haven’t received Omphalos’s seal yet?”

“Please head to the angel statue first.”

Refugees headed to the angel statue, got the seal of the Devil, and became members. They also got daily rations and personal safety.

But those who rejected it were different.


“Kill them! God bless those who let the blood of the heretics flow!”

The soldiers didn’t bother to chase the fleeing refugees. They didn’t have to do that.

Some separate people followed more actively than anyone else.

“They don’t have the seal yet!”

“So you’re still ‘Latna’s intellectual body’?”

The Aliens.

Those who had to live in the darkness, hiding their identity all their lives.

But now, the world had changed.

With the arrival of Omphalos, they were no longer ostracized. On the contrary, they could commit murder more proudly than anyone else.

An Alien captured a woman.

“Oh, my gosh!”

She was faithful and never gave up her faith in the Goddesses even before the fear of death.

Not long ago, when faced with such a scene, all Latnains would have been angry and tried to kill them.


He pressed his sword against her neck then slit it, enjoying the pleasure reward.

It was a shame.

Even Aliens, who trembled with pleasure, knew that it was a shame in the corner of their hearts.

Praise poured out from all directions.

“As expected of the warriors of Omphalos!”

Those who used to hate them so much now praised them.

Even they found it difficult to understand.

How could they change so easily? It hadn’t even been a few months. Could a person change their attitude and thoughts that fast?

They couldn’t grasp what was happening.

The world was crazy.

Very desirably so.

Covered by thick blood, the Aliens laughed in delight.

At that moment, lights covered the city, all coming from countless angels.

Angels sang a song.

“He who has been chosen by Omphalos, warriors of God.

Lead you, get on God’s wagon.

Live in heaven forever.”

A golden carriage with huge wings landed in front of the Aliens. At the same time, a vision spread out in front of them.

It was a beautiful palace full of all kinds of dinners and nice drinks. Countless handsome and beautiful women served the people.

There was also ‘death’ in the service. They killed handsome men and women and got pleasure while playing with them to their heart’s content.

To them, that was paradise.


“It’s a hunting ground!”

As if possessed, the Aliens climbed into the winged wagon. They were then flown high into the sky.

It wasn’t just happening in Talaspia.

From all over Latna, countless Earthlings were heading to heaven by the grace of God.

* * *

The screen of light vomited the messages.

[Progress Report of the Collection of the Chosen Ones: 1,534 are currently being secured.]

Omphalos smiled coldly.

“Of course, I can’t ignore the Goddesses too much. I’m sure they are up to something.”

* * *

Han-bin’s party continued to move even as the world was being recreated.

North to South and West to East.

After a while, they finally reached their final destination.

The vast desert of eastern Latna, Sapercan.

Silver beads floated in the space of subtle light with hundreds of meters of deep dirt. There were no ceilings and no floors.

The sacred item of Althea, the Goddess of Light.

It was the Heart of Light, the holy essence of the day.

Ryu Han-bin laughed violently while snatching the bead.

The latest episodes are on the lightno‍velpub.c­om website.

“Alright, we’ve collected all of them.”

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