Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 18 - Chapter Pr


When Rimuru and the others were waging a fierce battle against Rudra's forces. Here, at the site of the Beast Kingdom Yuurazania, there was an uninvited guest. A gigantic structure named the "Sky Castle" was in the process of being built by the hands of many different majins. The Eastern Empire has invaded the Great Jura Forest, and Geld, who was in charge, has left the construction site. Because of this, the main construction work has been suspended, but the work carried on as usual by the remaining workers. 

The Three Phantom Commanders were joined by an angel named Obera. 

On the top floor of the Sky Castle, in the Sky Room, the first temporary office, Milim and Obera faced each other. The only other person present was Midley, who was standing behind Milim. The others had been evacuated from the area, as they would not be able to help. Milim, who had sent Karion and Frey away, was not in the war himself. There were several reasons for this, but the most important one was the defense of his own country. 

When Milim thought from the standpoint of the Empire, she could not deny the possibility that the Empire would invade through her territory. Also, if she took the initiative to join the war, she would have to put his hands on humans. It was not her intention to do so, so she chose to stay behind. And apparently, it was the right choice. 

"What do you want from me? " Milim asked, addressing the miscreant who had come to take advantage of the opportunity. Midley, out of absolute trust in Milim, kept quiet and watched the proceedings. He was waiting for Obera's response to Milim's question. 

And then, there was Obera. She lifted the mythical-grade that protected her entire body and knelt before Milim. 

“It is a great pleasure to meet you, Dragon Princess Milim-sama. My name is Obera. I am the former Seventh Angel of the Firstborn and the faithful messenger of Veldanava-sama, the Star King Dragon." 

Obera was a beautiful woman with wavy black hair like the night sky. Her eyes, which shone like the stars in the sky, were also beautiful and had a charm that dazzled those who saw them. Milim, who had been excited about the prospect of a fight, was disappointed by Obera's unexpected attitude. 

"Mmm? " As she puzzled, she felt Obera smiling at her. 

"It's no wonder you don't know. I was on a mission in the Otherworld when you were born." Obera told Milim that she was sorry for the delay in greeting him. 

”What does that mean?" Milim wondered. "Your strength is great, but weren't you planning to fight me? " Milim asked. 

"Not at all." Obera said. 

"Hmm. Then what are you doing here? " 

"To say hello and give you some advice." 

Obera looked up and stared at Milim with a tense expression on his face. The conversation resumed in the reception room, which had been temporarily set up where Obera introduced himself once more and elaborated on what was happening in the present. 

When Milim heard that her aunt Velgrynd, the Scorch Dragon, had fallen into Feldway's hands, she wanted to run out to rescue Rimuru, but Obera warned her that it was too late to take any action at this point 

"What are you talking about?” 

“I'm not sure what to do.” 

"It's too late now, princess." 

Hearing this response, Milim became furious. "Then why didn't you come earlier? 

"I have no excuse for that, princess." replied Obera. 

Even in the face of Milim's furious tone, Obera hangs her head, offering no excuses. 

Obera's position is that of a subordinate of the "Phantom King" Feldway. At the moment, she was ordered to defend the Palace of Monsters, and her visit to Milim was a serious violation of his orders. 

She should have explained that, but Obera was only ashamed of herself for failing to live up to Milim's expectations. Seeing her attitude, Milim could only calm her anger. 

"It seems I've been reckless. You should be grateful to me for letting you know." 

"Your words alone are a reward." As Obera continued to bow reverently, there was no sign that she was lying. Milim is able to see the subtleties of human nature. She judged from Obera's attitude that she was acting from the heart. 

"Rimuru is, despite appearances, a cautious person. He believes that no matter what happens, he will get through it safely. Yes, I have faith in Rimuru." 


"If you're my enemy, I won't let you mess with Rimuru. “ 

"I'd like to say yes, sir, but I'm afraid I can't make a move. For now, I think it would be best for us to act with Feldway's trust, what do you say? ". Obera says she will follow Feldway's orders if she is given them. However, if Milim wishes, she is prepared to defect from Feldway at this time. 

Her hair was as black as the night sky, and her eyes shone like the stars. 

"Hmm. I can't sense any lies in your words." 

"It's all true. It's my heart's desire. 

"Then I ask you, what is your purpose? " 

As soon as Milim asked, Obera began to speak without hesitation. 

"Feldway seems to be plotting the resurrection of Veldanava-sama, but I consider that act to be irreverent. Your father, who is a god, will resurrect him without any help. And the fact that he won't be resurrected easily must be because of its meaning. It's very, very hard for me to discern God's will." 

In other words, Obera believes that rather than trying to revive Veldanava, Milim, his daughter, should be crowned Lord. 

"You're on my side? " 

"Such arrogance is beneath my diminutive frame. I want to be your tool. If I have nothing to ask of you, and it gives me the greatest pleasure to be of service to you, then please command me." 

Everything is as Milim wills it. 

That was Obera's intention. 

Milim understood that, but he was puzzled by Obera's resolve. 

"So, you're willing to betray Feldway? " 

"Well, that's a matter of opinion, sir. It is rather Feldway who is disobeying the will of Veldanava-sama." Obera affirmed. 

The tone of her voice was proof that she was serious. 

"I believe that Veldanava-sama's will is for the happiness of you, her daughter. Because I am convinced of this, I have no compassion for those who would harm you." 

In other words, this is before betrayal. 

To Obera, who believed that Feldway's actions were harmful to Milim, his colleague was nothing but an enemy. 

However, Obera was smart. 

Instead of acting on her own judgment, she had the wisdom to entrust everything to Milim. She took great care to ensure that his actions did not interfere with Milim. 

This is the reason why she risked his life to meet Milim. 

She would not do anything if Milim wanted her to, but on the other hand, she would bare his fangs at anyone who gave her an order. This was the true nature of one of the "Three Phantom Commanders" Obera. 

Milim was not blind to this. 

"Very well. Then I will trust you and take you under my wing. Midley, is that clear?" 

"Of course, Milim-sama. You can't argue with me.” 

"Yes! Then you're one of us now, Obera. When the war is over, you'll be introduced to Karion and Frey. " 

"Thank you.” 

"Hahahahaha! Now I have the Four Heavenly Kings, with Midley at the head. 

I'll have to show Rimuru off!" 

Milim smiled broadly as soon as Obera was confirmed as one of them. She decided to call her own men the Four Heavenly Kings to compete with Rimuru's Four Heavenly Kings, whom she secretly envied. 

If Frey had been present, the idea would have been rejected without a doubt. 

Fortunately for Milim, Midley was the only one present. 

"I'm the leader? Well, of course I am. No one knows more about Milim-sama than I do! " . There was no way that Midley, for whom Milim was the best, would oppose Milim if he were to be given the headship of the Four Heavenly Kings. In fact, he is overjoyed and agrees. Thus, the Four Heavenly Kings were born in Milim. 

Obera, who was suddenly appointed as the Four Heavenly Kings, showed no sign of being upset and accepted. Milim's words were the will of God. That's why Obera puts Milim first in everything. However, a vexing problem arose here. 

"Well, now that you mention it. What to do with Obera, that is the question. 

This is when I would like to consult Rimuru". 

"Well, that's a difficult question. Should I let her stay here, or should I let her remain in the enemy camp and work as a spy?" 

Either way, there are pros and cons. 

Milim should really think about it carefully, and would like to get opinions from Karion and Frey. If possible, she would also like to consult Rimuru. 

Unfortunately, Milim and Midley were the only ones in the room. 

"As for you, what do you want to do? " 

Midley was not the smartest person in the room, so he was not the best person to consult. Only Milim, who knew this well, asked Obera directly instead of relying on him. 

To this, Obera replied without hesitation. "As for me, I would like to return to the Palace of Monsters. I haven't manifested my body here, so if I stay here, I'll have to force myself to materialize my body. Besides. .". Obera's role was to deal with the cryptids in the other world. Strictly speaking, monitoring the movements of Ivaraj, the World-destroying Dragon, was her primary mission. 

Cornu's main mission was to invade other dimensions, while Zalario's was to deal with the insectar. With the pact between Phantom King Feldway and "Insect Lord" Zelanus, Zalario is now free to move. However, it is difficult to communicate with Ivaraj, and Obera's body remains bound. 

"Insect Lord Zelanus and World-destroying Dragon Ivaraj? They look so strong! " 

"Yes. Zelanus is one thing, but Ivaraj is very nasty. A world-destroying malevolence in itself, it can't coexist. It is allowed to exist by Veldanava-sama's will, but it must be prevented from being released from the Otherworld." 

If we stay here, Ivaraj's surveillance will be neglected. Obera wanted to see to it that Ivaraj did not affect Feldway's plans. 

"I see. Then you should keep your eye on him." 


"But then I wonder, what does Feldway plan to do with Ivaraj? " 

"Hmm, I'm curious too.” 

Since they didn't know Feldway's plan, their question was natural. 

Then Obera disclosed all the information he knew. 

"Feldway, however, has been given the task by Veldanava-sama to monitor Ivaraj. But he intends to abandon that mission in favor of resurrecting Veldanava-sama. We are currently expanding the Underworld Gate, and as soon as it is complete, we plan to invade the Cardinal World with all the phantoms and insectars.” 

"The expansion of the Underworld Gate was a long-term plan, wasn't it? “ 

"Yes. “ 

"But what are you going to do after that? If we can't close the open gates, won't we be able to free Ivaraj as well? “ 

"That's a possibility, and I told Feldway as much. But he didn't care about that at all. I don't know what he's thinking." 

"No? " 

"Feldway is crazy. It's no wonder he's willing to let the world die if only Veldanava-sama will return." 

Feldway hates this world for taking Veldanava away from him. He intends to remake the world, leaving only those he has selected. If Ivaraj destroys the world, that may be a good thing. 

"So, we'll be the ones in trouble then, right? " 

"It's a pain in the ass. Zelanus seems to be a pain in the ass, he should just be sealed up in the other world". 

Milim and Midley look at each other in disgust, disgusted. 

They had promised to play with Rimuru and the others, but the war had forced them to postpone. On top of that, Milim's mood had taken a nosedive with this latest problem. 

"We'll just have to blow Feldway out of the water.” 

It was a very short-sighted decision on Milim's part. 

"That's right. Then, Milim-sama, I, Midley, leader of the Four Heavenly Kings, would like to receive orders to defeat Feldway!". Midley, who lives for Milim, agrees without thinking. 

"Yes! You can count on me, Midley. I'm going into battle as one of the Generals. We'll crush Feldway's ambitions with our own hands! I'll be there. I'm so excited! I'm really looking forward to it. My arms are ringing. I'm looking forward to it!” 

With Frey out of the picture, it seemed that no one could stop them from running amok. But then Obera spoke up. "Please wait. We've been sharing information with Feldway and the others since the start of the mission, and it seems that Emperor Rudra has even captured Velgrynd-sama's Dragon Factor. However, at the last minute, Demon Lord Rimuru interfered, and the decision was postponed." 

That was enough information to make Milim calm down. 

"So Rimuru is safe? " 

"Yes, princess. The mission is now over, and Feldway is pulling back to base." 

"Hmm. Then it's too soon to move." 

"Hmm, Midley's right." 

With their momentum sapped, Midley and Milim regained their composure. 

They had time to spare before Feldway began his next mission. It would be better to work with Rimuru and the others than to force a move at this point. 

At any rate, it was important to coordinate the information first. 

Milim did not fail to understand this. 

"Then, Obera, you will keep an eye on Feldway's movements until I give you an order." 

"As you wish." 

"Magic Communication.” 

"Yes, sir. 

Milim and Obera adjusted a special wavelength that would work only between them. It would take a lot of magic to cross dimensions, but with their level of skill, it would be no problem. In this way, we secured a means of communication. 

After such a series of exchanges, the meeting came to an end. 

"I will leave you now. 

With that, Obera leaves. 

Milim and Midley, who were left behind, were troubled by the prospect of a new conflict. 


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