Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 17 - Chapter Aft


[1] This is a Japanese acronym, but it doesn’t correlate in English. The ‘Three Drunk Sages’ are called the ‘Sankensui’ or the ‘Riega’ (no kanji) in Japanese, so the ‘Ri’ from Rimuru, the ‘E’ from Elmesia, and the ‘Ga’ from Gard combine to create the ‘Riega’. 

[2] Japanese text says 鬼(demon/ogre) 人(person/human) 族(tribe/race), or (キ)(ジ) (ン) which literally is ‘Ki’ ‘Ji’ ‘N.’ So “Kijin” or the Fair Oni Race, I guess. 

[3] He has been saying “Teme” which is basically a rude/harsh way of saying “you.” Kind of like saying “You bastard…” 

[4] Specifically, he says that he is the “GA” of the “RieGA/Three Drunk Sages.” 

[5] Honestly, I didn’t really understand this part, so I didn’t change anything. 

[6] Translation kept coming out as “Arcane Wood,” but the hiragana reads as “Araki Gensei” 

[7] Kanji/hiragana seems to read as “Oboro Shinmei-ryu” so “Oboro Shinmei Style” 

[8] This was confusing, but it looks like ‘妖魔の首’ means the ‘demon’s head,’ and 魁 means ‘Kai?’ Not sure, so sorry. 

[9] The Japanese name in Kanji was ?? which can translate as Sakura Akira. The hiragana next to the Kanji was ?? ?? which basically sounds like Ou Haru. Sometimes I’ve seen the name translated as Ou Akira, but I think using the Kanji Sakura Akira works okay for now until a Japanese speaker can actually translate. 

[10] Google translate says a concubine. 

[11] Confusing to understand, but I think a portion of the raws said “Sino-japanese” referring to Chinese/Japanese working together. 

[12] Liberalism or Freedom are also other possible translations 

[13] Hiragana says 怪 (かい) which is pronounced as ‘Kai.’ 

[14] The translation for this was super confusing for me with MTL. I used the term “monster” instead of demon because I don’t think they are just talking about the demon race (like Diablo and the primordials), but either one can be considered the correct term for Youkai. Also, the Mythical/Dragon class can also be translated as demon dragon or ogre or mythical depending on the translation. Just take it all with a grain of salt. 

[15] The term 魑魅魍魎 translated to Chimimoryo, or Malevolent/Deceptive Spirits of Mountains and Rivers 

[16] The term 悪鬼羅刹 also translated as “Evil-doers” “Devil’s Ramble” “Evil Demon Rama” “Akukirasetsu,” etc. 

[17] Text had あま り Ama – Ri so I just went with Amari. 

[18] Text said 天(あま) 理(り) 正(まさ) 彦(ひこ). So Ama-Ri-Masa-Hiko? I could be wrong though because I’m not fluent in Japanese. 

[19] The word used is “Konoe” (近衛) which can mean near/personal guard, close defender, imperial guard, etc. 

[20] Uses a rude/harsh tone of ‘you.’ 

[21] “Ryuo.” - She uses a pseudonym that combines ‘竜’ from ‘dragon’ (pronounced Ry? in japanese) and ‘?’ meaning ‘phoenix.’ 

[22] Again, the words being used for these demons is ‘youma’ for the phantoms. 

[23] 智天使(ケルプ) = Akira Tenshi (Kerupu) = Wise Angel or Cherub 

[24] Again, the word being used here is ‘youma’ 

[25] San (three) Youkai (demons) 

[26] 御意 = “Gyoi” = “by your will,” “as you like,” “certainly,” “understood,” etc. Kind of archaic, but used when speaking to someone superior. 

[27] “Yoroshiku tanomu” 

[28] The word is “k?cha” which I’ve seen can mean black or green tea, or powdered tea, or common tea. 

[29] The word is “Gyokuro” which is a fancy type of shade frown green tea. Can also mean “jade dew” tea. 

[30] 山本 莞爾 = やまもと かんじ = Yamamoto Kanji. 

[31] “Youma” 

[32] 奪命掌 can also mean “deadly palm” but the katakana (スティールライフ or sut?ruraifu) looks like “still life.” Alternatively, “sut?ruraifu” might also be “steal life,”or “steel life.” I wasn’t sure. 

[33] I could be wrong here, but 即身仏 (Sokushinbutsu) means ‘instant buddha.’ The katakana part said ミタスモノ which sounds likes ‘Mitasumono’ 

[34] Fierce, sharp, etc. 

[35] Might also be ‘Long Fa’ but I went with Long Hua to match with Xianhua 

[36] The word used is “okash?” which can also mean strange, funny, crazy, etc. 

[37] I think this scene is from one of the cover pictures in the beginning. 

[38] Honestly, this part didn’t make much sense to me. -_- 

[39] Another way to put this is “Ignorance is bliss.” 

[40] The word used was ‘悪人面’ which can mean many things like villain, wickedness, bad guy, etc. The katakana also said ‘コワイヒト’ which can translate to ‘kowaihito’ or ‘scary person.’ I am just going with ‘Villain’ for now. 

[41] Calgurio, I’m assuming 

[42] She says “Fuzaken na yo” which is considered a pretty harsh way of speaking. It can also be taken as “don’t you bullshit me!” 

[43] The word used was “puttsun” which can mean weird, crazy, losing common sense, snapping, etc. 

[44] Word used is “shinso.” 

[45] “Horeru” can also mean ‘to be charmed by’.


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