Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 19 - Chapter 1.5

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The Army of Justice

When Feldway returned to the Heavenly Star Palace, Michael had just returned.

“Looks like you got beat up pretty bad.”

“Ah. Something unexpected happened. I went out to purge the defector Obera, but my ‘Castle Guard’ didn’t work.”

“What? I didn’t have a problem—”

“That’s probably why. These powers are one at their core. Since you’ve set your loyalists as phantoms, I’m guessing that there’s no one who knows about me.”

“But there’s me?”

“Fufu, that’s against the basic principles of the skill. It’s natural for your allegiance to be nullified.”

The two reported each other’s situation as if they were having a casual conversation.

It was a surprise to Feldway that Michael could not use the Castle Guard. However, because he was able to figure it out without sustaining serious damage, it was okay.

What he was more concerned about was what Obera, the traitor, would do and how it would end.

“So, what happened with Obera?”

“Unfortunately, she escaped. Obera’s subordinates were admirably loyal and successfully protected her from the rest.”

Michael stated matter-of-factly that it was a shame to have lost such valuable assets. Even though he had killed them all himself, his attitude was like that of someone else.

“The soldiers under Obera’s command were excellent. It’s a shame to have lost such a force.”

Even Feldway’s reply was so indifferent that it was hard to believe that it came from the heart.

In fact, Obera’s subordinates were loyal only to Obera and had no relation to Feldway. That is why he did not consider this a great loss to him. It would not affect the Castle Guard in any way, so he decided that it was not a problem.

This callousness was the reason why Feldway was not well-liked. However, Feldway did not care about this and continued his rationalism to the utmost.

It was different in the past, but there was no trace of that time left in the present Feldway.

“Now then—”

Michael changed the subject.

He looked at the newcomers, Leon and Jahil, and confirmed that their forces had decreased since before the battle. He nodded his head and began to speak.

“I think we need a chain of command for our forces. Feldway, since you are the Supreme Commander, I think we should consider who should be placed under you, what do you think?”

When asked, Feldway nodded with a “Hmm.”

“Right. Now that we’ve talked to the last person we were negotiating with, we should decide on what to do before we start the full-scale invasion.”

Thus, once again, the main members of the Celestial Realm, excluding Zelanus’ forces, gathered in the audience hall.

First, Feldway presented the results of the current operation.

Michael nodded in agreement, but since he had already heard the story, this was just a formal exchange for Dino.

“I see, so Oria was killed in action.”

Dino spoke absent-mindedly. In truth, she had been eaten by Vega, but such an explanation was omitted.

Dino had never really known her, but she was still a friend. He closed his eyes and prayed for Oria’s soul, thinking that he should be allowed to mourn for her.

Dino was followed by Pico, Gracia, and Mai, while the rest of them kept blank faces. No one seemed to wonder about the tenuous relationship, and the meeting began without further discussion.

Feldway took over as the moderator of the meeting.

Michael, not wanting to interfere, remained silent and watched the proceedings.

The topic of the meeting was the appointment of positions.

The purpose was to clarify the hierarchy so as not to interfere with the full-scale invasion.

Vega was the only one with an ambitious look in his eyes, while the others were indifferent. Dino, for his part, seemed blatantly unmotivated and shrunk back to avoid being forced to take any responsibility.

Under such circumstances, Feldway’s announcement began.

There was Michael as Supreme Leader.

Feldway himself was named Commander-in-Chief and Chief Executive Officer.

Velzard was the advisor.

The decision was made to leave her free to roam, as she alone would be a fetter to block Guy’s movements.

Of the remaining people, only nine were strong enough to be commanders, most notably Zalario.

No, there was one more.

The last one, who was not here, was an old acquaintance and friend of Feldway’s.

Including him, there were ten of them.

Normally, a commander would need to have a tactical mindset, but on a battlefield where individual strength was important, strength was all that mattered. Feldway’s idea was that as long as the hierarchy was set, the rest could be left to the discretion of the commander.

This was completely wrong, but it had worked so far. So, without any hesitation, Feldway set the hierarchy of strength.

The strongest, along with himself, was the old friend who was not here. He was followed by Zalario and Jahil.

Feldway decided to appoint these three as the new “Three Phantom Commanders.”

“First of all, we will establish the new “Three Star Commanders” to replace the position of “Three Phantom Commanders.” As generals of Veldanava-sama, I want you to exert your power to the fullest.”

The reason for the name change was that there were two people other than the phantoms.

The star, of course, referred to the “Star King Dragon.” It was a title intended for one to serve as a general with the purpose of reviving Veldanava.

“Cornu is dead, and Obera has betrayed us. In place of these two, I will appoint Jahil. The other one is expected to enter the war soon and will be appointed at that time.”

As soon as he announced this, there was a murmur of discontent.

It was Vega.

“Hey now, you’re appointing some random bastard to be a supreme general of the Heavenly Army instead of me? That doesn’t make any sense!”

This time, Vega, empowered by eating Oria, was getting carried away again. He was a very unfortunate man who appeared to have lost the concept of remorse.

The only person who could handle Vega well was Yuuki, but Feldway didn’t care.

“Shut up. My decision is final. If you make another comment, I’ll have you executed. Are you prepared for that?”

Feldway didn’t have any idea how to utilize human resources.

He possessed a very clear mindset that all that mattered was whether someone was useful or not. Anyone who was not useful would be discarded.

That is why he was not well-liked, and Feldway did not care about that. Next time, if Vega disobeyed him, he would seriously dispose of him.

Vega, with his superior survival instincts, could sense this.

The Vega who had been feeling all-powerful after his growth, found Feldway’s strength to be on a different level. He knew that he was not yet a match for Feldway, so he had no choice but to retreat quietly.

“Damn, I’m sorry. I wanted you to think more highly of me, so I interrupted you…”

He made up for the mistake and pushed down his dissatisfaction.

However, he smiled once he heard Feldway’s next comment.

“Don’t be so rotten about it. I think highly of you as well. That’s why I’m giving you the lead position of the ‘Seven Angels of Death.’”

The “Seven Angels of Death” was also the name of the group that was supposed to consist of the ultimate skill holders of the angelic lineage. But alas, there were not enough of them. Feldway, who did not care about details, designated the remaining main force as the “Seven Angels” in order to make up the numbers.

Originally, he had planned to appoint Kagali and Obera as part of the “Seven Angels,” and Vega was going to be included as one of the “Four Star Commanders.”

Mai and Oria were going to be assigned as auxiliaries, to serve as support. Unfortunately, from the very beginning, the plan had been drastically modified.

In any case, he decided to assign Zalario, Jahil, and one more person, as the “Three Star Commanders.” The “Seven Angels” consisted of Leon, Dino, Pico, Gracia, Arios and Mai Furuki, with Vega at the top.

Now, the “Three Star Admirals” were to command their respective corps, while the “Seven Angels” were to engage in single and multi-personal operations.

And then, the main strategy was discussed.

“Now that we have Leon amongst our ranks, it can be said that we have broken one of the demon lords forces. This means that we have one less point to attack.”

At Feldway’s words, Mai projected a miniature version of the Cardinal World and lit five points of light on the ground. One of them, the white dot on the continent controlled by Leon, disappeared.

Only four spots remained.

But then, Feldway pointed to a point.

Mai changed the color of the spot from white to red.

“We don’t need this place either. My friend has promised to help me, rather than Guy.”

The extinguished spot of light displayed the far west, Dagruel’s territory.

“Are you saying that Dagruel has switched sides?”

It was Leon who asked that question.

The one who nodded in agreement was the third member of the “Three Star Commanders.” He was a slender man with an exceptionally large physique.

“I have arrived, Feldway. You’ve done a bold thing, releasing me from the seal.”

The man was not Dagruel.

His long, shaggy hair was green. It was not the same as Dagruel’s dull blue hair. His eyes shined like jade, which was also different from the blue-eyed Dagruel.

However, they were vaguely similar in appearance.

The man’s “name” was Fenn.

He was the younger brother of Dagruel, the “Continent’s Wrath,” and was known as the “Mad Fist” titan who had been sealed away by Veldanava during a rampage in ancient times.

The first to react to the sight of Fenn was Dino, who was normally laid-back.

“It can’t be, you released the Gleipnir that was binding Fenn?! Even though Dagruel has been so vigilant, Feldway, what the hell are you thinking?!”

And, quite unusually, he questioned Feldway.

He was still surprised, and his tone had become rough.

“Hmph, don’t worry. Fenn and I are friends. Our interests are aligned, and—”

Feldway insisted that Fenn’s abilities were tremendous.

Fenn’s magicules, which he was not trying to conceal, were leaking out as a supreme energy that overwhelmed the others. In terms of existence value, it exceeded sixty million, and was so vast that it could be said to rival the True Dragons.

However, there were other people besides Dino who were uncomfortable with Fenn.

“Damn, an evil deity sealed away in ancient times. He’s the kind of tyrant that even I wouldn’t want to deal with, let alone the Divine Ancestor!”

Jahil spat viciously.

He did not know the man directly but had heard about him from the Divine Ancestor.

According to him, he was an evil deity who had been sealed by Veldanava for his destructive acts.

In Jahil’s mind, he was the second most evil incarnation after the “World-destroying Dragon” Ivarage.

That legend was now standing in front of him. Faced with this fact, Jahil was disgusted to the point of nausea.

But Fenn didn’t care.

Smiling, he put his arm around Jahil’s shoulders and whispered in his ear.

“Hey now, we’re all friends, right? Let’s get along. I heard about it. Like you, I was appointed as one of the ‘Three Star Commanders.’ Unlike the rest of those small fry, you’ve got something to offer. You’re more than qualified to be my servant.”

It was a statement that completely disrespected Jahil.

Jahil shuddered in humiliation.

For Jahil, who believed that he deserved to reign as the emperor, it was unthinkable to be looked down upon.

But he could not complain.

He could feel the desperate pressure of the arm around his shoulder.

A cold sweat broke out on Jahil’s forehead, and he sat back in his chair.

“Hmph! I forgive you for now. I don’t intend to end up like this either, but I’ll leave things alone for now.”

And with that, he agreed to work for Fenn.

Now that that was out of the way, they were wondering about the reaction of the remaining Zalario, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of fighting in the first place. This was not just because he was under the control of the Ultimate Dominion, but also because Zalario, as a warrior, understood his own strength.

Whether he could win or not could only be seen in actual combat. However, an all-out battle would cause enormous damage to both sides and would undoubtedly affect the future of the war.

It would be pointless, to say the least.

That is why Zalario decided to end the situation by giving in himself.

Thus, Fenn was appointed as the leader of the “Three Star Commanders.”

With all the actors in place, all eyes turned once again to the miniature Cardinal World.

“So, Feldway. What do you mean that Dagruel’s not a problem? I understand that Fenn-dono has joined our ranks, but that’s not the end of the matter.”

Fenn replied to Jahil with a smirk.

“Hey now, that’s just sad. Are you underestimating my abilities? If you know me, then you should understand, right? Dagruel is certainly my big brother, but I’m more powerful than him.”

Jahil replied bitterly to Fenn.

“I don’t need that kind of boasting. If you really have no problem with it, just show me the results.”

Jahil was arrogant.

Even though he recognized Fenn’s ability, he did not intend to give up his pride as an emperor to follow him.

Fenn seemed to like Jahil and smirked at him.

“Even though you know me, you still have that attitude. That’s fine, I’ll live up to your expectations.”

Fenn smiled happily.

He hadn’t had a chance to talk to anyone ever since he had been sealed away in Veldanava so long ago. Despite this, scenes of the world had still been flowing into his mind as if he were dreaming.

This was because he was connected to his brother, Dagruel, and his other brother, deep in his soul.

That is why he was aware of the world situation to a certain extent. He understood that they were at the verge of the beginning of the age of civil war, and that this was an environment where he could be violent.

Feldway was the only one who had visited Fenn when he was sealed up.

As for Feldway, he had only been taking care of Fenn because Veldanava entrusted him to do so. At some point, they became friends, exchanging small talk and consulting each other.

Feldway had no relatives to talk to because he was the leader.

Fenn, too, had come to realize that solitude was lonely after being sealed for so long.

In a sense, it was inevitable that they had come to trust each other.

And now, Fenn had been given a place to play, and a friend to show off his power.

There was no reason for Fenn not to be excited.

It wasn’t not that Fenn was less violent than he used to be, it’s just that he had learned to value his friends more.

Fenn was more than happy to have friends. That is why he was grateful to Feldway from the bottom of his heart.

Fenn had announced that he would take care of Dagruel, but Dino was still not satisfied with this.

“Wait, wait, wait! Hey, are you seriously okay with this, Feldway? If we let Fenn go, won’t we lose the reason why Dagruel is guarding the Heaven’s Tower?”

The Heaven’s Tower was the stairway to the Heavenly Star Palace. Those who did not have the key to open the main gates had no way to enter the Heavenly Star Palace except through the Heaven’s Tower.

It was Dagruel who guarded it, and his reason for doing so was to keep Fenn from being unleashed upon the world.

Dino was saying that if Fenn were to attack, there would be trouble depending on the outcome.

Even though he was under the control of the Ultimate Dominion, Dino’s thoughts were free. It would be different if he were under a stronger control, but he could still say what he wanted.

Incidentally, the same was also true for Leon.

His actions were constrained, but his thoughts remained unchanged. That is why, even in the battle with Silvia, he was able to minimize the damage by not attacking extensively.

In addition to that, he had also sent signals with his eyes, but unfortunately Silvia did not understand them. It was not because Silvia was not perceptive enough, but because she had been very busy.

However, even if she had been able to understand the signals, the information would have been limited to “Leon still has free will,” so it wouldn’t have been very meaningful anyway…

In any case, at the moment, the Ultimate Dominion only restricted his actions, but still allowed him to think freely.

For Feldway, however, this was more convenient.

He couldn’t have a strategy meeting without flexible thinking, so Dino’s comment was welcome.

“That’s a good point. So, what do you think we should do to alleviate this anxiety?”

“No, well, I don’t know…”

Dino’s momentum dissipated as soon as he was asked the question.

He had been so surprised that he spoke up, but when he thought about it, it’s not like he’d be at a disadvantage. He was back to his normal self, wondering what he’d even gotten upset about.

“N-No…even if you ask me such a difficult question, well, it’s not like there’s a problem, right?”

At any rate, as safely as he could, Dino tried to sit down as if his role was over.

But Feldway would not allow it.

“I believe in Fenn, but Dino’s concerns are justified. So, I think the best solution for this situation is to send some other people.”

‘You were planning to do that all along,’ Dino thought. Saying it out loud might sound like Feldway didn’t trust Fenn, so Dino’s comment must have been a blessing in disguise.

More importantly, in this case, Dino, the speaker, might be forced to participate…

Dino’s prediction came true.

“You’re worried about it, aren’t you Dino? In that case, you should see for yourself how strong Fenn is with your own eyes.”

“Ah, no, I’m not…”

“No, don’t be shy. You won’t be able to have a turn, but if you want to see how strong I am, I won’t stop you.”

He wasn’t planning to do that anyway, but now it was too late. Dino gave up and nodded reluctantly.

“Th-That’s true. Then, I guess I’ll take your word for it and participate with Pico and Gracia.”

“Wha—hey, Dino! Don’t drag us into this!”

“Seriously, I really don’t want to. I just had a fight to the death with Raine. Don’t you think it’s cruel to ask me to fight again?”

Dino’s companions were furious, but Dino ignored them. He figured out that they were probably slacking off anyway, and forcibly involved them to distribute the work.

Feldway had no objection to this and approved it.

It was true that he trusted Fenn, but Dagruel was also a powerful man. He was not to be taken lightly, and Dagruel also had another brother.

The story of the three giants who rampaged in ancient times was well known. As someone who knew the truth of that legend, Feldway was prepared to make the best move.

“Leon, please join them. In addition to Fenn, there will be four of the “Seven Angels” attacking the Heaven’s Tower. I think that should be enough.”

Thus, the members being dispatched to the next target had been decided.

The meeting seemed to be ending, but instead of that, everyone moved on to the next topic.

“Now, let’s determine the next attack point.”

“Eh? Isn’t it time to go on the offensive?”

“Ah. We’re planning a simultaneous invasion, taking full advantage of the aggressor’s capabilities. Rather, with all due respect to Fenn, you are the decoy.”

“Decoy…then who’s the real target?”

Dino was not interested in the mission, but he wanted to ask. He thought it might make himself feel a little better if the other locations sounded more difficult.

Besides, if he could successfully meet up with Rimuru, he might be able to ingratiate himself with some useful information.

Even though it was not in his character, he asked Feldway the question.

“The first thing I want you to remember is our purpose.”

That was the answer.

Dino wondered what the purpose was.

It must have been something ridiculous, like bringing back Veldanava. Of course, Dino would be happy if Veldanava was revived—

Doesn’t Veldanava-sama have his own reasons? Maybe Feldway became too much trouble for him, or maybe he wanted to back off until the humans had matured.

Dino thought that it would be more ignorant for them to make selfish assumptions about Veldanava, the creator and transcendent being.

Those who speak for the god are the most troublesome. They can distort your opinion without your permission when you openly state a different interpretation. It seems that Luminas had a difficult time with this, and that’s why she said she stopped appointing humans as the Pope…

Even if they hear the exact same words, there are differences in the perceptions of those who receive them. Because people believe only what they want to believe, they are reluctant to admit when they are wrong.

As an actual example, Luminas had never said that she was the “one and only God.” Yet, for some reason, her followers had come to believe that Luminas was the only god. It seemed that this was more convenient for Luminas, so she did not deny it, but the fact that the truth changed when people intervened in the interpretation of the truth was troublesome if it was handled in the wrong way.

After observing the human world for a long time, Dino had come to understand this. And yet, his colleague was setting a bad example, and he felt like giving them a break.

“Only the Veldora factor remains as a necessary element to revive Veldanava-sama. But there’s one more obstacle we mustn’t forget. Isn’t that right?”

Is that so?—Dino wasn’t involved.

And yet, Feldway’s eyes were on Dino.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, it’s me?! Give that to someone else!!

As he looked around, he saw that everyone had kept a serious, blank expression on their faces.

Zalario seemed to be holding on to the fact that he was dominated and was ready to ignore Feldway completely.

Leon had just arrived and did not seem to be following the conversation, nor did he seem interested in it in the first place.

The same went for Fenn and Jahil. Fenn and Jahil did not know the answer to the question, because it was still new to them.

Pico and Gracia didn’t seem to know either. They were hiding behind Dino, looking down for good luck.

The other members of the “Seven Angels” were not Feldway’s friends, but useful pawns. They were not the ones he wanted to ask for opinions, and Dino was the one who had to deal with them.

Is this a joke?! Because Kagali and Yuuki are gone, I’m being put in charge of the thinking?!

‘Wait a minute,’ Dino thought.

That should have been Zalario’s job. Dino finally realized that he had unwittingly drawn the short straw.

But that didn’t mean that he could do anything about it.

He didn’t want people to get their hopes up, so he decided to play along.

“Do you want to hear about it?”

He smiled and replied in a suggestive manner.

At that, Feldway nodded in satisfaction.

I knew it. He’s too smart for his own good and doesn’t want the others’ opinions. I thought I could make a conversation with him if I just praised him!

Dino nodded back, thinking it was a good thing.

“That’s right. Dino is correct, we must get rid of this irregularity, Masayuki. In the unlikely event that Rudra is resurrected through Masayuki, there is no guarantee that it won’t affect Michael-sama.”

‘I didn’t say anything,’ Dino thought, but he was careful not to show it on his face. He nodded his head in agreement.

He knew that the logic was warped, but he wasn’t so good-natured as to point it out here, so he was inclined to let people do as they pleased.

The others were similar, and none of them expressed their opinions.

Feldway continued his explanation.

“Now that Veldora is deep in that troublesome labyrinth, our next target is Masayuki. If we start with that and reduce their strength one by one, he’ll have no choice but to come out of his hole.”

‘If he doesn’t come out, we’ll just cut off his other forces,’ Feldway said.

‘I’m pretty close with Masayuki,’ Dino thought, but he wasn’t paying attention. He wanted to tell Masayuki that he was being targeted somehow, but he couldn’t think of any way to do so now that Michael’s control had been strengthened.

Even the ‘Telepathy Net’ with Rimuru could not be carried out, as this would be a clear act of betrayal. The only thing left to do was to hope for a great coincidence there, but that seemed impossible, so Dino gave up.

The only thing left to do was pray that he would get away safely.

“So, do you know where Masayuki is?”

“That’s a good question, Dino. Regarding that, Velzard…”

“Yes, yes. From Velgrynd’s presence, I have a rough idea of his location. There are several locations inside the Empire, and one in the Kingdom of Ingracia, where the girl is responding. The haki is completely hidden, but my eye cannot be deceived.”

This was the Frost Dragon Velzard’s cognitive ability, equal to or greater than Milim’s ‘Milim Eye.’ She had no trouble detecting the presence of her siblings, let alone other people.

Velgrynd appeared to be using ‘Parallel Existence’ to fortify the empire. At the same time, it was assumed that she was also guarding Masayuki.

In response to Velzard’s comment, Mai manipulated a miniature light spot.

Following the west end ruled by Dagruel, the central west area ruled by Luminas changed from a white light to a red light.

Feldway pointed to the red light.

“This means that Masayuki is here, in Ingracia. I will leave it to you to attack there, Vega. What do you think?”

This was not a question, but an order. He was only saying that to lift Vega’s spirits a little.

Vega, being a simpleton, did not see it that way.

He grinned and nodded happily.

“Leave it to me. It’s a former home, with many hidden passages that no one knows about. I’ll sneak in and take care of this Masayuki kid.”

‘Hm,’ Feldway nodded.

He had planned to let Vega run amok as a diversion and have Arios kill Masayuki while he was at it, but he wondered if that was possible.

Either way, he intended to go to Ingracia’s capital himself. Therefore, Feldway decided to let Vega do as he pleased and watch the enemy’s movements.

Of course, that was not all.

“Zalario, you are to lead the entire army to our support. Find out what Luminas is up to, and if she moves, stop her.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

“Stand by. If I give the order, launch an all-out assault on Ingracia’s capital.”


Feldway’s orders were absolute.

Zalario nodded meekly, keeping his frustrations to himself.

Currently, Jahil was the only one who hadn’t been ordered to do anything yet. There was no way Feldway was going to leave his “Three Star Commander” force idle, so Jahil waited for Feldway’s words while preparing himself.

“Also, let’s be careful. Jahil, you’re the support. I’ll leave you in charge of my subordinates, and you’ll do what you can to help Fenn.”

“Whoa, whoa, isn’t that a bit much? I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“Don’t say that Fenn. It’s just a precaution. Once you take control of Dagruel, you’ll have an army of your own, right?”

“I guess.”

“But as long as Dagruel is alive and well, there will be times when the Titan’s army will get in the way.”

“And it’s my job to stop them?’

“Yes, it is.”

Fenn boasted that it was unnecessary, but Feldway was correct in this case. As for Jahil, it didn’t matter to him either way.

If Fenn is active, he can just watch him, and if he is in danger, he can sell him a favor.

Besides, he didn’t even need to be in a hurry to succeed, because the opportunity to play an active role would eventually come.

“Hmph! It’s a shame that they’re not the ones I trained, but it can’t be helped. As soon as I see Fenn’s victory, I’ll attack from the west to the center, do you mind?”

“Sure, do as you like.”

As soon as he heard that, Jahil went silent, implying that the conversation was over.

Jahil was an ambitious man. He owed a debt of gratitude to Feldway, even if it meant doing his bidding. Considering the difference in strength, he thought it would be wise to follow him for the time being.

Incidentally, Velzard reported directly to Michael, so Feldway had no authority to give her orders. The current policy was for Feldway to let her do as she pleased.

In this way, everyone’s roles were defined.

Once the plan was settled, Michael spoke up.

“I have one more thing to say. Regarding the labyrinth in the Demon Lord Rimuru’s domain, it is not a good place to be trapped. I think it would be better to lure them out, as Feldway said. Therefore, I’ve decided to hand over Demon Lord Milim’s sphere of influence, centered on the former Eurazania, to Zelanus. As for the capital of Ingracia and the territories of Milim, Demon Lord Rimuru will not be able to ignore any war that breaks out in his land. Be sure to defeat the reinforcements that he will send. If we do, our victory will be unquestionable.”

Michael’s words were full of conviction.

In fact, that was the greatest advantage for the aggressors. The destruction of the enemy’s forces through individual assaults. Repeatedly doing so would guarantee victory.

In addition, once the bases other than the capital “Rimuru” were eradicated, the siege formation would be complete. There were many mysteries in Ramiris’ labyrinth, and it was possible that there was more than one way in and out, but being able to stop the operations was significant.

It may be possible to bring in strategic supplies, but once separated from the world, it would be easy to reduce their influence.

However, since the ultimate goal was to capture Veldora’s dragon factor, they couldn’t simply wait and see.

That being the case, Michael decided that it would be best to bring the situation to that point and then slowly devise a strategy.

This may have been the right strategy, but Dino was not convinced.

“Whoa, whoa, Milim is the daughter of Veldanava-sama, you know? Do you understand that?”

He complained, as if expressing his indignation.

But Michael remained aloof.

“—Are there any problems?”

He asked Dino, his cool expression still intact.

“Are there any problems? No, no, I’m just wondering if it’s going to result in Veldanava-sama’s displeasure…”

That was a natural question from Dino’s point of view.

It would be an act of betrayal to Veldanava to touch Milim. So, what was Michael thinking?

However, Michael’s reaction was very calm, and he seemed to think that there was no problem at all. The same was true of Feldway.

“Dino, I am aware. Demon Lord Milim is the daughter of Veldanava-sama, however, she is no different from us in that she was created by him.”

There was doubt of that being Michael and Feldway’s true thoughts. Their respect and loyalty seemed to be directed only to Veldanava, with not even a shred of affection for his daughter.

Jahil seemed to agree, sniffing and scowling at Dino with a mocking gaze.

Having been destroyed by Milim’s wrath in the past, he was feeling a sense of pleasure at the Eurazania invasion operation. Dino’s opinion, which might interfere with it, was not interesting to Jahil either.

Hey now, this is why Obera betrayed us! They really have a bad way of thinking…

Dino thought to himself as he looked back at Feldway.

If he didn’t do something, he would be branded a traitor.

Feldway spoke to Dino.

“Don’t worry, Dino. If my actions are wrong, then he will come back to correct them. If his beloved daughter is in danger, he will surely come to her aid. That is why my action are correct.”

Now that he had said that, there was nothing left for Dino to say.

His old friend was dead. If only he had realized this sooner, he would have been able to escape—Dino regretted it even now.

And so, the outline of the Tenma Great War was decided and carried out.

And on that day—

The world was thrown into a whirlpool of chaos by a great calamity that would drastically change the course of the world.



Supreme Leader: A lot of these positions were difficult for me to categorize in terms of rank. Michael is the “Shujō (主上)” which is something like a Chief or Leader or Commander.

Commander-in-Chief: “Saikō shirei-kan (最高司令官)” means something like Supreme Commander or Commander-in-Chief.

Chief Executive Officer: “Saikō sekinin (最高責任).” To be honest, I’m not sure if Michael is ranked higher than Feldway or vice-versa, but both Michael and Feldway clearly have the highest of positions.

Three Phantom Commanders: The kanji was the same as before, so I’m keeping it as the “Three Phantom Commanders” until the official translation.

Three Star Commanders: Same kanji as “Three Phantom Commanders” except the “phantom” part was replaced with the character “Hoshi 星 (せい)” meaning star. Hence, the “Three Star Commanders.”

Human resources: “Jinzai (人材)” 🡪 Can also mean ‘manpower,’ ‘manpower resources,’ or ‘assets.’

“name”: I added quotations here because this word also had quotations in the Japanese raw.

“Mad Fist” titan: Other translations for ‘titan here could be ‘giant or ‘giant god,’ or ‘divine giant.’ Titan is the one I chose to stick with.

My servant: This word, “Teshita (手下),” can also mean “minion” or “underling.”

The age of civil war: Another translation for “Sengoku Jidai (戦国時代)” can be the “Warring States Period.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, it’s me?: He’s not saying that Feldway is talking about him, but rather that Feldway seems to be choosing him for the job.

You’re the support: The word here is “Yūgeki” which, in more detail, means attacking the enemy or assisting allies as the opportunity arises. It can also refer to hit/run tactics or military action without a predetermined target. I just used the general word “support” because I couldn’t find the perfect English word for it.

Tenma Great War: Tenma Taisen (天魔大戦),” or the “Tenma Great War.” It might also translate as ‘Demon War’ or just ‘Tenma War’ in MTL.


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