Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (LN) - Volume 21 - Chapter 3.03

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Having recognized Zegion, Vega began his analysis once again.

His overwhelming combat sense and destructive power showed that he was better than Vega in close combat. Judging from its movements beyond the limits of the laws of physics, he is convinced that it is close to a spiritual life form.

(Heh, but I'll still win!).

Even the mythical-grade kite-shield was shattered without any difficulty, but that was because it was a fake created by Vega. It's a renewable item, and we're not losing that much money.

We can still make up the lost points since we have enough Energy to spare. (Here, you can think about it the other way around. You didn't break two cards. They only broke two cards !) Positive attitude is the beauty of Vega. And it worked here, too.

As soon as he realizes that his triple shields are useless, Vega shouts.

"Protect me - Invincible !

In response to his command, four rings, each about one meter in diameter, appear and stand still in mid-air. The absolute protection, each one of them mythical-grade, began to automatically protect Vega.

If you are worried about three rings, just play four rings.

From Vega's point of view, it was an invincible defense.

Even if Vega did not recognize the attack, it was no problem to let the automatic defense of "Invincible" take care of it. It could handle attacks from all angles and perfectly protect Vega, its master.

Moreover, this ring is an excellent device that regenerates instantly even if it is shattered. Vega is convinced that as long as he is protected by this ring, he will never be defeated.

Vega, who has regained his composure, smiles and talks to Zegion.

"Hey, you played me for a fool, didn't you? Did you think you'd won already? I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not ready for this yet. 


Don't be a pussy! You, you know I'm...

Two rings were shattered, one on top of the other. Vega swallowed his words in fear.

As if Vega was not important to him, Zegion attacked again and again without any hesitation.

The circle is shattered and regenerated. And so on and so forth.

Vega was scared at first, but he regained his composure as soon as he realized that Zegion's attacks could not reach him.

"Giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle ! How's my "Invincible"? You're a good fighter too... but you're still just a little fish. You're no match for me.

Vega is always in his element.

Overconfident in his own strength, he believed without a doubt that the repeated attacks of Zegion were all-out attacks.

(I knew it. His fighting ability is great, but that's all he's got. If you can't even break my shield, you've done yourself a disservice by being so scared. It's pathetic that he's so scared, but Vega doesn't care about that. He has already dismissed Zegion as an entity that will only repeat useless attacks in the dark.

It's not positive anymore, it's just stupidity.

"That was pretty funny. "I'm going to show you my real spirit, out of respect for you!"

Vega said, and held out his arms to Zegion.

The two arms join into one and change into a turret-like shape.

"Die, Infinite Eater!"

This was Vega's most powerful attack, which he unleashed with absolute confidence.

It was the special killing technique that Moss had used in the previous battle at the capital of Ingracia. Vega had learned it through the eyes of the 'Evil Dragon Spawn'.

The technique worked surprisingly well with Vega.

While Moss had the disadvantage of not being able to use it again until the absorbed Energy is fully sublimated, Vega, who has the Ultimate Skill 'Evil Dragon King Azi Dahaka', had no such limitation. In other words, it is possible to use it repeatedly.

The magical bacteria, which turn all materials into dust and eat them, transform into a wave of annihilation, piercing the enemy. It is a technique of absolute destruction that cannot even be defended against, reducing all wavelengths, in other words, the frequency of Energy to zero.

If the enemy is of a lower existence value than himself, he can eat it almost without being resisted. It is an extraordinary feat of power, but the simplicity of the technique makes it very effective.

It was applied to life as well, and even spiritual life forms such as angels and demons were no exception. On the contrary, the higher the Energy body, the more pure it is, the more suitable it is as a bait.

Once Vega mastered this technique, he became invincible.

Vega's current existence value is just shy of 20 million.

He is the strongest of the "Seven Angels of Death" and is now on par with Zalario and Jahil, the "three-star general".

Zegion, on the other hand, had less than five million.

The gap between the two was widening to the point of desperation.

Even Zegion could not stand up to Vega's "Infinite Eater", which he unleashed with all his might.

"It's useless. I know that. That's why I can't get through."

Despite being bathed in a vicious wave of destruction that engulfs all matter, Zegion does not move an inch, as if standing on windless ground. With an air of overwhelming strength, he looks down on Vega and says, "It's no use.

It's no use," he said.

Vega may have been out of his mind, but he was in for a bad time.

Zegion had fought Moss in many mock fights and had tasted his techniques.

The first time he had hit it, he had been unable to avoid serious damage. Although Zegion ended up winning because Moss was not as strong as Zegion, he had to admit that it was a dangerous technique.

If so, Zegion would not have left it alone.

He had already determined the nature of the technique and had already devised a countermeasure against it.

The essence of "Infinite Eater" was in the waveform. The wavelength of Energy is reduced to zero, and then the user takes it as his own - in other words, he eats it.

Then, to prevent the wavelength from being reduced to zero, we can cancel it out by hitting it with the opposite phase.

In addition, Vega's technique was less mature than that of Moss.

To some extent, he was able to imitate Moss thanks to his authority, but his skill was not as good as Moss'. In terms of efficiency, it was far from perfect, and Zegion could have easily beaten it.

"Are you crazy ? That's impossible ! Why are you so unconcerned? How can you be safe from my Infinite Eater ?

Vega is upset, but it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Moss was also in a panic when this technique was broken.

Zegion then said the same words to Vega as he had said to Moss.

"Stop laughing. The wave that cancels the wave is also a wave. Then just wrap it up. Know that the truth of the universe is to identify with the flow without opposing it. Since dreams and visions converge into the ethereal, it's easy for me to see through your waves.

It is a simple but impossible feat for a normal person. Or rather, it would be impossible for anyone.

At the very least, it would have to completely outperform the opponent's computing power... and Zegion had already figured out that Vega's computing power was limited.

"I don't get it!"

Vega snapped.

It was an escape from a reality he did not want to admit.

He was supposed to fill the space with the wave of annihilation and kill Zegion.

And yet, the result is unscathed.

Vega finally understood that the superiority in existence value is meaningless.

At the same time, Vega's heart was filled with fear.

"You fool! You are not my enemy.

Don't, don't come near me !

And you should know that you're nothing but dust to Veldora-sama and Rimuru-sama.

Zegion steps up to the frightened Vega.

Zegion had already taken control of this Isolation space.

From the beginning, everything was controlled by Zegion's power-Ultimate Skill 'World of Illusion' of 'Illusion King Mephisto'. Zegion's power - the Ultimate Skill 'World of Illusion' of 'Illusion King Mephisto' - controlled everything from the beginning.

A world where even the flow of time is twisted by Zegion's imagination. In a world where everything is determined by Zegion's will, no matter how hard Vega tries, it is all for naught.

"Damn it ! Don't get carried away, you ! Just because you blocked my attack doesn't mean your attack can't get through to me !

Vega decides to make the invasion of the labyrinth a priority as he runs away from Zegion. If he could control the labyrinth and ensure his immortality, he would have nothing to fear from Zegion.

Vega will win someday, if not now. Until then, Vega thought, he would just have to endure.


Zegion would have none of it.

"It's time to end this farce. It's time for me to end it, too."

Regardless of Vega's intentions, Zegion acts according to his feelings.

In other words, he slams his fist into the circle in anger.

"Such an attack is not going to work on me..."

Vega was about to say that it would not work, but then Vega exclaimed, "I'm not going to let you get away with that.

Zegion's fist shattered the ring like a piece of paper. Then, the four rings overlapped each other, and all of them were smashed into pieces.

Vega panicked, and the maximum number of rings that could be deployed at the same time appeared.

However, they were destroyed carelessly by Zegion.

It was an unbelievable sight for Vega.

No matter what he does, it is useless.

The Invincible had been completely broken.

"Huh, huh ? "

Vega falls miserably on his ass.

He had to admit it.

Vega could never beat Zegion, no matter how hard he tried.

"-Your abilities may be absolutely powerful in the material world. But in the spiritual world, they are poor. That's why you are like this." Zegion pointed out Vega's inexperience.

"Wait! Calm down and listen to me !

Vega pleads with Zegion, but Zegion does not stop.

Vega, sensing the danger, crawls backward and deploys his "Invincible Shield.

As long as he keeps this shield in place, no attack can reach him. Vega thought that no matter how many rings were shattered, as long as he was safe, that was all that mattered.

Zegion's left hand shines.

A dimensional equivocal cutting wave (dimensional ray) is released.

At the next moment, all the rings protecting Vega were torn into tiny pieces.

At the same time...

(Next! We have to prepare for the next one quickly.) and a glow unique to hihiirokane was sucked into Vega's abdomen as he was panicking.

"Goboah ! "

It was an afterglow.

Zegion's backward kick was released with divine speed and struck Vega.

The afterglow vanishes like a haze.

What was left was Vega, his face crumpled up with tears and runny nose, covered with vomit and diarrhea.

Vega, crouched on his stomach, pleads with Zegion.

I can't take it anymore, please help me !

It was a brilliant plea for his life.

Between Vega and Zegion, there was a gap in ability that was hopelessly difficult to fill.

It is not a matter of the size of the existence value, but the difference in the "rank" of the two.

Vega cannot beat the well-trained Zegion.

This is the reality and the eternal and immutable truth.

Zegion's left fist began to glow with a dull color.

"No, don't!"

Vega's scream ripped through the sky.

At that very same moment, something strange happened in the labyrinth.



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