Chapter 1316: 1316

Gu Juexi let go of Ye Yuwei’s hand after they entered the elevator . Ye Yuwei growled in annoyance while rubbing her wrist, “What’s the hurry?”

“What are you staring at? He’s already here, do you really think he won’t go in? Besides, don’t you think that he looks so much better now?” Gu Juexi leaned against the elevator wall and glanced at his wife with his arms folded over his chest .

Ye Yuwei arched her eyebrows in puzzlement . How could she notice so many details in such a short time? She was not a mad genius like Gu Juexi .

“He was there in the restaurant this morning,” Gu Juexi revealed .

Ye Yuwei’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped . She couldn’t follow him and his mad mind .

“So what’s going on right now? Can you enlighten me, please?” Ye Yuwei asked directly, giving up on guessing what he was thinking .

“Either Nalan Jing is merely illustrating a story, or Ai Mijia is faking her death . There’s no third option,” Gu Juexi answered and looked at Ye Yuwei . “So which one do you believe?”

“You obviously believe neither, that’s why you are still looking for the final answer,” Ye Yuwei blatantly argued .

Gu Juexi arched his eyebrows, agreeing to Ye Yuwei’s claim .

The weather was slightly cold due to the heavy September rain . The elevator sent them straight to the underground parking in the first basement floor . Gu Juexi curled his arm around Ye Yuwei and got out of the elevator . He walked them to their car, opened the car door, pushed her in, slammed the door then got into the driver seat and started the car .

Ye Yuwei kept her glare on Gu Juexi who was behind the wheels .

“Do you think my uncle is lying?” Ye Yuwei rested her chin on her hand and asked .

“I’m not sure if it’s all a lie, but not knowing about Ai Mijia’s death? Nope, that is definitely a lie . If he is so concerned about this incident and knows that Wen Lan died on the plane some time ago, how could he not know about Ai Mijia?” Gu Juexi scoffed .

This was too much to digest . Ye Yuwei decided to let her mind drift somewhere else .

Gu Juexi chuckled as he looked at Ye Yuwei, who was leaning back in the front passenger seat, zoning out . He reached over and helped her fasten her seatbelt, pressing a kiss to her lips .

“Don’t you worry, I promise I’ll give you a complete answer this time . The people working in the Civil Affairs Bureau are very busy, so let’s not give them more paperwork to process,” Gu Juexi said with a hint of timidness as if he was terrified that Ye Yuwei would divorce him again .

Leaning on her side, Ye Yuwei gazed at Gu Juexi . It had been raining for almost a day without any signs of stopping, which was rather annoying, especially with all that was going on now .

“Do you think my brother will enter the room?” Ye Yuwei asked in concern .

“Give him a call, you’ll know right away . ” Direct and clear-cut .

Ye Yuwei looked askance at him . She had to be the most gracious woman in the world for staying with a man like him and sparing other women the misery .

In the meantime, Nalan Chunbo was playing with his phone in front of the closed door . He didn’t click on anything, just stared at the screen saver . The photo was none other than Wen Shan, who was sleeping on the fishing boat .

He had pushed the girl who had always liked him away because of his insecurities .

But now, the truth was that his insecurity was nonexistent .

An ironic slap in his face .

Again, the door opened . Nalan Jing stood by the door and looked at the man outside the room .

Nalan Chunbo looked up at the sound of the door opening and their gazes met .

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