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Gourmet Map

Inglis and her friends were sitting in a knights’ academy classroom.

“Here’s a map of Alcard,” Lahti announced.

“Thanks, Lahti,” Inglis answered.

“We wouldn’t be able to get such a detailed map ourselves, so this is a huge help,” Rafinha said. “Chris, let’s use this to discuss our strategy.”

“Yeah, Rani. Our primary objective is the capital. Beyond that, I’d also like to stop in a town that was ravaged by the magicite beasts.”

“Then it’s about the same east or west,” Lahti replied. “Both routes have towns where we’ll be able to resupply along the way.”

“By the way, what’s there to eat in this town in the east?” Inglis asked.

“Probably noodles in a spicy soup. It’s cold there, so they tend to eat things that will keep them warm.”

“Hmmm.” Inglis drew a picture of noodles in a soup bowl on the map. “And what about the west?”

“There are hot springs there. The fishing’s good year-round, so they’re famous for hot pot and for eggs boiled in the hot springs.”

“Hmmmm.” This time, Inglis drew a fish before pointing elsewhere. “How about here?”

“I don’t think that has anything to do with our mission...” Lahti murmured.

“That’s okay. It’s just for reference.”

“The same as the first one, noodles,” he answered, hesitant this time.

“Hmmmmm! And here?”

“It’s close to forested mountains, so they have a lot of wild vegetation. But we won’t be anywhere near there for our mission either.”

“That’s okay. Next...”

Nearly an hour passed before Inglis announced, “And it’s complete!”

“It looks delicious!” Rafinha nodded along in satisfaction. Drawings of food decorated every nook and cranny of the map of Alcard.

“Rani, where do you want to go? What do you want to eat?”

“Hmm, I want to try this and this—”

“Ooh, sounds good. How about here too?”

“What’s with all these zigzags?! Alcard’s army will have attacked us by then!” Lahti protested.

“Well, we won’t know our actual route until we get there,” Rafinha pointed out.

“Precisely. It’s best to note what’s delicious so we’ll be prepared no matter where we travel!” Inglis agreed.

“And voilà, a gourmet map!”

“That’s what you wanted me for?” Lahti sighed so, so deeply.

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