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Girlish Romanticism

The Star Princess soared toward Ahlemin with Inglis at the controls and Rafinha behind her.

“Rochefort and Arles are lovers, aren’t they?” Rafinha asked as they traveled.

“Seems that way,” Inglis replied. She was already realizing that this wasn’t going to be a fun conversation, so she answered bluntly.

“What, aren’t you curious?”

“We’ve got a big fight coming up, so we need to focus.”

“But we’ve got a while before we get there! It’s fine! Wouldn’t it be boring if we didn’t talk?”

Inglis paused for a moment, wondering how best to phrase what she wanted to say. “Listen, I’m not a very big fan of theirs. They didn’t just wake up the Prismer—they attacked the palace too.”

“Yes, that’s my point! Rochefort must have known he was doing something terrible, right? And even as beat-up as he was, he wanted to give whatever he had left to Arles. I know they’re our enemy, but I’m still kind of jealous. She must have been happy that he’d go that far for her. Don’t you think so, Chris?”

“Not really. I’d rather someone who would become my foe and fight me than someone who’d fight my foes for me.”

“Wow, that’s so you—very direct. I wish you would appreciate romance, though,” Rafinha sighed disappointedly.

“What’s more romantic than the flash of the blade? I’ve always wanted to fight a fully formed Prismer, and now I get to.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant—”

“I know. But come on, Rani. Those two aren’t anything to look up to, even without their being our enemies.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, hieral menaces live a long time, right? No matter what, Rochefort will pass away long before Arles. And she’ll have to carry on living, bearing that sadness. There’s no way around it. So there’s more to that relationship than just the devotion you noticed. Even if we manage to pull something off this time, the day might come when they have to face a Prismer too.”

“Ah! So it’s a relationship where they’d have been better off never falling for each other?”

“Yeah. So...”

“That’s great! That passion, that conflict! It’s so romantic!” Rafinha’s eyes glimmered.

“Ha ha ha... Putting it that way is so you, Rani.”

“Oh! Th-That’s right!”

“About what?”

“H-Hey, Chris, do Highlanders live as long as normal people?”

“I’ve heard they normally live many times longer.”

“So I’d be an old lady while...? I’m not sure I want that.”

“Yeah. In general, you’re too young for that kind of thing, but a Highlander would be an especially bad choice.” Inglis chuckled.

“What are you so happy about that for?! Though I’m not sure you’re wrong...”

Rin suddenly tapped on Rafinha’s shoulder and furiously shook her head.

“Rin?” Rafinha asked. “You’re shaking your head—do you disagree?”

“C’mon, Rin!” Inglis moaned. “I had her convinced!”

“Chris! Were you trying to trick me?!”

“Full speed ahead! Booster mode!” Accelerating quickly, Inglis did her best to change the subject.

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