Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Coldblooded Criminals

I was, like, kind of hoping to have a type of extravagant luxury in life like those who could drink liquor and still ask for another bottle . And yet bad luck was always falling on my head . I really couldn’t help but wonder, what sort of evil deeds and sins had my previous reincarnation done in my past life?

This bank also had a security guard on duty, but he was really useless at his own job . He had already squatted on the floor and surrendered .

I did not blame him for being, a coward, or something, though . In such a situation like this, resistance meant death, and he would be fine if he did not resist .

If Big Sis was here, I was pretty sure everything would end up well . After all, she was invisible and not afraid of bullets at all . However, I didn’t dare to entertain such a thought for myself . Even if I knew that I had Red Arrow fate mark, I had no guts to rush out and undertake such a risk . In case things went wrong, it would be a game over for me . These ruthless bandits robbed the bank of its money, so they would have no time for laymen like us to hand over our money one by one . As for those who played the hero and died, what they got at most was only a Medal of Bravery, a title of Courageous Hero and coverage on TV and newspapers: ‘Some Fucking Amazing People Dead’ . That was really a kind of amazing obituary news, no?!

Although doing that was a great good deed, it was way too dangerous . There were five submachine guns here, and I never had the thought that I was more powerful than these five submachine guns either .

The murdered man laid motionless in the hall, bathing in a large pool of blood under his body .

There were at least sixty-plus people inside the bank hall right now, and all of them were squatting on the floor . Nobody dared to move a bit . The robbers came to the main cashier window and threatened, “QUICKLY TAKE THE MONEY OUT, YOU BASTARD! ELSE THIS DADDY WILL KILL THESE HOSTAGES!”

The bank manager behind the bulletproof glass inside said, “I advise you to give up . Even if you get the money, you’ll be caught sooner or later . ”

After hearing it, I almost couldn’t hold back the urge to curse him: “Damn bastard! You are behind the bulletproof glass and far from danger, so of course you can open your damn big mouth!”

I could tell this guy just wanted to keep his bowl of rice . If the bank got robbed, nobody could guarantee his position was safe . But it didn’t mean that you could abandon hostages just because you wanted to keep your position! It might be fine if I were here alone, but Sis Xiaoling was right beside me . She could be dragged down if I were to act, hence why I could not take any risks just on my impulsive whim!

Hearing the bank manager’s reply, the robber took out a grenade, aiming it at the window glass and cursed, “Motherf*cker bastard! Spit out your pesky shits and this father will throw this shit and blow you up!”

“No, no, no . Please don’t get angry, Brother! I’ll get you the money!” With his life threatened, this manager was quickly turning into an obedient grandson .

A stack of lots of money was then handed out from the window and the six bags brought by the robbers were quickly filled . All the money were 100-yuan bills and, from the looks of it, it should be more than 10 million yuan . This was a big bank, after all, so it was not surprising if it had so much money .

The robber held a grenade whilst standing in front of the window and scolded the bank manager, “Holy fu*ker! You didn’t fucking eat this morning, did you? Move your fucking fat ass quickly! Else, I’ll really blast you off!”

The bank manager looked tired, sweating profusely and gasping for breath before replying, “Brother, the 100-yuan bills have all been taken out and there are only the 50-yuan bills left . You can see that too, no?”

Right at this moment, a sound of a siren was heard outside the door . The robber who stood at the door looked a bit panicked and shouted, “Brother, it’s bad! The cops are here!”

“What are you afraid of? With so many hostages here in our hand, will those fucking cops dare to shoot? I’ll kill a hostage if those motherf*ckers dare to shoot us!”

‘Darn it…’ I sighed inside .  ‘Knowing such a big ruckus happens with these robbers here, the cops will surely send a SWAT team and some snipers here, no? Man, I’m pretty sure those cops would soon speak from a megaphone outside, shouting; ‘You’ve been surrounded… blah… blah… blah…’”

Right as I thought about it, then came a voice from a megaphone outside, “All robbers inside, you’ve been surrounded . Put your weapons down and come out now, and you’ll be treated leniently!”

The robbers’ leader then said, “Heizi, come here and tie up these bags . I’ll go out and talk to the cops . ” Then, he went to the door, pointing his gun at a man squatting at the door and shouted, “YOU! STAND UP!”

“Bi-Big Brother, I-I… I have an 80-year-old mother, and I have…”

“Stop spouting fucking nonsense! Do you think this is a movie? Don’t tell me that line, else this father will kill you!”



The robbers’ leader straightly shot the young man with a row of bullets as an answer! The young fella incredulously looked down at his chest, and then fell down…

“IF YOU DARE SHOOT ME THEN MY BROTHERS WILL FUCKING KILL ALL THE HOSTAGES AT ONCE!” The robbers’ leader stood at the door and said again, “We can’t fucking run anyways . But dragging dozens of people with us is still worth it . Do NOT throw your fucking trick at me nor do you try to tempt my limited patience! Do as I fucking told you, else I will kill someone every three minutes!” After saying that, he leisurely walked back, because he knew perfectly well that the police did not dare shoot .

Another person had died, and some women in the hall began to cry and sweat profusely came out of Xiaoling’s palm . I was, in fact, very restless and anxious as well . These robbers really did not mince what they said . They said they would kill and then people died . They treated people’s lives as though it was nothing . I was really worried that if the police did not do what they want, they would really kill a hostage every three minutes . I could not bear to just watch the hostages being killed, yet still, I didn’t dare to take action either .

I secretly observed the positions of these five ruthless criminals, racking my brains so as to figure out the odds of me winning if I took the risk to act .

In any case, the odds of me turning into a hornet’s nest were likely very high! I was really fucking dumb! I really had to blame my shitty big mouth in the morning when I gave Big Sis a holiday! Else, I would have been able to solve these ruthless bastards . One must know that Big Sis’s current cultivation was quite great . she could directly possess and control a person’s body . As long as she possessed the leader of these robbers and with my cooperation, we could easily fix these bastards in no time .

Three minutes passed in the blink of an eye, and the police had yet to withdraw .

The gang leader looked at his watch and took up his submachine gun . As gunshots burst out, a woman next to me was shot and fell into a pool of her own blood .

He then ordered a middle-aged man, “Drag this bitch out and show her corpse to those cops . Do fucking tell them this father was not fucking joking just now!”

The middle-aged man was aware of the circumstances . He did not say a word at all as he stood up and then dragged the dead woman toward the door .

I cursed the police inwardly . They knew these damned robbers would kill people without batting an eye, so why the hell did not act yet?

Finally, after the police saw another person had died, a voice through megaphone shouted, “ALRIGHT! WE WILL WITHDRAW, BUT STOP KILLING HOSTAGES!”



… …

Ultimately, the police withdrew .

Five robbers brought out six bags as their leader then pointed to the direction of I and Xu Xiaoling, as he said, “YOU! Come here!”

I was afraid that the pointed at Sis Xiaoling, so I took the initiative to stand up and walked toward him . He then picked another man and a woman as hostages, dragging us out with them!

Right as I stepped out of the bank’s entrance, I could hear two faint-clicking sounds as two robbers had their heads forced upward . Bullets had just hit their skulls! There were only two snipers?! But those snipers could not kill these five robbers at the same time, meaning they were ready to sacrifice three hostages?!!

There was no way I could hide and stay still anymore! I bent down quickly and elbowed the temple of the robber behind me!

The man was staring in a daze at his dead companion, so my elbow perfectly hit him straight in the temple! With my powerful strength, I was certain that I could send someone to his death if I fully used my strength to hit his temple with my elbow! Hence, I tried my best to not exert my full strength to knock him out and not to kill him! These guys might be robbers, but I still could not kill people! My elbow struck him stunned and disoriented, as I snatched the chance to grab a submachine gun from his hands!

My series of actions took only a second or so, but definitely not more than 2 seconds!

Before the other two robbers could react, I grabbed the hair of one of them and forcefully pulled him down!

He fell down and grunted in pain as I lifted my knee and hit him in the head, followed by kicking the submachine gun in his hands away . Finally, I pointed the gun at the robbers’ leader and shouted, “PUT THE GUN DOWN! YOU’VE LOST!”

But the robber leader just aimed his gun at the woman hostage . He looked up and laughed twice, “HAHAHA! I really didn’t expect this . Not for one-in-a-million-chance did I ever think that the cops would sacrifice three hostages! Those movies with cops and bandits are all fucking fake! HAHAHA… what’s more, I never expected you’d have such a good skill either . I knew it . I should’ve fucking killed you first…”

“Just put your gun down . You have no choice left!”

The robber leader nodded, “Yes . I have no choice left! It’s a dead end and I’ll be caught . But nothing is better than dragging some others to die with me before dying!” Right as he spoke, his fingers moved slightly, aiming to shoot the woman hostage .

With swift movement and response, I grabbed his wrist lightning fast and broke it! The woman hostage screamed but the series of bullets were shot upward to the sky!

I quickly sent my elbow to his head, grabbed a submachine gun in his hands and knocked him down to the ground .

My heart was pounding hard after having done all of this!

Everything that happened might look simple and easy but truth was, they were not! I would’ve turned into a hornet’s nest had there been the slightest miscalculation! Fortunately, right as the snipers killed the first two, the other bandits had their eyes on their body, giving me a chance to act! Else, if I were to move before the shot, however fast and agile I was, I could never be faster than the speed of their bullets .

Hearing the gunshots, Sis Xiaoling ran outside! When she saw nothing happen to me, she threw herself into my arms and cried, “Xiaolong, I was really scared to death just now…”

I stroked her back gently, “It’s alright now . Don’t be afraid . Everything’s over now . Besides, don’t you already know my abilities?”

Finally, the police came and surrounded us . They took away the three alive robbers, but all of them fainted . They also took me away to the police station to record my statement along with Sis Xiaoling .

Fortunately, I had acquaintances in the Public Security Bureau, that old cop, Officer Chen . He invited me to his office, poured a glass of water for me and said, “It’s really a small world, don’t you think so, Xiaolong? I never thought I would meet you again . ”

I just let out a wry, bitter smile and replied, “But I really don’t want to meet you here, you know . ”

“Hahaha! That’s fine, though . Anyways, I heard you knocked down three armed robbers barehanded, eh? That was amazing! Heroes do really come among the youth . By the way… Xiaolong… can you find the ghosts of those two robbers?” Asked Old Chen in a whisper .

“Huh? Why? Ain’t there three others who are still alive…”


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