Chapter 209

Chapter 209: The Counterattack (2)

“What, you can’t do it?” 

“E-Erm… A-Actually… This bastard… Yeah… What happened was…”

“Don’t tell me, you still haven’t gained control over the item?” Kang Chul-In narrowed his eyes and glanced at Kwak Jung .  

“…” Kwak Jung remained silent .  

If the White Rain Fan had an ego like Kaiforce or Mitra, he could have gotten away with an excuse . Unfortunately, Kwak Jung simply lacked the skills to master the item .

“I got backstabbed . ”


“Remember the fight with the bone dragon…” 

Kwak Jung briefly explained how during his battle with the bone dragon, the White Rain Fan caused him a lot of trouble .  

“Well, that’s understandable . ” 

“Your Majesty?” 

Kang Chul-In nodded and agreed . Kwak Jung felt relieved, as he was expecting quite a scolding .  

“Just do it . ”


“Are you just going to give up?” 

“T-That’s not true… . ”

“I would have let you off under normal circumstances but look at the situation now . ” 

Kang Chul-In pointed at the warzone .  


“Do not retreat!” 

“Endure no matter what it takes!!!” 

Indeed, the soldiers of Laputa were caught by surprise when they first encountered the Igniters . Nonetheless, these brave men continued to hold their ground .  


“Glory to Deathwin!”

“Mortals… Come to the underworld…”

Enemy reinforcements were about to arrive .  

At this rate, the whole of the Laputan army could possibly be annihilated .  

“Ah… . ”

“Well then, I’m counting on you . ” Kang Chul-In tapped Kwak Jung on the shoulders and walked away .  

“Y-Your Majesty?”

“I will do my duty . You do yours . ” 


“Catch you later . ” Kang Chul-In told Kwak Jung and hopped onto the Altaica .  

It was a critical moment .  

Now was the time for Kang Chul-In to join the battle and destroy the enemy forces .  


“My proud undead soldiers!” Quidor, riding on his phantom steed, raised his halberd high up in the air .  


Two thousand phantom steeds cried and huffed simultaneously .  

The Immortal Cavalry!

Comprising of undead monsters and the phantom Steeds, the Cavalry boasted an unbelievable amount of mobility and power . It dominated the battlefield .  

“Let’s carve fear into the hearts of those foolish mortals!!” The Immortal Cavalry’s cry signaled the beginning of its charge .  


Two thousand undead soldiers on phantom steeds slid down the steep slope, rushing straight towards the Laputan soldiers . A mere mortal could never achieve that mobility .  

At that instant, 


A brilliant white light shone across the battlefield .  


An enormous tiger leaped out from the Laputa’s base, obstructing the Immortal Cavalry’s path .  

“Come, you trash . ” Kang Chul-In, riding on the Godbeast Altaica, gave a chilling smile . He was holding firmly his Holy Light Sword, Mitra .  

“Y-Your Majesty!”

“His Majesty has arrived!” 

“Hold your grounds! His Majesty has arrived!” 

“We shall emerge victorious!” 

The morale of the Laputan soldiers were at an all-time high, almost as if it could pierce through the sky .  

To the soldiers of Laputa, Kang Chul-In was none other than the unbeatable God of War himself . The level of idolization was almost akin to a religion .

“Kang Chul-In!”

Quidor identified Kang Chul-In in one glance and bellowed .  

“To fight the Immortal Cavalry all by yourself!? Do you really think you can survive with that audacity!? Now, my undead soldiers, show that foolish man the power of the immortals!”

Immediately, the Immortal Cavalry rushed straight towards Kang Chul-In . The soldiers planned to trample on him to the point where he became unrecognizable .  

Oi, you narrow-minded bitch .

 Kang Chul-In spoke to Mitra .  

-N-Narrow-minded! Isn’t that a bit too harsh?

Mitra protested as her ego was insulted .  

Work .

 Kang Chul-In couldn’t care less about Mitra’s feelings . He just wanted her to use her Holy Sword powers .  

It didn’t matter whether those skeletons were fire-type or not . Mitra’s Extreme Light-Element could give them a taste of hell .   

-I can’t do that!

Mitra, however, seemed unwilling to simply follow Kang Chul-In’s commands .  


-My Master, you may be an ambitious tyrant, but you are certainly no altruist . I can’t lend my light powers to such a person! 

You still plan to go by the book even in a situation like this?

-Those words won’t change my mind . This war exists solely for your own ambition after all .  

Mitra was adamant .  

You stubborn bitch .  

Kang Chul-In also had something to say .  


Remember the battle with Kaiforce? 

- . . .

You removed the penalties and used my strength to the fullest, and now you are pretending that nothing happened? Talk about double standards… If you plan to be so calculative, I don’t see the point of that saint cosplay of yours .

-T-That was…!

Mitra couldn’t let out a word of excuse .  

He was right .  

Didn’t Mitra push him to the extreme during their battle with Kaiforce? 

You wouldn’t have been half as annoying without that façade of yours…

Kang Chul-In decided to toss a powerful comment to Mitra .  

Kaiforce was better after all .  


He may have been an arrogant and rude bastard, but at least he was genuine . He was no hypocrite like…


The response was immediate .  

-Please withdraw your statement! 

Why should I? I’m just speaking the truth .  

-I’m vastly different from Kaiforce, that evil existence! 

Not true, Kaiforce is better .  


Mitra-screamed .  

Although Kaiforce had already vanished, Mitra could not stand being rated so poorly against her rival .  

Look at the enemy .  

Kang Chul-In smiled inwardly and pointed at the battlefield .  

Aren’t they undead monsters? If you proudly hold that Holy Sword title of yours, isn’t it your duty to fight against them? Worst come to worst, if the undead monsters take over the whole of Pangaea, are you going to take responsibility?


A Holy Sword that leaves the dark and evil existences alone… Neglection of duty indeed . What a lazy Holy Sword .  

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back .  

-My duty… I will do it .  

Mitra replied in a solemn voice .  

Took you long enough? 

-I-It’s not that I was shaken by your words! I just want to pay off the debt from last time!

Seems like you have a bit of conscience remaining after all .  

-Hmph! I won’t reply to that!

With that, Mitra could no longer be heard . Instead, 

[The penalty, Refusal of Malice, has been removed!]

Mitra’s body began to be wrapped around in flames, just like when she faced the bone dragon last time . It was as if she was shouting, “I’m stronger than Kaiforce!”

“Excellent . ” Kang Chul-In let out a satisfied expression .  


Meanwhile, Quidor’s Immortal Cavalry was on the brink of reaching Kang Chul-In .  


Mitra’s special move, ‘Sword Wind of the Light Sword’, rained down on the incoming enemy soldiers .  


The five undead soldiers on the frontline collapsed with a sharp screech . The impact was tremendous .

“No way…”

Quidor, who witnessed, or to be exact, felt Mitra's power, was shaken to the core .  

That was just unbalanced .  

A sword with not only a light attribute, but also an epic rank to top it off? That was one of the rarest of items .  

The fact that Kang Chul-In yielded that kind of item was already a death sentence to the Quidor and the undead soldiers .  

“Dead people should know their place . ”

Kang Chul-In said with a grin .

“Get lost in your graves!” 

Immediately, Kang Chul-In started to cut down the Immortal Cavalry at an explosive speed .  

“Ignore everything else, just stop that man!”

The anxious Quidor ordered his men to focus their attacks onto Kang Chul-In . He planned to suppress him with numbers .  

Kang Chul-In, however, was not alone .  

He possessed an army of undead knights who were stronger than the Immortal Cavalry .  

“Summon the ghosts!” Kang Chul-In activated the bracelet, Owner of the Ghosts, on his wrist .  


A dark silhouette started to whirl .


Ghost knights, who were higher level units than death knights, made their appearance .  

“S-specter knights?”

Quidor was shocked for the second time in a row .  

It was impossible .  

How could a non-necromancer even get hold of high-class undead monsters like the specter knights?

Or was Kang Chul-In secretly a necromancer? 

“Annihilate those low-class bastards!” 

Kang Chul-In used the specter knights to demolish the Immortal Cavalry .  

“Steal the phantom steeds, too!” 

He even looted them of war trophies .  

Kang Chul-In needed the phantom steeds anyways, so he was thankful that the enemy flocked in the battlefield with what he wanted .


A specter knight’s sword slashed through the armor of a soldier from the Immortal Cavalry .  


The soldier collapsed, and the specter knight snatched the ownerless phantom steed’s rein .  

[Phantom Steed acquired!]

[+40% mobility and +30% attack for Specter Knight No . 007!] 

“Oho . ” Kang Chul-In grinned from ear to ear .  

Even he himself never expected the combination of a specter knight and a phantom steed to be so powerful .  

[+40% mobility and +30% attack for Specter Knight No . 031!] 

[+40% mobility and +30% attack for Specter Knight No . 016!] 

[+40% mobility and +30% attack for Specter Knight No . 010!] 

The other specter knights also enjoyed the increased benefits from stealing the phantom steeds .  

“This is preposterous!” Quidor shouted in disbelief .  

The Light Sword Mitra .  

Specter knights .  

He could not comprehend the situation happening before his very eyes .  

What if it rained now, to top everything off? 

What would happen if the Igniters on the frontline had their fire extinguished? 

That would never happen .  

Quidor shook his head .  

There was no chance for rain to fall .  

If it actually did rain, it only meant that God was not on Deathwin’s side .  

If the Immortal Cavalry manages to stop Kang Chul-In, the Igniters will take care of the re-

Quidor’s train of thought was interrupted .  

Drip .

Drip, drip!

Raindrops started to fall on Quidor’s armor, drenching him .  

“…” Quidor stared blankly at the sky .  

“Is it actually…raining?”

Black thunder clouds were gathering in the sky at a tremendous speed .  


5 minutes ago, 

“Arrrggggghh!” Kwak Jung screamed .  

Pzzt, Pzzzztt!

An incredible amount of electricity was being released from the White Rain Fan .  

It was a clear sign of rejection, proving that Kwak Jung and the White Rain Fan were not a good combination together .

“Tactician Kwak!”

“Are you alright?” 

Several surprised soldiers rushed to help Kwak Jung, but he did not want any help .  

“Move aside!” Kwak Jung barked, stopping the soldiers .  

“D-Don’t come… Near…” Kwak Jung clenched his teeth .  

Let’s see who wins… Who indeed… .

He was fighting with the White Rain Fan .  

It wasn’t an easy battle .  

The White Rain Fan dared to continue unleashing electricity to attack its master . Kwak Jung had to use all his might to subjugate this item .  


Kwak Jung forced his own mana into the White Rain Fan .  

Pzzt, Pzzztttt!

That only caused the item to release a higher voltage of electricity than before to electrocute Kwak Jung .  

“Hueh… Hueh Hueh Hueh…!” Kwak Jung did not succumb .  

“You think… you think I will lose to this? Huh? You cheeky bastard? It’s no use, so how about you be a good fan and summon the rain for me?” 

He let out a mad man’s laughter .  

It showed his firm will to take control of the White Ran Fain .  

“Summon… the rain…! You damn… damn bastarddddd!” Kwak Jung screamed and injected all his mana into the White Rain Fan . He wanted this to end .  

A bit of time passed .  


Finally, a greyish air current swirled around the White Rain Fan and shot up into the sky .  

Drip .


Raindrops began to fall from the black thunderclouds .


Bolts of lightning lit up the sky .  

Crack, Boom!

Roars of thunder could also be heard .  


A heavy rain began to fall with strong winds .  

This was the true power of the White Rain Fan, an epic item!

“Huk… Huk…”

Kwak Jung’s shoulders bounced up and down as he gasped for air .  

“S-Success… Hehehe…”

Kwak Jung smiled faintly and mumbled .  


He then collapsed onto the floor .  

He was extremely fatigued .  


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