Chapter 241

Chapter 241: There Is No Time For Rest

“...Why are you laughing?”

Kang Chul-In asked, his face stiffening.

“What, it’s funny! Kuku…”


“How are you so bad at talking like this?”

Lee Chae-Rin asked, still laughing.


“I’ve heard from rumors that Mr. Chul-In was supposed to be good at talking… I’ve heard that you’ve made your opponents grab the back of their necks in anger…”



Lee Chae-Rin continued talking.

“But for someone that’s rumored to be good with their words… to say that you wouldn’t make me starve to death…”


“Isn’t that a little too lame?”

“It is?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“How so?”

“After all, Mr. Chul-In, you have a lot of money. I’ve heard that your house is super expensive and you have a bunch of super cars, too. Someone like that is saying that they won’t let me starve to death.”


“And even though you have a lot of places to spend money… for someone like me…”

What came afterwards was something that anyone could guess.

“I bought ten buildings, ten apartments, as well as five villas in Seoul.”

“...So rich.”

Kang Chul-In said, staring at Lee Chae-Rin as if he was jealous.

She was like a noble in Korea.

“Anyway, then…”

Just as Kang Chul-In was about to speak again.


Lee Chae-Rin shook her head.

“I only want one thing from you.”


“Please, don’t die.”


“No matter what happens.”

She spoke, with emotion dripping from her words.

To not die.

That was the only thing that Lee Chae-Rin wanted from Kang Chul-In. 

“Looks like little sister has a lot of worries.”

The person who answered wasn’t Kang Chul-In.

“Why are you worrying about that like an idiot?”


“You don’t need to worry about things like that. After all, our husband is invincible! That’s a pointless thing to worry about.”

Ninetails spoke, tapping Lee Chae-Rin’s shoulder.

“B-Big sis…”

Lee Chae-Rin was startled.


Kang Chul-In was also startled.


Because he also didn’t notice Ninetails approaching, which meant that there was a 100% chance that he had focused too much on Lee Chae-Rin’s words. Thus, he couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

“Don’t tell me… you saw everything?”



“Huh? Who cares? We’re all family.”

“...Even family doesn’t do that.”

Kang Chul-In said, shutting his eyes tight.

“B-Big sis…”

Lee Chae-Rin blushed.

“It’s fine. Let’s just stay happy with each other~!”

Saying that, Ninetails hugged Lee Chae-Rin. It was quite a touching scene.

I honestly don’t know how to react.

Looking at this, Kang Chul-In was quite moved, but also felt quite guilty at the same time. He started to ask himself whether it was really okay to have multiple wives.

As a South Korean and a man from earth, he had the same struggles as Lee Chae-Rin to accept it.


Kang Chul-In shook his head.

Now that it’s become like this, I’ll try my best.

Since things have come to this, the only thing he could do was take responsibility and try his best.

“Don’t worry.”

Kang Chul-In said, smiling.

“I won’t die. And… the two of you are my wives. I will become a husband that protects my wife, no matter what the circumstances are.”

It was a promise.

It also meant that Kang Chul-In’s heart was open to them.

“Mr. Chul-In!”


The two women smiled at Kang Chul-In, before immediately going to hug him.


Finally, Park Sun-Ja also fell.

“Mother, please say yes.”

Now that Kang Chul-In had come forth, too, she couldn’t refuse the marriage any longer.

At that moment…!

Park Sun-Ja recalled what the famed monk said to her.

“Looks like you’ll get a daughter-in-law soon.”


“You’ll know soon. Well then, I’m off. Kuku!”

She had thought that he meant that she would get one daughter-in-law, but it seemed that that wasn’t the case.

“I will live well, mother.”

“Son… do you really have to do this? People will point at you.”

“My life is already in the other world, mother.”


“I’m sure that you’ve also guessed that I can’t live ordinarily now.”

“Will you really be alright?”


“Even though people will speak about you?”

“Those lips that speak about me, and those fingers that point at me... I’m planning on destroying all of those.”

“You’re sure?”


“Do you have any regrets?”


“Well, then…”

Park Sun-Ja continued her words, staring at Lee Chae-Rin and Ninetails that were also sitting down.

Or rather, she tried to, but couldn’t.

“W-What on earth!?”

Park Sun-Ja suddenly fell backwards.


Kang Chul-In quickly helped his mother up.

“Are you alright?”


Ninetails and Lee Chae-Rin were also shocked.

“Mother, are you alright? Don’t tell me, you’re sick…”

“S-She’s a demon! S-She has a tail!”


“She’s a demon!”

Park Sun-Ja shouted, pointing at Ninetails.

“My son has been charmed by a demon!”


“Son, wake up! You’ve been charmed and brainwashed by a demon!”

It was obvious what had happened.

Happy and excited that Kang Chul-In’s mother was about to agree, Ninetails’ tails involuntarily revealed themselves.


It seemed like further explanation was required.


Beep, beep!

A message arrived at Laputa’s communication center.


Staring at the message, the soldier’s face froze.

This was what it said.

Sender: Gulveig Alliance

Receiver: All Lords


The Gulveig Alliance, made up of 9 territories in the North of Pangaea, will try our best to maintain peace within the Pangaea continent.

The Gulveig Alliance is opposed to Overlord Kang Chul-In’s violent and ruthless methods in taking out other Lords and conquering their territories.

We await the reply of other Lords that agree with us. The door to the Gulveig Alliance is always open.

Because of the 2nd statement above, the Gulveig Alliance will now declare war upon the ‘Axis of Darkness,’ that is, the Laputa territory!

The alliance leader of Gulveig,

Overlord Albrecht Vilhelm.

It was a shocking event.

9 territories, under the name of the Gulveig Alliance, had declared war on Kang Chul-In.


The leader of the Axis of Darkness, however, was busy explaining something to his mother.

“R-Really? So, Ninetails… or the fox-human race, is a race that emphasizes respect to their parents and the elderly?”

“Of course, mother-in-law!”

“Aha! I thought the Ninetails was something that came out in Korean folk…”

Saying that, Park Sun-Ja froze momentarily, and continued.

“But now that I think about it, it seems like even in Korean Folklore [1], Ninetails acted extremely well towards their husbands and mothers-in-law.”

What she said was true.

Even in Korean legends, Ninetails were often portrayed as characters that liked to act extremely nicely and well to their husbands and their mothers-in-law.

Even though in the end, Ninetails failed to become human and the romance between them and their husbands was tragically cut short, but that didn’t matter since Ninetails here had no intention of becoming human in the first place.

The most important thing, however…

“B-But, lady…”

Park Sun-Ja cautiously opened her mouth.

“Haha, not lady! You can speak comfortably to me, mother-in-law! I am your daughter-in-law, after all.”

“I-Is that so…? Anyway, but…”


“Then… how about children…?”


“Since you’re not the same race as my son… is… is ‘that’... possible?”

At that moment.


Kang Chul-In, who was watching from the side, nearly spat out his drink.


But it seemed like Ninetails wasn’t fazed at all.

“Don’t worry, there’s no problem!”

Ding dong!

At that moment, a way to escape this awkward situation presented itself to Kang Chul-In, as the doorbell rang.

“I’ll go outside.”

Kang Chul-In quickly grasped this opportunity and left towards the entrance.

-Milord, it’s me!

Kwak Jung’s voice could be heard from the interphone.

“Ha, seems like he’s finally bought it.”

Kang Chul-In smirked, staring at the silhouette of a red car. It was obviously the Ferrari that Kwak Jung had wanted so badly. 


As soon as the door opened, Kwak Jung rushed in with a frantic expression.

“What is it?”

“T-Trouble, sire!”

“Trouble? What, did that Vilhelm bastard decide to fight against me or something? With his group?”

“Eh? How did you know, sire?”


At that moment, silence descended.

“For real?”

“Yes, sire.”

“Is it the Gulveig Alliance?”

“You knew that too, sire?”


“Anyway, I think that we’ll have to return quickly.”

Looking at Kwak Jung’s expression, it seemed as if the situation was quite dire.

So, war when it’s almost winter…? It seems like they want to play the long game.

“Let’s go immediately.”

“We still have one or two days of…”

“No, we leave immediately.”

Kang Chul-In quickly moved.

Ah, this is 100 times better.

The reason his footsteps were so fast was because this was a great excuse to escape from the awkward situation that he was in right now.


Kang Chul-In suddenly stopped.

“Who’s the general for the other side?”

“We’re not sure yet, sir.”

Kwak Jung answered.

“From the rumors, they say that it was someone who was wearing some white armor…”

“Oh, so it’s him then?”

Kang Chul-In smirked.


Staring at Kang Chul-In’s expression, Kwak Jung froze and shivered. That was how terrifying Kang Chul-In’s expression was.

There was an explanation for his current expression.

The person wearing that white armor was the owner of the ‘Sonic Ring’, which was also part of the Trinity Impact along with Kang Chul-In’s ‘Overpower Bracelet’.

Grand Sword Master!

This enemy was one that even Kang Chul-In couldn’t guarantee his victory against!



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