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Chapter 114

Luo Xun was in a daze while Zhang Yi took the opportunity to sit down . The people at the table had already heard the gossip, the beauty actually ran to this table to steal food?

When the chopsticks had flashed out for the tenth time, the people returned to attention and joined the food war . At the same time, they kept an ear on Luo Xun and the woman who came to find a man .

Zhu Hong froze after realizing her mistake and giggled . She learned that Yan Fei’s face was not inferior to Zhang Yi’s . Light shone from her eyes as she pointed at Yan Fei, “You are top!” Then she looked at Luo Xun with an even brighter gaze, “You are bottom!”

Luo Xun subconsciously took a step back while Yan Fei hugged tighter . The pair suddenly realized who this woman was – the legendary female friend of Zhang Yi . She had sent him a lot of metal materials, a second generation rotten sister on base .

A rotten girl, this kind of creature, seeing one in person was far more lethal than hearsay…

Yan Fei was far more experienced at speaking with fanatical women . He adjusted his expression and asked, “Miss Zhu is…looking for a fake boyfriend?”

Zhu Hong had just remembered the matter herself and nodded repeatedly with shiny eyes .

Yan Fei paused and his face was filled with regret . “Really sorry, but we cannot help, it’s not easy for the two of us to be together, if there is any scandal…”

He had not finished and left blanks for people to fill with their imagination, not to mention the target of women like Zhu Hong?

She nodded once and understood the pair’s difficulty . “Rest assured! I would never do anything like that! I just want to borrow someone single, secure and no worries…”

To borrow and man with those three characteristics?

This…was a young maiden after all! Alive, young! Young lady with a body of eight or nine points!

The table of men fighting with Zhang Yi over food all stopped, straightened their backs and hated that they could not have a life with the sister…and if feelings developed…*cough, cough*

Thinking about it – well the men were considering offering themselves .

“We…cannot say…” Luo Xun hesitantly looked around the table .

There were members of the metal team, but they did not know the rest of the people! Even if they were members of the metal team, they might not be a good match .

He turned his gaze over to Captain Guo for help .

Captain Guo laughed and pointed at the girl . “Stop dreaming! Do you know who this is? The daughter of Third Army Chief Zhu, if found out by her old man…How many lives do you think you have?”

Yan Fei raised a brow and looked at Zhu Hong in surprise – a coincidence?

Some things were not so coincidental . The lady who needed help was from the same family that his father had said was recruiting a son-in-law . Who knew it was the same woman that Zhang Yi had met .

Hearing Captain Guo’s words, Zhu Hong angrily placed her hands on her hips, “You think I am stupid?! Looking for help and hurting someone else?”

Captain Guo smiled at her childlike appearance . “Uppity child, you know your father, otherwise why would you find independent aid?”

Zhu Hong angrily raised her chin . “Self righteous heterosexuals think others are just as competent as themselves!”

… .


All the men at the table had twisted expressions, even Luo Xun and Yan Fei . After all, they had been part of the heterosexual group before the apocalypse and meeting . Well Luo Xun had been in the past .

Zhang Yi had eaten his fill of two tables worth of meat dishes . He put down his chopsticks provocatively leaned against the table . This once again attracted the attention of soldiers soo to leave the heterosexual category .

“I say, no one caught your eye? I have no other way, not everyone on the team is here today . ”

Due to Captain Guo’s previous words, no one dared follow after Zhu Hong . In case they annoyed the higher ups…they would lose their lives .

The previous excitement was all gone, the people at the table were silent and dared not even look at Zhu Hong .

Zhu Hong looked at the crowd and stomped her foot while pointing at Captain Guo . “If it wasn’t for his nonsense, I would have found someone to help!”

Zhang Yi shrugged, “Then bring him and put him in charge?”

He turned to Luo Xun while ignoring Zhu Hong’s “Old, ugly, crusty veteran . ”

“I ate my fill, you? I’m going back, there’s nothing else anyway . ”

Luo Xun froze and turned, “You ate your fill? We have not…” He looked at the messy table .

Zhang Yi innocently spread his arms, “I did nothing . ”

The people at the table silent stared at him, this person was clearly so beautiful, but spoke and acted so shamelessly?!

Yan Fei patted the sad yet expressionless Luo Xun . Fortunately he had harvested some extra canteen meal tickets, or he was afraid that Luo Xun would boil Zhang Yi alive .

He looked at Captain Guo and Zhu Hong who were arguing . “If there is nothing going on, we will go back first . ”

There was not much to celebrate at the feast, many people walked around the tables and toasted each other . Other then some team tables, most had no rules to follow . Captain Guo waved at the pair and continued glaring at Zhu Hong . Unaware that he had also chased away Zhang Yi who had provoked the incident .

“Ah, I am so full today . ” Zhang Yi was melancholic as he propped a slender, jade hand against his waist .

The hungry Luo Xun ground his teeth . “When we kill the quail this autumn, don’t even think of getting a portion!” Why couldn’t the Otaku squad have a meal together without drama like other teams? It was because of this shameless person!

Zhang Yi gave an indifferent smile . “No problem, Wang Duo’s portion will be enough . ” Anyway, he would worry about what he was not able to eat .

Luo Xun continued to grind his teeth . “Having not eaten meat for a long time, be careful not to throw up tonight!”

Zhang Yi’s peach blossom eyes lit up with a smile . “That is convenient, after evening exercise I have clean myself up anyways . ”

………… .

It was a miracle that some people were shameless up to this point .

The group of three silently headed towards the gate . On the way over, someone wearing a white coat had apparently drunk too much and accidentally bumped into Yan Fei . “So…sorry about that…”

Yan Fei just shook his head and pushed Luo Xun along . While leaving the square, Zhang Yi asked the two, “You knew that old man just now . ”

It was a statement, after all, the pair’s action was obvious .

Luo Xun helplessly answered the rhetorical question . “Didn’t you pay attention during the ceremony? He was the first researcher to receive an award . ”

Zhang Yi shook his head . “Didn’t look . ” Plus, it was an old man, why would he pay attention? He would rather focus on the meat distributed along the tables .

Luo Xun looked back at the square in the distance and sighed, “His surname Xu, he created a ‘special weapon’ . It played a decisive role in defense during the siege, even could say it reversed the battle situation . ”

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow . “You’re saying…”

Luo Xun nodded, “It was the ‘water guns’ that Li Tie and the others used . ”

The main entrance had been surrounded by a large number of zombies that needed to be defeated .

The number of zombies was rather large, so a large number of hot weapons were needed to strengthen the defense . According to Li Tie and the others, they saw soldiers using a water gun-like weapon and had an effect identical to the mushroom juice at home .

Zhang Yi sneered at the road, “Oh the expert who told that the mushrooms could not be planted~” Taking the results found by others, telling the other party to destroy this lethal weapon, and then reporting the results as their own, *Tch*

Luo Xun was not angry, was this kind of thing not normal? “The mushrooms were quite dangerous . ” He waved a hand . “Him not trying to silence us was kind . ”

Zhang Yi deliberately clicked his tongue twice, “How many meal tickets was that prize ah~”

“…Don’t think you can have an quail this autumn!”

They left the barracks when the sky was dark . Yan Fei was the driver, Zhang Yi in the back and Luo Xun in the passenger seat checked out the awards . The base had been very generous, Zhang Yi got a number of level three crystal nuclei while Yan Fei and Luo Xun got a smaller crystal award (since they had already received a portion) . However the couple got ten rolls of meal tickets! Each!!

“Meal ticket!” Luo Xun excitedly lifted the roll but Zhang Yi poured cold water on him .

“Don’t look forward to it, they sent out quite a lot of meal tickets . I suspect in the next month, the canteen levels will definitely decline . ”

Luo Xun was speechless as he stared at the one who had shamelessly eaten all the meat dishes tonight .

Yan Fei interrupted . “I have risen to level three . Now that there are also level three crystals, I suggest we find a way to exchange for some . The others should be able to upgrade as well . ”


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