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Chapter 193

The two unknown animals were near the farmland for a while but after the team went to sleep and woke up the next morning, they were nowhere to be seen . Plus, everyone just brought back a bunch of stuff to deal with, who had time to spy for mutant animals?

Since they came back relatively late yesterday, the team woke up around eleven o’clock in the morning . They quickly ate brunch, wiped their mouths and walked down to the basement .

Yan Fei had already ventilated the boxes of crops so that none died . The metal shelves were controlled by Yan Fei who placed them on a cart while the others pushed them into the planting rooms .

Although there were many kinds of crops planted in their homes, they were small compared to their current layers . But they could be set aside into the open space, after some watering they would continue growing .

The afternoon was filled with busy work . After putting together the shelves that were filled with mushroom wood, the plants would grow normally .

“This batch of wheat and rice can be harvested in around a month . ”

The team had finally finished the most important tasks and even brought back the goods from the car . They sat in the kitchen and had a short meeting while waiting for dinner to be prepared .

Luo Xun thought for a moment before continuing, “First get the crops set up then pack up the rest in two days . We’ll see what is useful and missing . The next few times we leave, we fix the lack of metal, furniture, glass and so on . ”

They had brought quite a number of life necessities but if they wanted to live here comfortably for a long time, they were bound to need a lot of things . There was the original furniture along with items from Luo Xun’s home and Yan Fei’s metal replacements . Now that the place was set for habitation, it would take a lot of materials to fill up .

Yan Fei’s powers were easy to use but they could not let him to everything . Especially since certain things made of metal were not as convenient .

Of course during the move Luo Xun was not able to bring their sofa and tables but they had brought the king size bed . Although the decorations in the house were from the past owners, the furniture had been his . The only piece of furniture not for convenience was the bed so he would bring it with him .

Hearing Luo Xun say so, the others also had a list on hand for when they were searching for supplies .

This time when they went back to base they checked the military server and got a lot of data . They were able to check the distance to various items .

“What are going to do this time?” After washing, the two men moved their bed and discussed the matter while wrapped in a soft quilt .

Luo Xun thought, “First get metal . There are some nearby towns where we should be able to get some and electronic appliances . ”

Their place had several freezers but these things could be broken if left to the elements, it would be safer to have spares . And air conditioning…now that the weather had started to warm up, the days would get hotter . The rooms had units but several are broken…”

Listening to Luo Xun ramble in his ear about required items, renovations and so on, Yan Fei who had started the conversation realized – the baby and dog had already fallen asleep while he was in a comfortable bed awake . He turned over and blocked Luo Xun’s mouth, if there was something to say, do it tomorrow, it was time to sleep!

A group of more than ten people, including the baby and dog took things back into the rooms . The first floor of the hall, the public storage space was useless for the time being .

It took two full days to put everything in order, set the watering frequency, amount and daily sunshine . The group repeatedly checked and strengthened the doors and windows before driving the car through the tunnel towards their destination .

The team had quite a few things and crops . These past few days Luo Xun had gathered the seedlings and was ready to plant them . Therefore in addition to metal, they needed to bring back wood to fill up the metal shelves underneath .

There were many places that needed alterations, more supplies and energy to make their home as comfortable as possible .

Luo Xun selected a road next to a railway track not far from their current base . There were few surrounding buildings so they should not encounter any danger .

When he went out, the rest made sure to observe their surroundings . After confirming there were no wolves around, they breathed a sigh of relief and continued .

Because the distance was not far, they would be able to quickly return . Along the road all kinds of trees had been planted before the end, more than half were dead while the rest had sprouted or blossomed colorful flowers .

Luo Xun made a note of the tree distribution as they traversed the road . They arrived at their destination in around three hours, there was no pressure to make the journey within a day . As a result of Yan Fei’s level, they did not have to approach the buildings, he could gather the materials at a distance .

“On the way over, I saw a bunch of peach and pear trees planted on the road, we should come back and get a hold of these trees . ” Luo Xun pointed .

These fruit trees did not live for long, at most only a few years . But as long as they transplanted one, they might have access to more fruit this year! After a year or two it would be rich in fruit .

“All right, all right! Fruit to eat!” The team’s eyes lit up .

Although there were some saplings in Luo Xun’s home, since space, height and time was limited, they could only grow berries and vines such as strawberries and watermelon . Last year the lemon had blossomed but it was sour and used to supplement vitamins .

Now if they could get more kinds of fruit planted inside the base…everyone started to drool at the thought of a future filled with delicious fruit .

The metal was soon taken care of; two metal balls rolling beside them along with metal trailers towed by the cars .

After the team was finished, they continued along the road with at least half the dead trees, enough to fill the empty space . There was also Yu Xinran with the power to turn any mud into earth so pulling out trees was simple .

It was only when they reached the peach and pear trees that Luo Xun realized that the orchard also had some apple and cherry trees . Because of the climate, the trees had flowered later . Luo Xun found the flowers had just bloomed and buds were forming on the branches .

Exiting the car, Luo Xun carefully observed the orchard and confirmed that there were no traces of mutant plants . He patted a trunk, “Do not bring back too many . Back at base we can plant these things inside a shed . Seven of eight should be enough for now .

Anyways, the fruit trees would not run . As for being cut down for firewood…it was a long way from base and even if people came the withered wood would be more appealing than live trees .

Luo Xun chose one of each type, he was not sure what kind of fruit would be produced after mutation . Since there two kinds of mutations benign and malignant, he could not guarantee that the seemingly normal fruits would stay safe . It would be a shame to bring back a tree only to learn that the fruit could not be eaten .


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