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Chapter 195

Obviously He Qiankun had not just called Luo Xun, he also called Xu Mei, Yan Fei and the others to enter their room with computers .

They looked at the image He Qiankun deliberately left, a dense mass of black, like a surging river flowing over the earth .

“…What is it?” Everyone was confused for a moment, the white was obviously snow, but were the black parts?

He Qiankun silently scrolled to enlarge the picture . Luo Xun realized it was a satellite photo when he noticed the numbers in the corner . When the image was magnified, the team was silent, “Zombie wave?”

He Qiankun nodded and turned to the team and revealed another picture and document . “I got these back when we returned to base . I thought of finding some more important information and as a result found these . ”

He cleared his throat and pointed at the document, “Didn’t we wonder where the zombies passing by had gone? They all…went abroad . ”

Yes, gone abroad .

In the beginning, the zombie wave passing by went westward through A-city, past the desert, out of Asia through the Middle East towards the European continent…

The crowd looked at the screen in shock, not understanding the meaning of the sentence .

“Are there any other zombie waves?” Luo Xun was the first to regain his composure, while it seemed true that something was commanding the zombies, he was more afraid of humans . Even if there were intelligent zombies, they were still zombies with a certain behavioral pattern .

“Yes, but the scale is both big and small!” He Qiankun was excited, he immediately brought out a few other documents . “The people at base were gathering some information, some analysis reports but had not consolidated them…”

He opened a few more photos . “This shows zombies in the south, fewer than those that passed us but now few . In addition, there were some more scattered around…if it had been winter with snow everywhere it would have been difficult to see them moving around . This was supposed to be a southern base being sieged, and this one in India…there’s no snow and there are zombies everywhere! A higher density than in our country!”

The photos were more fragmented, the data was related to the western side . There were base reports, messages and files mixed in occasionally . Luo Xun and even He Qiankun were dizzy looking at the information and complained, “They did not find special data to integrate so they just stuffed all the information inside . Wu Xin and I have spent a lot of time on it…”

Luo Xun pondered then suddenly asked, “These documents, can we not build our own machine to receive it?”

There was a satellite receiver on the roof, although it was used for television . Li Tie had checked to make sure it was functional but they were not sure if it could receive military signals .

The group froze, Li Tie slapped his thigh . “It can! Yes! We know the military’s signal waves . The issue would be with the direction and encryption…” The experts huddled together to discuss the problem .

Yan Fei also added, “As I long as I can analyze it, the materials will be easy to make, I’ll go check in a moment . ” He looked at Luo Xun, “You’re going to use it to monitor the zombie wave?”

Luo Xun understood his underlying meaning and laughed, “We can deal with small waves, but if there is a large body of zombies nearby, we won’t be able to stray too far from base . It’s important for us to notice them in advance . ”

The messages they received were stolen from the military database, which in itself was second hand information . Who knew how many days had passed since the information was collected . If they could receive the signals at home, obviously they would do so .

With that, he patted on someone’s shoulder, “If we receive these signals, will the base be discovered?”

The others discussed and Li Tie shook his head . “There should be no problem . We know that many other bases are communicating through satellite signals and receiving messages . There were devices that continued to function even after the end of the world . As long as there is communication, there will be no problems . ”

Luo Xun put down his worry . “This is good . The matter is not too urgent right now . For now the zombie wave won’t get to us . As long as we do not provoke a concentrated area, they might not attack . It would be nice if we could draw a few and deal with them each day . ”

After discussing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief; their biggest worry was not standing against a huge zombie wave . Or what if they encountered a horde while outside? They would not be lucky every time with a huge tract of land with mutant plants . So being able to predict zombie movement was invaluable .

The plan had changed again, Yan Fei found that the equipment could be imitated with the metal at home . He immediately made some in a few sizes according to Li Tie’s specifications for study .

After that Yan Fei continued to reinforce the outer wall defenses . Luo Xun, Zhang Yi and Yu Xinran went down the metal tunnel in order to collect nuclei .

Xu Mei happily put away her large crystal core and grabbed Song Lingling to pack up . The former students were talking about satellite signals and decryption, everyone considerately left them to their devices . Well except Wang Duo, who was running errands .

After a whole day of work, when everyone had a meeting in the evening to show the results of their work with a short summary .

Xu Mei started, “Our things are too many and random, we only ordered the bottles and cans, Luo Xun’s pickle jars are also ready . We hung up the curtains but we don’t have enough in order to cover the second floor . These things are low priority, we can do a little each time we come back, not to mention we still have to do some renovation . ”

Yan Fei was still dissatisfied with the amount of metal . “The volume will be reduced by two-thirds after refining the metal . There are still the basements and walls that need treatment . We definitely do not have enough metal . I estimate the road we went yesterday won’t be enough which does not count the metal needed for plumbing . ”

After that Li Tie had good news about the satellite signals . “This afternoon we worked out a way to get signals using the receiver . ” He raised a hand to stave off cheers . “But the receiver can only be put outside of the walls, Yan Fei’s barrier is too thick . But we can set up a few in case a zombie or mutant animal breaks it!”

Finally was the largest harvest from Luo Xun’s group: vanguard Yu Xinran, escort Zhang Yi, follower Wang Duo and helper Puppy forming the treasure hunt team .

Luo Xun helplessly shrugged at the jewel like nuclei stacked like hills . “No way, there were too many and no time to sort…” Well they had the most obvious results today .

The team spent a whole day debugging the satellite receiver, packing up the clutter, strengthening the defenses and sorting nuclei . After taking care of all that, the Otaku squad drove out and rushed to their target to find more metal .

Along the way, they were afraid of meeting those two wanton mutant animals but they were lucky and found no trace of them . It was a pity that more than half of the fruit trees were flattened but there were still other flowering trees around .

On the road they had met some mutant animals that approached . Fortunately, they were not aggressive; cats, dogs and sparrows among others .

Of course, the sizes varied, small meant the size of pre-apocalypse birds, large ones were closer to the size of a large rooster . Was it not difficult for them to fly up?


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