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Chapter 38

Luo Xun thought today's car ride was off to a bad start, especially since the guy sitting next to him was flirting with his companions . He could confirm that the guy was definitely flirting with him!

Although Yan Fei might think he was just teasing but for him, the joke tested the strength of his liver . Luo Xun tightly grasped the steering wheel while ignoring the person beside him, he refused to delve into desires of hope .

These sorts of people flirt with small actions at first to pull people in . You react, they would needle you more, ignoring was the best response! Right now was the time to metaphorically flee!

Luo Xun was startled, he had not traversed the current road before but in order to avoid any danger or accidents in the apocalypse, he had carefully studied possible routes he had used in the early months of the world's end .

Although this road was a slightly slower journey compared to the highway, the difference between upper and lower was not significant when rubbish and abandoned vehicles were in the way .

But the most important concern was there would probably be a lot of zombies on the way and it was already dark . If one could not get back to the base before nightfall, it was best to find a safe place to spend the night .

There seemed to be nothing dangerous up ahead, Luo Xun reckoned they had an hour and a half until a residential area far away enough to spend the night .

In his former life he rarely had the chance to take the lead on the road, to kill zombies . After seeing much, Luo Xun was still envious of this violent and fierce work . But he did not have a good car, it was impossible for him to have an important job as a skinny, no background and no connections . What if he took the opportunity and drove away with the goods? He could only be envious .

But now…it was alright! The result of adrenaline spike, Li Tie and the other students only had two eyes, hands sweating, pushing down on the gas pedal to follow Luo Xun in their cars .

"I did not think Luo Xun could unexpectedly drive so fast even when pulling another car!:

"Yeah you saw that tail drift, that posture in the wind, so much to learn!"

"Nonsense, you still need to say?"

The team turned again and again, ready to take the road here to find a suitable place to spend the night . Suddenly they saw a large wave of zombies in front – someone was surrounded!

It appeared to be a small commercial street with a convenience store nearby which was now surrounded by zombies . Luo Xun and company had just turned, near the zombies came the roaring of engines .

Suddenly three or four motorcycles burst from the zombie horde . Each motorcycle had a second passenger with small and large bulging backpacks .

Luo Xun kept his glance at the small shop still surrounded by zombies . He wanted to speed past it but felt something was off .


"What's the matter?"

Luo Xun referred to the zombie . "Why aren't they chasing?"

All the people had run away but the zombies did not chase . Unscientific unless…

"There are people . " Yan Fei suddenly pointed towards the shop, the area was soon filled with zombie bodies .

Even if there were people inside, in general zombies would chase the escapers rather than lay siege on those left behind . The situation did not match typical zombie behaviour…they had no judgement unless there was something unusual about the person left behind – for example a wound or something .

Luo Xun had not finished thinking when suddenly the area surrounded by zombies was bathed in blue, yes blue! A blue tornado broke out towards the zombies, fiercely vibrating out in all directions!

Wind ability but also a very high initial ability of wind powers!

Ordinarily people with wind abilities could not deal with so many zombies at the same time . The wind would not have the capacity to kill, unless that person and Yan Fei both had strong abilities!

Luo Xun subconsciouly glanced at Yan Fei while hitting the headlights and slowing down . Saving and bringing someone back to base also got a reward, not to mention a person with a powerful wind ability?

Of course a more important reason was he was worried about his own line of people right now . In this state, the wind power was no different from an attack . The zombies around had been blown away or cut to pieces revealing the man who had been surrounded in the middle .

The man wore a casual suit with a slim figure . He was not carrying anything but his left sleeve was pulled up revealing a toned arm with an open wound and flowing blood .

Luo Xun sighed darkly, Yan Fei gave a side glance in response . Both had the same conclusion – the person's injury was not artificial, those people had intentionally left the wounded person to attract zombies in order to escape .

Some more distant zombies were not cut by the deadly wind blades instead knocked with air flow . That person did not know using abilities would exacerbate blood loss . The man standing seemed to sway, seemed like he would collapse at any moment .

*Poof, pop-pop* The sound of voices, crossbow arrows mowed down any remaining zombies the group had cleared the area .

Li Tie and the others stopped the car before taking action seeing the opened door of the car in front . Luo Xun and Yan Fei had already come out . Without a brutal baptism of the apocalyptic world, they were not indifferent so the young people were glad they came in time to save a person, who also had a powerful ability .

The man, once picked up by the two fell into the car and fainted . Luo Xun looked at the man with a flabbergasted expression after confirming the wound was not made by a zombie so the saver would be rewarded .

Plus with Yan Fei in the car there would a balance amongst the powerful ability users amongst other factors . However he did not think this character would appear like this! Ahhh!

Who was this!? Looking at closed peach blossom eyes Luo Xun wanted to scream – was this not the beautiful wind demon man from his past life!? Who once used his wind power to rip up a group of pursuers? He still had nightmares about it!

Yan Fei squinted, mysteriously smiled then 'gently' patted Luo Xun's shoulder . "Leave this to me . You drive to a place to spend the night, here is not safe . "

Yan Fei's voice was soft and gentle but Luo Xun felt chills down his neck without knowing why…but going to the car was safer than helping the wounded man . Luo Xun resolutely sat back in the driver's seat, ready to start the engine and drive!

Yan Fei stared and compared the man's face with his own with narrowed eyes – compared to his own looks, he liked this sort of face more?

From child to adulthood Yan Fei felt his face was a convenient advantage, especially when dealing the elderly . When he was a child he would go out and in store would be given free discounts . Unfortunately Yan Fei never wanted for money and did not need the benefits but it had felt cool at the time .

But now he felt it was an unnecessary trouble . Now in the face of another person, with same level of handsomeness but the other was valued higher? Why not scar the flower? He was currently passed out .

The idea was just a flash of impulse, Yan Fei did not entertain the ugly, inhumane idea . He refused to stoop to excessive behaviour, it would also ruin Luo Xun's work of tightly wrapped gauze bandages .

Any leakage would cause the zombies to catch their scent with sensitive noses . The car was already started, Yan Fei sat in the back with the fainted person, hands crossed over his chest coldly looking at the unconscious guy on a pile of cargo .

His current mood was all because of this guy and the one in front of him driving . The reason was obvious .

Yan Fei sneered, once again gave the man a side glance . He 'opened' a hole in the car wall and climbed directly through . Luo Xun was startled seeing Yan Fei through a wall, he complained a bit but continued to drive .

Yan Fei smiled wider and patted Luo Xun's head at the same time ambiguously put his face beside the other's ear lobe . Luo Xun almost caused the car to drift in a 's' shape again .

This guy already marked for his own, not to be contaminated . As for the guy in the back, how would he get himself killed? Yan Fei would not do such a grievous thing .

Yan Fei was very confident in himself, even in the face of some crisis it would be fine if he quickly cultivated feelings . Maybe it was just surprise to see the appearance of a rare ability user?

Since the person had entered his bowl he will never let go, not to mention the person in the back of the car is not at the same level . Luo Xun was not the kind to be impulsive, what should be worry about?

After the journey there was still some trouble, a street filled with zombies but they need to bypass the bad situation . It was not long before the sky was completely dark and it was unwise to act at night in a world filled with zombies . Luo Xun and the others had found a place to stay overnight .

They hid in a beauty salon on the second floor, concentrated fire completely destroyed the stairs so tomorrow morning they would just climb out a window to go downstairs . Or Yan Fei could create a simple staircase out of metal .

When Li Tie and company saw the man who had been rescued by Luo Xun, the crowd seemed to be struck by lightning for a moment – were they still alive?

Already had super handsome Yan Fei who not only had good stature, was tall, had a powerful ability . It left few people not feeling envy and hate in their hearts but he was only one person . Those without the same did not care to contend with nature .

But now, there was another one…same height, good looks, strong ability…

Oh, did the apocalypse only favor handsome men? Why was it that these people were always blessed? How could the others live? How to live!?   


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