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Chapter 75

In addition to the sound insulation, the second reason for using metal flooring was that it had very good thermal conductivity, much faster than the wooden floor . As long as the water was slightly warm it would quickly spread through the whole room, maximizing energy savings . Li Tie and company also regretted rushing for wood flooring after not thinking of the advantages .

Third, metal was very easy manipulate since Yan Fei had his ability . In the event of problems with flooring or rebuilding something, Yan Fei could directly deal with the replacement . If it was Li Tie’s they would have to lift the floor .

Of course, in addition to the advantages there would be shortcomings, such as heating making places too hot . If the temperature had not been well adjusted than the ground would be too hot . Also, the metal material color was too uniform, the room was either too dark or shiny . If it was not blinding people, it was dark spooky horror, it was difficult to control .

But for Luo Xun who wanted to use the place next door as a greenhouse, these aesthetic problems were not a problem . As for high temperature heating? Luo Xun again had no issue, the heating equipment would be placed in the ground, only heated water would end up in the pipelines . After everything was done, there would a temperature control device .

However, the renovation of 1603 was not completely finished . Although Zhang Yi had given the remaining materials as a reward, there was enough to install heating for all the floors . So Luo Xun’s house had two bedrooms left . They are going to collect some materials from outside when they go out and add to their storage .

In the meantime, Luo Xun needed to plant the spring crop seeds and wait for them to sprout in the greenhouse .

They could not immediately sow the plants after germination . If they wanted a good harvest, preventing the growth of mutant plants required twice the effort to cultivate under observation .

When all the assorted tasks at home were settled, it was the day of the expedition .

In order to cooperate with Li Tie’s schedule . Yan Fei and Luo Xun would rest the 27th at home . Early the next morning Luo Xun, Yan Fei, Zhang Yi, Wang Duo, Li Tie, Han Li, He Qiankun and Wu Xin, the eight people from the 16th floor got up and prepared in the corridor .

Each checked the weapons in their hands – Luo Xun had a medium sized hand crossbow created by Yan Fei . A lot of metal items were placed in the backpack for Yan Fei to exercise his metal abilities . Shooting a zombie through the head was a simple as yawning .

In addition, Li Tie and the others had a metal stick at their waists, to be used in close combat against zombies . Of course after leaving the base, Yan Fei would transform each of them according to their opinions into a more suitable weapon .

Luo Xun had his upgraded mace and Yan Fei had metal rods . What shape would it take later on? It would depend on the use and situation .

Only Zhang Yi had a little trouble with a somewhat long military dagger . He was supposed to use a scalpel from the hospital, but the item was too short for an effective weapon . He was a wind user that liked to be on the front lines, did not like to use heavy weapons that would influence his movements .

“Well, everyone is ready to go . ” Luo Xun checked everyone’s equipment while the others stood in a line wearing their helmets .

Li Tie and the others steeled themselves wearing recently collected motorcycle helmets . Yan Fei and Zhang Yi wore face masks under their own helmets .

Wore a sturdy helmet, locked the door, walked downstairs . On the 15th floor they met Xu Mei . She was startled seeing the group of people wearing helmets, thick leather jackets, iron bars, and crossbows . On their shoulders, the backpacks were covered with a poncho in case of bad weather . The lady standing behind steadied herself against the door .

“You…are all set?” In fact, there were quite a few people armored up for tasks outside base . But people would be shocked at this type of unified dress .

Luo Xun nodded his head first and looked at the woman behind – also seemed a little familiar? “This is?”

“Her name is Song Lingling . Met her while out on a mission . ” Xu Mei did not explain Song Lingling’s identity and pointed at the iron door . “She’s moved in with me . ”

Song Lingling…This name was not very familiar but Luo Xun carefully looked at her appearance – innocent and lovely . Her expression was similar to Xu Mei, gloomy and tired because of the pressure of life . This woman was probably also a member of the future Rose Army group and her level should not be low . Otherwise, he had no other impression of her .

Luo Xun nodded, Yan Fei and the others had no opinion . Xu Mei would not betray them and it would be stupid to find other unreliable people to work with . A few days ago they had asked Xu Mei to listen as a way to gauge the sound insulation effect . They mentioned the team as Yan Fei helped repair her door in thanks .

Xu Mei had not found a team, she would always be stared at by men while at the gate and unable to find a reliable team . So hearing that the group would be leaving base, along with their lower numbers she expressed her willingness to team up . The team would be more reliable, no one would give another trouble or any deceptive teammates . They agreed to set out early in the morning .

Xu Mei’s pair had their own car . The other group split into two and each had a car to drive .

Luo Xun and Yan Fei had already discussed last night, so this morning they went to the small truck and abandoned their prior second hand car . No other way, it was too small . The capacity was nowhere near the small truck .

A line of four cars drove towards the base gate . Luo Xun started registration and asked some questions . Yan Fei smiled and kept quiet, half a month ago they were busy at work . How would they be able to easily leave base? Even if they wanted to leave, the captain would not agree . Letting them go home early to rest had already been pushing it .

In the designated channel, high walls lined both sides . Luo Xun drove the car into the courtyard, the doors were about to opened to release the wave of cars .

The entrance door slowly closed while the soldiers on the wall shouted through a megaphone . “Attention vehicles, countdown until the door opens – 10, 9, … 1, Open!”

As his voice ended, the huge iron door slowly rose . When the door was open they could see a steel fence . Zombies behind the fence waved their arms and cried at the scent of humans .

“It feels like they’ve been hungry for a long time . ” Luo Xun smirked and his eyes flashed with a glimmer of excitement, his heart also began pounding . He was now going out of base, it would different from standing on the wall and shooting at zombies .

Every man had a heart seeking adventure, even him, who had been too lazy to leave the base . Occasionally he would also want to go out and kill some zombies . Now he was more secure than in his previous life; copious preparations, several teammates with abilities and no dead weights . Compared to his past life this was better several fold!

The car engines roared and the vehicles burst out through the open door .

Several modified cars were at the front, which directly rammed into the zombies at the gate . Luo Xun and the other’s cars were at the back, no hurry to rush ahead . They would wait until the cars in front cleared the road .

Sure enough, a car up front rushed too fast, it skidded to the sidewalk . It adjusted itself after a while and returned to the road .

Li Tie and his friend’s cars followed Yan Fei’s car all the way to an area on the edge of the city .

The zombies were rather concentrated near the base, even more entrenched in the urban area . Only the city fringes had relatively few zombies, Luo Xun’s goal was such a place .

Although they had long range weapons, they could not attack more than one target at a time so their crowd control was poor . If they encountered a zombie siege, they could only rely on Xu Mei’s fire or Zhang Yi’s wind powers to clear the creatures .

Unfortunately although Xu Mei had fire abilities, because her level was not as high as Yan Fei or Zhang Yi, a large scale fire attack would consume at least half of her mental strength .

Yan Fei could also attack multiple targets but for the sake of efficiency it was best not to manipulate too many metal arrows to shoot targets .

So, after they had discussed, decided to follow the previous plan: find a place with not too many zombies . Everyone could slowly cut them down . If needed, they could find a larger number so that they could gauge their capacity to clear the hunting space .

Currently, the base encouraged survivors to go out of base and destroy zombies . There were possibly not enough weapons that were lethal enough . Weapons such as hand and hunting guns were too expensive with poor effect . Not as good as using the crossbow to hunt zombies . Thus Luo Xun and company did not exchange .

Yan Fei had given him the gun he had prior to the apocalypse which was exchanged for some spare bullets . He wanted some testing material to try and assemble his own at home . So long as there was effect on zombies, looks did not matter . Could be kept on hand as a backup .

The car drove to the target location . Luo Xun drove while looking around and finally selected an intersection .

“How about up ahead? There is a two-storey bank that can be used as a resting area and the number of zombies is not too large . ” Luo Xun motioned at the conspicuous building in front .

Yan Fei nodded, this way they were sure to get some metal .

Seeing Luo Xun’s car turn left, Li Tie’s car quickly followed and the other vehicles did the same .

The row of cars went to the bank, the group looked at the door – could it block the zombies? Could they change parking spaces?

But, Luo Xun unexpectedly stepped on the accelerator! Drove up the stairs and straight into the bank hall!

“Ah! Drive up the stairs?!” Behind, Li Tie, Han Li and He Qiankun swore .

They remembered the last time they went to collect renovation materials . Luo Xun had simply said to bring the car up the stairs . He actually had the skill to actually drive up? But as for them…

They were wondering if there was something on the stairs to help drive up . The Xu Mei’s car suddenly shot forward and with the roaring engine made it up!

Even Xu Mei could drive a car up the stairs, what should they be afraid of?

Bolstered, Li Tie and the others in the Otaku team also stepped on the accelerator . Full speed ahead!

Soon, two cars successfully drove up the stairs . Luo Xun and Xu Mei had parked the cars together in the hall .

“Ah, that was nerve wracking . ” He Qiankun patted his chest with sigh .

To the side Han Li patted his forehead . “Don’t sigh, go and kill zombies . ”

There a few wandering zombies in the bank hall . Luo Xun, Yan Fei and Xu Mei rushed to start to clearing the area . Li Tie and the others hurried to keep up, whirling their iron bars . Not long after, all the zombies there were dealt with .

“Gather the crystals in their heads . Be careful and make sure they are thoroughly dead . ” Luo Xun went to the nearest zombie to start digging out the nucleus .

Today’s zombie had no intelligence, dead was dead, they could not pretend to be killed . But that would not be the same in the future . Some of the smarter zombies would deliberately fall and when people went to dig out the nucleus, they would get ambushed .

Luo Xun’s words struck a chord . Xu Mei and Song Lingling had recently gone out of base for tasks and had the luck to not encounter downed but not dead zombies . So after she walked to the a zombie with a machete, with a swing of the blade – first cut off the head, then grab the nucleus!

Li Tie and the others exchanged grimaces, digging through a zombie head for a crystal nucleus was disgusting . But they refused to be the weak link . It was just digging out a nucleus from a brain?! Dig!

Yan Fei looked in satisfaction as the students squatted down to dig out nuclei . Zhang Yi maintained a smile to the side – it seemed the two women were also capable and had strength . Having these two as role models would not lead Li Tie and the others astray .

After digging through the zombie’s heads, Li Tie and a few people ran to a corner to vomit for five minutes . On the way back, pretended that nothing was wrong as they returned to Luo Xun’s location – second floor near an office window .

“The sounds before have attracted some nearby zombies . I deliberately threw a sweaty towel on the first floor . We blocked the staircase door and can slowly thin out the zombies . ” Luo Xun explained their next actions to the crowd .

This was his subconscious reaction . Luo Xun brought out his past life experience and habits in the presence of people who were not clear on the current situation .

Fortunately because he had a methodical and meticulous temperament, there was no objection from the people present . As for Xu Mei and Song Lingling, they were not familiar either so there was no doubt . Also because Luo Xun had left an impression of strength on the two ladies . Neither of them were surprised or curious about who was the leader in command .

After arranging the positions, Luo Xun took people to the staircase acting as a stronghold . Zombies had begun to gather at the location, however when they tried to walk up a step, they would fall down .

“It’s just like what Luo Xun said! Zombies don’t climb stairs!” Seeing the scene, Li Tie and the others excitedly raised their crossbows and began to fire at the zombies under the stairs .

Luo Xun and some others did not start, but watched Li Tie and the others shoot zombies with a parental “my son has grown” expression .

Zhang Yi and Yan Fei stood near the back, in case there were zombies that rushed in from outside the broken window to attack .

Xu Mei and Song Lingling were in the middle behind Luo Xun . They were responsible for helping if the people in front could not hold .

So after a while, the crowd approached, attracted by the sound of the car . Once the creatures were gathered, Li Tie and the others would shoot then retreat back to the hall .

They wanted to take the bank as a temporary base in order to gradually attract zombies and then eliminate them .

Luo Xun never planned to go deep into the city . The group piled the corpses into a corner on the first floor . Then the group placed some of the furniture, cabinets, chairs and other things into a defensive fence . Yan Fei manipulated the metal in the items to link the things together with the floor to reinforce it a bit .

The students had used up the arrows for the crossbows while hunting zombies . Yan Fei waved a hand and pieces flew out . The pieces condensed in front of the group with a bit of manipulation, it turned into standard crossbow arrows .

Yan Fei could only extract metal, any zombie bodily fluid or blood would be filtered out .

Although the exact details were not known, since Yan Fei could only manipulate metal, it was natural that this method would remove any non-metallic things, even if they had dried on the metal .

Once all the fortifications were done . Luo Xun grabbed a bundle of tightly layered cloth from his backpack . Inside was a transparent bag filled with red liquid – blood bag!

This things was brought from the hospital by Zhang Yi . When everyone had decided on the day to go out, Luo Xun had told Zhang Yi to get a bag from the hospital a day in advance . This was to avoid anyone bleeding even if the wound would be infected if made by a zombie . They could accidentally touch the wound to something dirty while out, it would be horrible .

Taking out the blood bag, the group watched as Luo Xun motioned to Yan Fei . The latter pulled some metal into his hands . Luo Xun opened the bag and squeezed out some blood into the groove of the metal bar and directly onto the fortifications about a meter away .

He quickly wiped off the remainder and the paper used to wipe the blood was thrown outside .

Yan Fei had temporarily sealed the metal bar with blood inside the wall . Luo Xun threw the controlled shell to avoid blood flowing on the inside ground .

“Luo Xun, so little blood is enough?” Wang Duo looked at Luo Xun’s cautious movements with apprehension .

Luo Xun wrapped up the remaining blood and looked at him with a smile tilted in some direction . “Listen . ”

Everyone gathered and faintly heard the sound of something howling!

Zombie! It was zombies!


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