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Thank you all for buying and reading Volume 4.

You know, the nickname for this series is Choyoyu, which translates roughly to Prodigiously Easy, but writing it as of late has been anything but easy, dammit! I’m Riku Misora, the guy who’s enough of a dork to stick a bad one-liner like that in his book.

I’m writing this afterword in September, and while it’s nice that the humid summer is finally over, and it’s starting to cool down, the rain is really getting out of control.

I live in an ancient, wood house, so every time the wind picks up, the whole place creaks and rattles. It’s murder on my heart.

I hope the weather and temperature settle down a bit by the time this book comes out in October…

This time around, the story picked up with the Republic of Elm being properly founded after winning its independence. The tale shifted from being about a rebellion in a single country to an international scope with many moving parts and actors.

There was Neuro, from Freyjagard, as well as Shenmei, from Lakan. And at the very end, we got a glimpse of Empress Kaguya from the defunct land of Yamato.

How will Elm fare as a democracy in an international world where seemingly everyone is a villain with ideologies, schemes, and ulterior motives? And what will Ringo and Lyrule do, now that the battle lines between them are drawn? I hope you’ll join me for the next volume, where we begin the brand-new Yamato Empire story arc.

Finally, I’d like to take this space to thank all the people who help make this series possible.

Thank you to my editor, Kohara. To my illustrator, Sacraneco. To my artist for the manga adaptation, Kotaro Yamada.

And to all you readers who stuck with the series for this long. Because of you, Choyoyu reached four volumes and successfully entered a new story arc. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I hope I can count on your support again when Volume 5 comes out.

On that note, I hope we meet again then.

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