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Hello, readers. Thank you for reading Volume 9 of High School Prodigies, which currently has a hit anime airing.

That’s right, the anime started, and it’s unreal! The animation is so slick! The voice actors are the same ones from the drama CDs, and I’ve been told that the narrator, Jouji Nakata, is coming back to voice Gustav! He’s going to nail it (I’m sure of it).

A huge thank-you to the entire anime staff for making such a fantastic show. It’s only just begun, so I know we still have tons to look forward to. I have to say, I really want a Bearabbit doll now. I mean, don’t you? I wonder if they’re going to make merch of him (I say, hopefully).

As for the books, this is the ninth one. The Prodigies finally had their showdown with Neuro, and Masato threw a big wrench in the works. From his perspective as a prodigy businessman, the moves he made allowed him to negotiate with his real foe on favorable terms while maintaining his relationship with Neuro until the last possible moment. It was offense and risk management bundled into one, so passing it up would have been too much to ask.

On top of that, the evil dragon’s chosen vessel and self-proclaimed Prodigy King, Emperor Lindworm, has finally made his appearance.

What will become of Lyrule?

Will Gustav’s ominous prophecy be fulfilled?

Will the Prodigies be able to get back to Earth in one piece?

The next book, Volume 10, will be the final stop on the Prodigies’ strange journey, and the plan is for it to be the final book in the series as a whole. I’d like to do one more volume after that as a sort of epilogue, but nothing’s set in stone. I don’t know if that’s going to be possible, but whatever the case, I’m going to do my best in this final stretch, so I hope you stick with me for a little longer.

Sacraneco and my editor were absolutely indispensable in getting this book finished, so I’d like to sincerely thank both of them, as well as Kotaro Yamato, who’s working on the manga adaptation, and everyone involved in the anime.

Finally, I’d like to extend my utmost gratitude to all the readers who’ve followed the series and any potential new ones who got into it via the anime.

I hope we meet again in the Volume 10 afterword.

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