Tokyo Ravens - Volume 16 - Chapter Aft

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Here we go again - the second part of the past. 

Tokyo Ravens 16 [RE] incarnation. 

The circle of reincarnation has been connected in this volume. I'm glad I managed to reach this point in this volume. 

I'm glad I managed to get to this point. I feel like I'm quite exhausted writing it. 

In the main story, I only met the characters of the past part for two volumes. However, when I finished writing this book, it was as if they had added color to the series - even if it was only two books long - in my mind. 

I put Yakko, Hishamaru and Kakugyouki aside for the moment, but there are also Satsuki, Takamitsu, Hisateru, Akiharu, Akisuke, Debuchi, Kenmyou, and Kokage and Toshiyuki. Can I also include Miyo and Sen? 

And then there's Mitsuyasu, who appears in the second half of the book. 

Usually when I start writing a series, I start with a vague idea of each character's past, present, and future. However, for this past chapter, I had to write about the past and present, as well as the future and the end of the story all at once. Of course, I didn't have enough time to fully depict all of them, but even so, I started each character at the same time and finished them all at the same time. Perhaps that's why I feel as though I've finished writing a series. 

As the author who created them all, I'd be very happy if you could take a look at the parts of their lives that weren't depicted in the series and see how they lived. I hope that you will try to imagine the various aspects of their lives. 

And Chapter 5 of this volume is the development I've been wanting to do since the start of Part 2. Thanks to that, the volume of the book has grown quite a bit, but I'm really hoping to complete it! 

I hope you'll enjoy reading these five chapters, and I hope you'll be able to pick up the already-published book for the first time in a long time and enjoy flipping through it, thinking, "Oh, come to think of it, there's more of this, I'd like to read this episode again. 

…Oh, you don't have it with you anymore? Well, you should definitely go to the bookstore… oh, and we have all the volumes available in e-book format, so how about another copy in the form of your choice? Natsume and Kon's clash of forces, for example. 

I thought it would be hilarious to read it now 

Now for the usual acknowledgements. 

Sumibi for the illustrations. The cover paired with the previous volume was very nice - I really love the atmosphere of the mouthpiece, too. Thank you again for this volume. 

I'm in charge of this volume, Corty. Actually, this volume is the last time I'll be in charge of this book. Looking back, I feel like I've been giving Coati a lot of trouble. Again, you know. I'm sorry for the mudslinging until the very end. And thank you so much for sticking with me until the very end. Please keep an eye on the series in the future! 

And now, dear readers. 

I managed to get back to the present day version as planned. The only thing left to do is to settle the story. That said, I still have a lot more to do than I thought, but please stay with me. 

So, please stay tuned. 

September 2018 Kohei Azano 

Contact me here. 


To Mr. Kohei Kizuki Azano, editor of Fantasia Bunko 

To Sumihei (sama) 

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