Wortenia Senki (LN) - Volume 15 - Chapter Aft

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I doubt there are many such readers left, but I welcome any new readers who picked up the series with this volume. And to those of you who have kept up with the series since volume 1, it’s been four months since the last volume. This is Ryota Hori, the author.

Volume 15 is now successfully published. But, as always, I only finished writing it right on the deadline. I’ve no doubt caused some trouble for the editors and the novel’s illustrator, as well as everyone else involved with the book.

You all have my sincerest apologies. I was actually worried my editor might drop by any day to tell me the series was canceled because of my tardiness. This might seem like an excuse, but holding another job in addition to this influenced things, and I couldn’t stick to my original schedule.

My main job is in IT, and depending on which project I’m on, I get sent to different locations. I’m a full-time employee in my company, but my work is similar in nature to that of an agency employee. Getting used to the new work environment, the coworkers, and the atmosphere of a workplace is very important, but I could never quite get used to the site I left last year in terms of greeting the people, moving the work along, and the like. I simply couldn’t adjust to the place, and there was no conversation between my coworkers and superiors.

I worked there for four months, but the manager who helped me on my first day there was about the only one kind enough to ask me how I was doing...and that was only because I ran into him in the elevator! But still, even that much can mean the world.

Of course, the other side also had a point. It’s a very busy workplace, and they don’t necessarily have time to train a newcomer. The way I conducted myself probably had its inadequacies too.

But the whole affair did stress me out a great deal, which snowballed into me drinking more. It was awful. Last year, I had to beg my company to let me take a five-month leave for medical reasons, and despite the fact that I’d recovered, this happened. I kept going to the gym, but it didn’t help relieve my stress as much as I’d hoped. And maybe I just used the stress as an excuse to drink.

There is this yakitori place on my way to work that’s always full of customers. Passing by is a constant seduction! The smell is irresistible! But since I was told to avoid fried foods, I held back and settled on frequenting a skewer restaurant instead! And I’ve been avoiding two of my favorite foods, gristle and fried chicken. I love eating clams during winter, but when I order them, I always end up buying five more than I should.

I figured I needed to practice self-restraint, or this could become bad for my health. After all, people inherently don’t want to inhibit their desires. But once you lose your restraints, you end up tumbling down as far as your desires will take you.

Either way, despite working in the IT industry for some ten-odd years, last year was honestly the first time I’ve ever felt so out of my element or struggled this much to get along with my coworkers in a workplace. It came as something of a shock to me, since I believe I’m actually quite good at getting along with people.

I imagine this experience will go on to influence the style and characters of Record of Wortenia War. In fact, most of the characters in this series are based on the likeness of people I’ve met in the past, so that influence is bound to come.

Now then, let’s put aside my ramblings about life and the style of the book and get into our usual commentary.

The highlight of volume 15 is the discussion on Robert and Signus’s relationship. After Signus slipped a sleeping drug into Robert’s drink in volume 14, Robert wakes to find himself a captive. What will become of him? And then there’s Signus...

Isn’t that kind of rugged, rustic friendship between men lovely? Sadly, I’ve never had such a friend. In fact, I have very few people I can call friends in general. Plenty of acquaintances, but not many friends, and certainly no friendships where I would forgive someone after they’d betrayed me once.

But while Signus encourages Robert to join Ryoma’s service, things don’t go that smoothly. Robert, with his rebellious spirit, won’t join with Ryoma unless a certain condition is met.

There’s also Lady Yulia’s story. Ryoma killed her husband, but what burns in her heart? Is it a desire to take revenge for her husband, or a newfound passion and love for the man who freed her from an abusive marriage? Someone stands in Lady Yulia’s way, though. Simone...and also the twins. Or, well, that’s what it would be like if this series were a sappy soap opera. But it isn’t! I couldn’t write one if I tried.

Anyway, that was volume 15. Volume 16 should come out in July, if all goes as planned. I’m already preparing to work hard on it, so please look forward to it! Thankfully, the work site I started working at this year is fine, and I’m getting along with my coworkers swimmingly. I don’t know how long I’ll be working there, but I think it’s a fine place...except for the fact that it’s quite far from home and the trains are always packed. Isn’t there a work site that’s blessed with good people, close to home, and has a nice pub near the station? If anyone knows one, please let me know!

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone involved with the release of this novel, and most of all, the readers who picked up this book. Please continue supporting Record of Wortenia War!

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