Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi (LN) - Volume 3 - Chapter Ep

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Epilogue: To Filolials, I Sound My Cry of Passion 

Once we got back to the village, Father warned a man who seemed to be a town representative about the rotting dragon corpse and recommended taking care of it as soon as possible. But the man didn’t seem too pleased about the suggestion. 

We then went to board the carriage. The filolials weren’t happy about a dragon getting on with them, so we ended up having Gaelion fly by herself outside of the carriage. 

We debated whether or not to stay at an inn in the village, but the swarm of tourists had jacked up the price of a place to stay for one. Plus, Assistant didn’t seem to love the idea of staying in the town that killed so many of her family members, so we decided to leave the town behind. 

A little while after we departed, the sun was about to set, so we stopped on the roadside and set up camp. 

Up until then, Assistant and I had been clashing, to say the least. But in front of the campfire, everyone fell silent, watching the flickering flames. 

Father was sitting next to her and gently patted her and Gaelion on the back. 

Assistant looked exhausted. She leaned against Gaelion and fell asleep. 

“Today was crazy, wasn’t it, Wyndia?” Father muttered. “It must’ve been tough for you. Rest well.” 

Gaelion growled softly. 

“B-big Bro!” called Keel. “What about us?!” 

Sakura and Keel were getting ready for bed and couldn’t get enough of Father. Father patted Gaelion once more, stood up, and walked over to them. After Sakura and Keel were fast asleep, Father called me over. 

“So based on what you’re saying, in the first go-around, the original Gaelion was killed. Assistant was sold into slavery and was treated horribly but somehow eventually came to my village. I guess it all worked out in the end.” 

There was no doubt that Assistant had gone through some rough times in the first go-around. 

“I hope that girl Filo isn’t going through anything like that,” said Father. 

I shuddered and nodded. “I hope so.” 

We hadn’t managed to find her yet. It wasn’t impossible that she had ended up with a cruel monster trainer. Which made it all the more important that I never give up my search for her. 

If she had fallen into dangerous hands, I would rescue her at all costs. And take the lives of those who hurt her as a just punishment. 

“Is it possible that we won’t be able to meet Filo-tan because you’ve been helping me out in this timeline?” Father asked. 

“I don’t believe that in the slightest.” 

“I mean, I only met Filo-tan after going through terrible experiences, right?” 

“That part is true,” I said. “But even if you only met Filo-tan by undergoing traumatic experiences, that doesn’t change that she is out there somewhere.” 

Keel was the perfect proof of that. Even if the place we encountered her was different, she had still been there all along. 

“You’re right. She’s probably out there somewhere.” 

“Mmm . . . Naofumi . . .” Sakura was mumbling in her sleep. Father glanced over at her with a smile. 

“It’s not going to be easy to find her,” he said. 

“But I won’t give up, I say! No matter what happens, no matter how many times the time loop resets, I will never give up! For Filo-tan, and for you, Father!” 

Father sighed. “You’re pretty incredible, Motoyasu. If I was going through the time loop, I’d want to give up sooner or later.” 

We were talking about Filo-tan here! Of course, I would never give up. 

“But everything we’ve done has helped me get closer to her,” I said. Even all of the foolish deeds I had done, even turning against Father when he was falsely accused—everything had led me to this day. 

“When things go wrong, there is still the possibility that those circumstances will allow me to reunite with my beloved Filo-tan,” I said. “Because with each passing day, I can tell that we’re getting closer. One step at a time!” 

Even though she didn’t hatch from the egg at the monster tent, I was sure that she wouldn’t stay there for long. As beautiful as she was, someone was bound to buy her quickly. I would find her, even if it took my whole life! 

Father looked surprised at first and then smiled at me. 

“You sure are an optimist, Motoyasu.” 

“That I am!” 

I had a vague memory of Father shouting at me that I was too much of an optimist in the first go-around, but maybe that was just my imagination. 

“Oh, Filo-tan!” I cried. “How I long for your sweet embrace! But soon we shall be reunited, I swear it!” 

With my resolution renewed, I lay down to go to sleep. Tomorrow, my search would begin. 

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