Chapter 1525: He Is My Son (98)

With that, Shi Jinyan swallowed what he had wanted to say. He glanced at Shi Nianyao as though worried that she would really starve and nodded. “Alright, let’s eat first then.”

Mo Xicheng followed Shi Jinyan as they walked to the dining table.

Although they didn’t speak very much while eating, Shi Jinyan would occasionally pick up some food to place into Si Jingyu’s bowl. When Mo Xicheng saw this, he also picked up some food for Shi Nianyao.

Shi Jinyan observed the young couple carefully and noticed that Mo Xicheng had picked up all of his daughter’s favorite food. Satisfied with this observation, he snorted in approval.

It looked like this young man did take Shi Nianyao to heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known what her favorite foods were. He was also attentive enough to pick out all the food she liked among the wide selection on the table, without making a single error.

Given this, Shi Jinyan cast his gaze down and made no other comments.

Dinner was over in a short time. After they had finished their meal, they sat around in the living room. A housekeeper served a platter of fruits. Si Jingyu picked up an apple and held it out to Mo Xicheng, then she started to chat, “How was work today?”

Initially, Mo Xicheng had wanted to gloss over the subject, but he caught a look of deep concern in her eyes.

It was a look of pure concern, untainted by complications. Suddenly, he felt a sense of safety and security that he had never felt before.

He felt like a child before his own mother, showing nothing but his true self. He lowered his head and, after a while, said, “It was ok. I’m just a little unhappy.”

Surprised, Si Jingyu asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mo Xicheng spoke honestly, “When I joined the company, I plotted against Mo Zhi. Now Mo Zhi was affected negatively and I don’t feel any happier. I don’t know how to put it, it’s like- it’s like-”

Hearing this, Si Jingyu had a sudden realization and said with a smile, “You have never thought of challenging him or fighting him for anything, but now, for Nianyao’s sake, you find yourself having to make the effort, is that right?”

Mo Xicheng shook his head immediately and clarified, “It’s not for Nianyao, it’s also for myself.”

Si Jingyu sighed in relief and replied, “The fact that you can say this shows that you are discerning. If you had really said that it was all for Nianyao, I’d be worried that in the time to come, you may end up blaming and taking it out on Nianyao because of everyone’s rejection and your friends’ abandonment. But you are a good and decent child.”

Si Jingyu spoke in a cool and calm manner, as always. She was a soft spoken woman who spoke slowly and gently, giving people a sense that she was a kind and amiable person.

Her behavior, on the other hand, had the ability to draw admiration from people. When Mo Xicheng looked into her eyes, he felt there was something very maternal about her.

He looked at her and nodded immediately, reassuring her. “Aunty, don’t worry. I will take good care of Nianyao for the rest of my life.”

Si Jingyu smiled at once and said, “Good.”

Before she could continue, Shi Jinyan gave a loud snort, signaling that they shouldn’t continue this topic and should talk about something else.

Mo Xicheng was quite sure that Si Jingyu liked him. He could tell that from the expression in her eyes when she talked to him.

Whereas Shi Jinyan… Well, he probably liked him too.


They sat and talked till 9 p.m. Mo Xicheng looked at the time and got onto his feet. “Uncle, Aunty, it’s a little late now. I should take my leave.”


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