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Chapter 9.1

Youkoso v1c9 intro

The midterm

Today is Thursday after school . The day before the midterm .

After Chiyabashira-sensei ended homeroom and walked out, Kushida quickly took action .

She took printouts of the old midterm that I copied at the convenience store the other day and brought them with her to the podium .

“Sorry, but can you guys listen to me before going home?”

Sudou also stopped and listened .

I couldn’t leave this role to anyone but Kushida .

“I hope everyone has been studying a lot for tomorrow’s test . I have something that can help for some final studying tonight . I’ll hand them out now .

She handed out the questions and answer sheet to everyone in the front row .

“Test… questions? Did you make them, Kushida-san?”

Horikita was also surprised .

“Actually, these are old test problems . I got them from a third-year senpai last night . ”

“Old test problems? Eh, eh? Are these actual valid questions?”

“Yea . Two years ago, the midterm had nearly the same questions as the one on this problem set . So, if you practice, I think we’ll do better . ”

“Woah! Seriously? Kushida-chan, thank you!”

Ike hugged his test in happiness . All the other students also couldn’t hold back their emotions .

“What the hell, if we have these problems, doesn’t all of our studying become useless?”

While laughing, Yamauchi was complaining at the same time . My prediction was completely right .

“Sudou-kun, do your best while studying today . ”

“Yea . Thanks . ”

Sudou also received the problems happily .

“This is a secret from all the other classes! Let’s all do well and succeed!”

Ike shouted out loud with determination, but I had to agree . There’s no need to send help to the other classes . Everyone returned home in high spirits .

“Kushida-san . Good job . ”

Horikita went up to Kushida and praised her uncharacteristically .

“Ehehe, is that so?”

“I never thought to use the old tests . I’m also thankful that you went to see if these questions were still valid to use . ”

Looks like Horikita, who doesn’t have any friends, didn’t come up with the idea .

“It’s nothing special . I’m doing this for my friends, after all . ”

“Also, I think it was right to announce it today, after school . If word god out earlier, everyone would’ve probably lost motivation . ”

“It’s only because I got the problems pretty late . If the same problems are on tomorrow’s test… everyone will probably get good scores . ”

“Yea . Also, our last two weeks of studying weren’t in vain . ”

Even though it was probably an extremely long two weeks for the students who got failing grades, but I think they all got into the habit of studying .

“It as hard, but it was fun too . ”

“I don’t think that trio had the least bit of fun while studying . ”

Well, we’ve done all we could . It was up to how much effort the other three put into studying .

“I just hope that I don’t blank out during the test . ”

There’s not much that can be done about that one . No matter how well we do while studying, all that matters is how well we do on the actual test . Only practicing with the old test problems can help with this issue .

“Well then, I’m going home too . ”

Horikita silently looked at Kushida, who was putting her textbook and notes into her bag .

“Kushida-san . ”


“Thank you very much for everything up to now . If you weren’t here, the study group wouldn’t have succeeded . ”

“Don’t worry about it~ I just want to aim for the higher classes along with everyone . That’s why I agreed to help . I’ll help any time . ”

With a smile, Kushida stood up and grabbed her bag .

“Wait . I just want to confirm one thing . ”


“I need to confirm something because you said you wanted to keep cooperating with me . ”

Horikita looked straight at the smiling Kushida and asked .

“You hate me, don’t you?”

“Hey, hey…”

I was wondering what she wanted to ask, but that was unexpected .

“Why do you think that?”

“You’re not answering because it’s true… am I right?”

“…Ahaha, you got me . ”

She put on her backpack and slowly lowered her hand back down . And then she faced Horikita while smiling .

“Yea . I really hate you . ”

She replied directly, without trying to hide it .

“Should I tell you the reason?”

“…No . It’s not necessary . It’s good enough to just know the fact . It just means that I can now talk to you without any hesitation from now on . ”

Even though she was told outright that she was hated, Horikita calmly replied to Kushida .


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