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After having lunch at a large cafeteria attached to the ski resort, the second-year students were finally given a skiing lesson. They were also instructed not to take their cell phones on the slopes due to high risk of loss or malfunction.

There were some complaints from students who were dependent on their cell phones and other students who insisted that they were used to handling them, but it couldn't be helped as the school's instructions couldn't be broken.

Fortunately, the school also informed the students that they would be allowed to bring their cell phones if they voluntarily went to the ski resort from the next day onward. However, in case of loss or destruction of a phone, a reasonable amount of private points will be required.

After that, we wore our rented ski wear and received our ski boots.

The outside of the boots seemed to be made of plastic. Following the instructions, we unbuckled them, opened the inner lining, and put our feet into the boots. I adjusted them to fit my heels, straightened the innerwear, and tightened the buckles from the bottom to the top. Finally, I donned the power belt and powder guard.

They said this was the bare minimum of preparation.

I tried to walk normally, but apparently that wasn't correct.

Following the instructor, I landed on my heels and walked smoothly.

When I was done preparing, I went outside.

We were divided into three groups: advanced skiers, intermediate skiers, and beginners.

Having no skiing experience, I joined the group of beginners without hesitation.

I could’ve looked it up in a book or on the Internet beforehand, but I didn't want to listen to any unnecessary information when I could learn on-site instead.

About 60% of the students in the class requested the beginner course.

I wasn’t sure if this was considered a large number, but I was a little surprised that about 40% of the students were intermediate or advanced skiers. It would seem that people in the Kanto area rarely had a chance to ski, but they must’ve had some experience.

The sixth group's members, Ryūen, Kitō, Nishino and Kushida, were absent, probably because they were intermediate or above, and the rest of the members seemed to be beginners.

The beginner course, with a large number of people, was further divided into groups of about 10 people each, and the instructor taught them how to ski from the basics.

I listened to the instructor's explanation with great interest as I was touching ski equipment for the first time.

On the other hand, the smallest group, the advanced skiers, seemed to be free to ski after receiving only a brief explanation, and they were already getting ready to go out onto the slopes.

Ryūen was among them.

He brushed the snow off the soles of his boots, adjusted his boots to the bindings front to back, and stepped on them with his heels. I see. He would walk with both feet in the same position.

I was surprised that I didn't fall down when I walked, but I was puzzled by the sensation for the first time.

I think that... for now...

I tried to start sliding a little more forcefully using the poles and deliberately tilted my center of gravity to the left.

My body fell down as opposed to both boards moving forward.

“...Are you okay?”

Yamamura, who was watching nearby, called out to me in a small voice.

“Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanted to see how cold the snow was.”


There was a bit of laughter around us, but we didn't care.

Ryūen, who I thought was already headed for the lift, raised the corners of his mouth slightly when he saw me falling, and walked away, as if satisfied.

Perhaps he wanted to see me fail.

“Be careful there!”

I bowed my head and apologized for the warning and followed the instructor's instructions.

Afterwards, we actually tried to ski a little, and surprisingly, many people fell down.

I had a couple of unintentional falls, but then I was starting to get the hang of it.

We were given a 30-minute lesson.

After the whole process was over, it was time to let loose.

“Okay, let's go.”


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