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Royal MTLs Afterword

Hey there everyone, It’s Cast. It feels kinda weird writing one of these for the first time since Prince is usually the one to do it, but due to some personal issues, he was a little busy this time around. Anyways, I’d like to express my gratitude to the entire RoyalMTLs team for the sweat and tears they poured into this volume. This was definitely not an easy volume to translate, and it couldn’t have been done without them. I appreciate every single one of you for your hard work. Further thanks also go to all of you readers out there that have been supporting us throughout this long journey. Thanks to you we were able to reach 10K members in our discord server! It is a surreal feeling to be a part of such an accomplishment and know that we are the largest COTE community in the world. 

I once again thank all of you for reading from us and the continuous support you have provided. This could not have been done without you all sharing the same passion as us for the Classroom of the Elite series.

Thanks again and see you all when Volume 0 is released.

As always, a big shout out to Kinugasa (the author) for writing this novel in the first place, please do support him by buying one of the official copies of Classroom of The Elite somewhere down the line. 

Keep checking in on our website to be updated on Classroom of The Elite translations and consider joining our discord if you haven’t already!

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PrinceYG#5766 - Translator

“Nagumo is literally the strongest student in ANHS”

Rhymar#7433 - Translator

“Kushida is the strongest girl in ANHS”

Amadeus#0001 - Senior Editor

“Honami's development is going just as expected. Dear Kei fanatics... please overlook the NTRing you had to endure. It's clearly just bait, after all. Or is it? Can't wait for the Karuizawa/Ichinose cat fight next volume! Fufu.”

Alya#7028 - Illustrator

“My twitter is: @Alya_l16”

BGS003#2745 - Illustration Cleaner 

“Nagumo > Ishigami”

Akuma#5279 - Editor

“Ryūen hot”


“Damn Kushida end game girl”

Grimmfx24#0843 - Editor

“Everything I Could Ever Want Can Be Found Right in The Depths Of My Own Heart... Except For Money”

Nocturnal#8140 - Editor

“Koji's the best Pokémon trainer, he's just naturally catching them all.”


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