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The morning’s plain, no, healthy breakfast is over and lessons began in earnest. The large groups all gathered in a classroom that’s slightly more spacious than the ones back at the Advanced Nurturing High School. I wonder if it’s made to resemble a university classroom? In particular, there isn’t any order to our seating and we’re free to sit wherever we want, beside whoever we want. Inevitably enough, everyone ended up sitting with their small groups from the same school year. You could sit alone in the corner of the classroom if you wanted to but doing so would attract attention to you from the other school years and depending on the circumstances, you might even receive a warning. 
Since the 2nd year and 3rd year small groups have yet to arrive, we 1st years have free reign to choose our seats. 
“In this case……would it be better for us to sit up front?” 
“No, it’ll save us trouble if we wait before taking our seats. Shouldn’t we just wait for the seniors to take their seats first and sit wherever’s free afterwards?” 
Looks like Keisei doesn’t want to run the risk of selfishly taking the seats at the back and getting chewed out for it after. 
“You better not go off and do your own thing, Kouenji. Can’t have you sitting wherever you please alone after all.” 

“As long as the seats are free, I believe I can sit wherever I please though.” 
Despite saying that, he showed no sign of selfishly taking a seat somewhere. So it’s not like he’s the type of man to ignore any and all rules after all. He’s also usually quiet in our daily lessons. Kouenji probably has his own set of rules. 
“You seem to be struggling, 1st years.” 
Spotting us, one of the 2nd years called out to us. 
“If you’re having trouble, would you like me to lend you a hand?” 
“No, we’re fine……” 
Keisei bowed slightly in response to the pressure of one of our seniors offering his help. 
“Hah…why do I have to be the leader?” 
Greeting each and every one of the 2nd and 3rd years is also one of the things that a leader ought to do. As a result of that, he seems to be under an immense amount of stress. If I leave him this way……it might only be a matter of time.


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