Zhanxian - Chapter 504.2

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Chapter 504.2: Exceeding Grade

The reason why they were divided according to the standard of coins was because the demon orbs could improve the cultivation base of a person, and it was superimposed on the basis of money. One coin of the ninth grade ones could increase the cultivation base for one year, while those with two coins of the ninth grade ones could reach four years, while those with three coins of the ninth grade ones could reach 20 years.

It was said that the highest grade could improve the cultivation of a cultivator for five hundred years. Of course, this was just a legend, because so far, no one has ever taken such a demon orb.

According to this algorithm, even if the 227 coins was the first grade, Yang Chen’s mind directly flashed with the head-sized demon orb in his cosmos bag.

That weight was more than just a few coins, right? What grade was that? Anyway, no matter what grade it was, as long as one was willing to bring it out, it was estimated that there would be quite a few people that would go crazy from shock.

Regarding the shopkeeper’s claim that the higher the level of the demonic fiend, the larger the demon orb, Yang Chen expressed limited support. But the shopkeeper’s statement was the cognition of ordinary people, and it was also common knowledge of the general public. It does not mean that there was any error, but occasionally some exceptions.

Although the demonized demon vine was powerful, it has not yet reached the point where it was about to ascend. At best, the plant’s instinct was capable of purifying and condensing the demonic qi. The problem was that the demon orb obtained by this exception has gone to the extreme.

Strictly speaking, this grade was just the natural grade of the demon orb, that was, the grade of weight. But there was another criterion for the demon orb, which was the judgment of the cultivators on the degree of purification of the demonic qi in the demon orb.

Demon Orbs with demonic qi cannot be taken directly. This was common knowledge, otherwise they would just go crazy. The demon orb must be specifically purified of the demonic qi before it could be regarded as a real medicine for improving cultivation.

The result of the processing technique has become another standard of the quality of the demon orb, which was also divided into several different levels. The cleaner the demonic qi was purified, the fewer black lines there would be on it, and the closer the demon orb would be to pure gold.

The worst was with nine black stripes, ninth grade orbs. The best one was the one in the hand of the shopkeeper, with only one black pattern, which was considered a good grade. If the two standards were superimposed, except for the untreated demon orbs, the lower grade of the ninth grade were the lowest, and the first grade was the best in the upper grades.

As for the one that Yang Chen took out, there was no black pattern at all. The clean demon orb with all the demonic qi being dealt with was just a legend, no one has ever seen it.

Purifying the demon orb, in the demon continent, there were some special cultivators who were similar to alchemists who took care of it, ordinary cultivators couldn’t and dare not touch those demonic qi at will. These cultivators who dealt with demonic qi were generally called demonic qi refiners.

Even for a demonic qi refiner, it was impossible to completely drive away the demonic qi. The method that everyone generally adopts was the dilution method, which uses the characteristics of demonic qi to infect other living creatures around, and divide the demonic qi in the demon orb into thinner and dilute it as much as possible.

Of course, what living creatures and materials that were used to do this was the exclusive technique of each refiner, and no one would pass it on. Naturally, they were also an existence on the demon continent that could almost match the status of an alchemist.

The higher the grade and the heavier the demon orb, the more difficult it was to expel the demonic qi. The more advanced the demon orb, the worse the purification effect. No matter how advanced the demonic qi refiner was, he could not purify the ninth grade demon orb to the first grade.

After the shopkeeper said so much, Yang Chen finally understood some common knowledge about the demon orbs. It seemed that this time he got a golden demon orb, which was a very good thing.

The more advanced the demon orb, the higher the level of cultivation base required. After all, if the demonic qi was not removed and purified, the greater the impact on the cultivators. Unless it was a last resort, the cultivators would not swallow the demon orbs that they were not sure about.

Of course, risk comes with rewards, as long as you successfully survive the demonic qi, there were naturally many benefits. Not to mention the crazy improvement of the cultivation base, the heart would also have a strong advancement. This was also one of the reasons why the people who left alive from the demon continent were all strong experts.

The pure golden demon orb means that there was no demonic qi at all. After taking it, it simply increases the cultivation base without any side effects. There was no risk to the upgraded cultivation base, was there anything more attractive to the cultivators than this?

“This pure golden demonic qi, has never been seen before.” The shopkeeper held the demon orb tightly, an unbelievable light appeared in his eyes and he looked at Yang Chen a few times before hesitating to speak, after all still not holding back, he asked in a low voice, “Little friend, forgive me, this demon orb, which demonic qi refiner did it for you?”

The high-level demonic qi refiner who could completely purify the demon orb was simply an inexhaustible golden mountain for the shopkeepers doing the demon orb business. Which shopkeeper could resist this kind of thing? If he could control it in his own hands, or as long as they cooperate, he could earn the wealth of the ocean.

And with such a demonic qi refiner, would he be afraid that his cultivation base won’t break through? Even if the state of mind cannot be raised for the time being, just relying on the crazy spirit power improvement, it could break through any realm. Such a refiner could detonate the entire demon continent.

Seeing Yang Chen hesitating, the shopkeeper knew that he had taken the liberty to ask, and he rushed to confess the crime. This kind of exclusive resource, replaced by the shopkeeper, can’t easily tell others that Yang Chen has this kind of reaction, which was really normal.

“I’m taking the liberty, please forgive me!” The shopkeeper’s attitude was very upright, and there was a series of low postures immediately, and then he said in a negotiating tone “My little friend, can this demon orb be used in an auction? Don’t worry, we will bear all the fees.”

Such a small demon orb which was in the ninth grade at best, was it going to be auctioned? Yang Chen was still a newcomer after all, and never intended to use the demon orb to improve his cultivation, so his knowledge was not very deep. But the shopkeeper was so enthusiastic and so eager, Yang Chen couldn’t help but want to know what the market for such a demon orb was.

“Alright.” Yang Chen nodded, and directly made a condition to the shopkeeper “However, at this auction, I want to see it and see if there are any good things.”

This was hardly a request, how could the shopkeeper refuse to agree, and almost offered Yang Chen a bow. Overjoyed, he hurried to arrange the auction.

While waiting, Yang Chen also looked forward to it. If this demon orb could sell for a good price, what kind of madness would the one in the cosmos bag cause?

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