Zhanxian - Chapter 549.2

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Yang Chen couldn’t see it, but he could feel it. This process really made Yang Chen feel unbelievable, now he vaguely understands what this so-called acceptance means.

It turned out that this ultimate demonized demon vine was cultivating the fake demonized demon vine simulated by the nine nether flying sword. Come to think of it, inheritance was to let the nine nether flying sword inherit the race of the demonized demon vine.

He literally understood it means this, but Yang Chen couldn’t guess the purpose of the demonized demon vine. Speaking of which, shouldn’t this ultimate demonized demon vine be the parent of the demonized demon vine? Why pass the heavy responsibility of inheritance to the nine nether flying sword?

Under what circumstances would the ultimate demonized demon vine make such a choice? Yang Chen couldn’t help but start to ponder.

To save others with oneself and replace it with oneself, under what circumstances would one pass on the mantle to one’s descendants? After thinking about it, it seems that there are only a few situations, either because it wants to survive the tribulation and ascend, or because it no longer has such ability. 

It was impossible to rise through the tribulation as the cultivation base of the second grade earth immortal realm must have been solid a long time ago. Under the influence of demonic qi, it seems that it was impossible to even face the tribulation. Then under what circumstances was it incapable of overcoming? Was it seriously injured or disabled, or on the verge of dying.

As soon as this guess rang out in Yang Chen’s mind, it was a little unstoppable. The crazy suction that just came from the black liquid seemed to want to suck the essence of the demon orb clean, he just doesn’t know why it didn’t work.

Why does the ultimate demonized demon vine madly suck the essence of its younger generation? There seems to be no other possibility except to save itself. In other words, this ultimate demonized demon vine was far less terrifying than Yang Chen had guessed. Either it was seriously injured or it was about to die for other reasons.

The possibility was so high that Yang Chen couldn’t help but get excited. At this time, he carefully used the nine nether flying sword to sense the situation of the ultimate demonized demon vine. He seemed to be able to vaguely perceive a trace of death aura that has been well concealed.

A few wisps of death aura that barely existed. This made Yang Chen more and more determined that this demonized demon vine was indeed dying soon. He doesn’t know what kind of accident happened to make such a powerful demon vine that occupies the outlet of demonic qi in such a situation. But anyway, this was beneficial to Yang Chen.

Now, Yang Chen finally figured out what happened just now. For some unknown reason, this ultimate demonized demon vine was seriously injured and was on the verge of death. Suddenly it found its younger generation appeared, so it immediately grabbed the younger generation into its body, trying to use the younger generation’s life essence to heal itself.

But in the case of finding that his efforts were fruitless, the ultimate demonized demon vine made a decisive decision to pass on his essence to this younger generation, and let it pass on the demonized demon vine race instead of itself. So there was a crazy process of filling the demon orb.

Yang Chen, who understood the situation in front of him, didn’t know whether he should be glad that his luck was too strong, or should he be afraid that he almost became the tonic of the ultimate demonized demon vine. The only thing he could confirm was that it seems that if he wants to refine the space connection point where the demonic qi overflows, it was not so far away, it was within reach and it was likely to be realized.

However, the current situation was not up to Yang Chen to call the shots. Everything was dominated by the ultimate demonized demon vine.

Yang Chen didn’t know how long this process would last, but it was certain. For the time being, it should be very safe to stay in the body of the ultimate demonized demon vine.

Outside the body of the ultimate demonized demon vine that Yang Chen could not see, the ultimate demonized demon vine that had been trapped in his own territory was completely different from before. The vines were wide open and stretched out frantically towards the surroundings.

The beasts that were not far from the ultimate demonized demon vine seem to realize that the crisis was coming and they were about to get up and flee, but it was too late. The vines that attacked like ghosts have already entangled the surrounding beasts with lightning speed, and they have begun to strangle them frantically.

Countless black barbs grew on the vines, piercing deeply into the beasts that were caught up. Don’t look at these beasts that also have the cultivation of the earth Immortal realm, but they are still quite different from the demonized monsters, and they have almost no resistance.

The black barbs were like countless blood-sucking mouths, madly absorbing the life essence of these beasts, and then continuously transmitted to the body of the demonized demon vine. Because these life essences could no longer be used by the ultimate demonized demon vine, they were transferred to the demon orb beside Yang Chen.

In a short span of less than two hours, the demon orb with a square radius of 3 feet swelled to more than 20 feet, and it continued to expand.

Within a few hundred kilometers outside, almost all of the beasts were entangled and strangled by the vines of the demonized demon vine. The countless vines were all constantly absorbing the essence of these beasts, and they were continuously transporting these essences to the mother’s body, and then the mother’s body sent it into the demon orb.

Under such circumstances, Yang Chen doesn’t need to do anything else at all. As long as he waits patiently, this ultimate demonized demon vine will inject all of its essence into the fake demonized demon vine, the nine nether flying sword, and then die. Yang Chen only needs to protect himself from being hurt by demonic qi and those black liquids.

Such a situation was simply unbelievable, who could have predicted that the process of nine-death life would turn out to be such a result? The ups and downs of the process make it impossible to believe that all this was real, but not a dream.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen could only sigh, it may be that after his rebirth, the fortune was too much behind him, so that things like falling pie from the sky can happen again and again. The falling pie was not only a golden pie, but it fell directly into Yang Chen’s mouth by accident, saving Yang Chen the effort to pick it up.

That being the case, what else could Yang Chen hesitate to do? Heaven and did not take, but took the blame, and immediately controlled the nine nether flying sword to madly absorb the incomparably rich demonic qi.

While absorbing the demonic qi, Yang Chen sighed at the beauty of life, but soon, Yang Chen realized that he seemed to have overlooked a little bit, and almost let a lot of treasures pass him by.

These highly toxic and corrosive black liquids were also a kind of material, and they are also top-level materials that Yang Chen can’t find anywhere. Among the great Yin-Yang five elements flying swords, there was still a shortage of the eighth metal flying sword and ninth water flying sword. 

He does not know where to find materials to refine the eighth metal flying sword, but were these black liquids not the most suitable materials for the ninth water attribute?

If the black liquor was refined into the ninth water flying sword, which was naturally toxic and corrosive, what kind of nightmare would it be for the opponent?

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