Zhanxian - Chapter 600

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Yang Chen beat another elder into a coma in front of several elders, which made them  lose face, but did not make them feel so embarrassed.

After all, only a few people know about it, and these people are masters with brains. They know what is good and what is right, and they know right and wrong. Therefore, for what happened to Bei Shuangyu, it was actually more anger than resentment towards Yang Chen.

After all, Yang Chen was still an outsider, even if Bei Shuangyu was dealing with Yang Chen, she was dealing with outsiders. However, Shi Shanshan was not only a member of other sects, but was trained as a genius and the future pillar of the sect. It’s ridiculous that the elders of their own sect would target their genius disciple because of their own mistakes, and the person who should have protected this genius disciple didn’t even know about it, and Yang Chen, an outsider, came to expose it.

Under the calculations inside and out, the elders felt even more slapped in the face. Especially Elder Min Huafeng, she now feels that she was a little embarrassed. This news has not reached the ears of ordinary disciples yet, if it spreads out, even a dignified elder like her can’t cover a core disciple like Shi Shanshan, who else would dare to depend on her?

“This matter is the fault of our sect. After Shanshan comes back, there will never be a shortage of everything that should be there.” The Island master was also someone who can afford to let it go, and has to rely heavily on Yang Chen, now that he has the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Pill, not to mention, she immediately expressed her stance to Yang Chen.

The Island master couldn’t help but not express her position. Looking at Yang Chen’s appearance, he first suppressed the number of face retaining pills, and then took out the Seven Emotions and Six Desires pills. In the end, it was to seek justice for his wife. If Yang Chen was not satisfied, this matter will never have a good outcome.

“To be honest, senior, do you think that this junior will make Shanshan lack anything?” If Yang Chen was satisfied that there was no shortage of things, then Yang Chen would be too relieved. Yang Chen hadn’t taken that point of the sect’s monthly routine into his eyes. All he wanted was justice, if there was such justice, he didn’t need anything.

The Island master also sighed inwardly, it seemed that Yang Chen would not be able to nod his head unless she showed enough sincerity. There was nothing to be said, she can only give up Bei Shuangyu. Speaking of which, Bei Shuangyu’s approach was really too much, even if she was worried about the suzerain, it doesn’t make sense, her plan was not to capture Yang Chen alive.

Now it was not only because of this embarrassment, but even the Island master owes Yang Chen a big favor. A free pill made her rush directly from the peak Yuanying stage to the Dacheng stage, and she still doesn’t know how to repay this favor in the future. If the bond between Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen was not maintained, the Green Jade Immortal Island will only be able to watch the Blue Cloud Sect soar in the future.

“Bei Shuangyu’s actions are not good, she will be cut off from the position of elder, and she will be punished with 100 years of seclusion.” Thinking of this, the Island master announced very directly “Liu Zifang deliberately plotted against the disciples of the sect and will be cut off from the position of an elder. The punishment hall will cane her with ten thousand strikes and she will go into seclusion for two hundred years in the wanzhang sea eye!”

The wanzhang sea eye was a natural sea eye in a sea area around the Green Jade Immortal Island, which was deep in the sea. The sea eye will spew out scorching ocean currents every day with the change of tides, the disciples below the Yuanying stage can be easily killed by this scorching current, only disciples above the Yuanying stage can resist this terrifying ocean current.

No matter whether you retreat here or face the wall, you are actually locked at the bottom of the sea and cannot escape. Those who are punished can only resist by mobilizing the cultivation of the whole body, which was extremely miserable. This was also the heaviest punishment in the Green Jade Immortal Island, except for direct beheading and abolishing the cultivation base and expelling from the sect.

It can be said that Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zifang could only endure their respective punishment time with difficulty on the seabed. For Bei Shuangyu and Liu Zifang, one is a core elder and the other is an ordinary elder, it must be said that this was a very serious punishment.

When the Island Master announced to deal with the two elders in succession, Yang Chen’s face turned a little better. However, Yang Chen seemed to have lingering anger, and his eyes swept over to Elder Min’s side again.

“It’s my fault, I didn’t care enough about Shanshan before.” Min Huafeng was originally a straight-forward character, Yang Chen’s eyes were obviously dissatisfied with her, and Elder Min simply admitted her mistake “I will take care of it myself in the future. I will never let Shanshan suffer any grievances again.”

Because the small monthly resources were detained, a core elder and an ordinary elder were disqualified as elders. He believes that anyone in the Green Jade Immortal Island who wants to have any crooked thoughts about Shi Shanshan will subconsciously sum up whether it was worth it. 

It was only at this moment that Yang Chen’s expression returned to normal. Facing the Island master, he said slowly “It’s not difficult to refine this Pill of Seven Emotions and Six Desires, but the raw materials are very rare, and the quantity is small, as for how to exchange for it, let’s wait for Shanshan to come back and talk about it!”

The implication was that they had to wait for Shanshan to come back to see if she was satisfied. They can’t help but say that Yang Chen was thinking about his wife and must strive for the highest position in the sect for her.

The Island master could only smile bitterly. Who would have known that just a little bit of ignorance would make things happen to such a point? Speaking of which, it’s also their fault that they don’t take enough care of Shi Shanshan. If they often ask questions, give warnings to the warehouse manager, she wouldn’t dare to disgust Shi Shanshan according to Liu Zifang’s instructions.

Of course, Yang Chen was not without any sincerity. The news about the face retaining pills was originally released by himself, so as long as he notified Shangguan Feng, everything will be business as usual. As a result, at least the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island were relieved. As long as they returned to their original state, those disciples would have no reason to be anxious.

The small disturbance soon passed, and Yang Chen stayed in Shi Shanshan’s courtyard as always, waiting for Shi Shanshan to return. During this period of time, the Island master and several core elders’ evaluation of Yang Chen rose by several steps.

Bei Shuangyu didn’t wake up until seven days later, but after waking up, she became a cowardly person. If there was a little trouble, Bei Shuangyu would tremble all over, and she didn’t even dare to breathe out. No matter how the Island Master and the others inquired, they could not get any useful information from Bei Shuangyu.

The elders who watched everything happen with their own eyes didn’t see anything very strange. Yang Chen clearly just fell and used the sword to frighten Bei Shuangyu. How could Bei Shuangyu become like this? Although they don’t know what method Yang Chen used, what is certain is that from the beginning, Yang Chen didn’t intend to let Bei Shuangyu go.

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