Zhanxian - Chapter 632

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Almost all the girls were stunned. No one thought that Yang Chen was serious and really wanted to tell outsiders the secrets of becoming a fifth-grade alchemist. However, this was also a little unbelievable, a little too unbelievable.

“Of course, you can also be present. In view of our relationship, I will not charge you fees. However, your sect’s share is indispensable.” Yang Chen also expressed enough sincerity to the fairies around him. They were given an Immortal peach spiritual vein, plus the latter, it can be said that benevolence and righteousness are exhausted.

“What’s the price?” Tao Junqi finally couldn’t hold back and asked. Speaking of which, which sect does not have the heart to covet the secret of Yang Chen’s fifth-grade alchemy master secrets? It’s just because some face is not good to do it. Now that Yang Chen took the initiative to take it out, it was too simple for the sect to pay some price.

“I sell pill recipes for two kinds of seventh grade fire seeds, this is the secret of  becoming a fifth-grade alchemist master. If I want ten kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds or something of equivalent value, it is not a slaughter” Yang Chen pondered for a while. The price tag was mentioned on this basis. The seventh-grade fire seed Yang Chen had will not be too few, it is best that someone can find the pure yin true fire, so that Yang Chen will be hopeful of refining the life prolonging pills in the future.

All the girls shook their heads in unison. If it was really just ten kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds or something of the same value, this would not be considered a slaughter, it would be a great deal. A fifth-grade alchemist, except for Yang Chen, a fifth-grade alchemist who had never been seen before, those big sects would be happy to pay a high price.

The price of the sect was naturally negotiated by the sect. Presumably, the palace master who has a tacit understanding with Yang Chen will not agree easily, and will definitely take the opportunity to collect a lot of chips, Yang Chen was not worried at all.

“No matter what sect, Dao sect, monster race, or demon sect, as long as they take out ten kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds or something of equivalent value, I will allow three of them to participate.” Yang Chen reiterated again, he wants to earn enough money, so as not to have any troubles in the future.

This is also a hope to spread this matter further through the mouths of the three sects. In addition, with the help of the power of the three major sects, some people who eliminate demons and defend the way will not be obstructed at certain times. If Yang Chen didn’t want to take one less, he would hide his hands a little bit, and everyone would be playing chickens and eggs, and no one would want such a result.

“If the Pill Cauldron Sect is also interested, then in addition to Senior Deng Yiya, they can add three others. Senior Deng does not need to be limited to three places.” After thinking about it, Yang Chen added another point.

This time, all the girls remembered clearly, and after confirming that Yang Chen had no other intentions, they left Yang Chen one after another, hurried back to the sect, and reported the important news to the sect first.

Before Yang Chen returned to the Pure Yang Palace, the cultivators in the entire mortal world were already boiling. Yang Chen, Grandmaster Yang was willing to disclose the secrets of the cultivation of fifth-grade alchemists to everyone. This was such a shocking news that it spread all over the place almost immediately.

Everyone who heard the news couldn’t believe it. How could this be possible? How could the secret of a fifth-grade alchemist be released casually?

Of course, everyone quickly realized that it was not just announced casually. If you want to know, you have to pay enough price. The price was ten kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds or items of equivalent value. The value of the specific items was determined by several old rich men of the ten thousand treasure building.

Countless people began to move their minds, and the main sect has already begun to prepare for it, just waiting for that day to come. Countless rogue cultivators scratched their ears and scratched their cheeks, thinking about how to make up for this sky-high admission fee at that time. In short, there was no quiet place.

“Do you really want to do this?” The first sentence the Palace Master said when he saw Yang Chen was this sentence.

“Yes, Palace Master.” Yang Chen nodded, and then followed the palace master back to the conference hall. Several core elders were there, waiting for Yang Chen.

After meeting Yang Chen, Wang Yongcai asked Yang Chen “If you really want to announce it, you don’t have any advantages here. Have you thought about it?”

“It doesn’t matter whether there is an advantage or not, Master.” Facing Wang Yong, Yang Chen was still very respectful “It’s just that there will be less boring battles, saving time and effort, and also making a lot of money, why not do it?”

“If someone followed your method and became a fifth-grade alchemy master, what would happen?” Zhu Chentao was concerned about this, but in fact, he himself was already itching and wanted to know the secret of Yang Chen’s refining of medicine pills.

“Fifth-grade alchemy masters can’t be made by talking about it.” Yang Chen smiled slightly “Isn’t the pill recipes already sold, and now besides this disciple, who else can make it? “

As soon as they heard Yang Chen’s words, everyone suddenly realized that this must be Yang Chen’s method, not everyone can do it, that’s why Yang Chen was so relaxed. Speaking of which, the Pure Yang Palace has made countless profits on Yang Chen, and this time was no exception.

“If that’s the case, then you should recharge your batteries and wait until the time is right to point out others!” The master of the palace smirked like a vixen who was laughing wickedly, his eyes almost narrowed into slits. It’s a good opportunity to make money and gain fame. If the Pure Yang Palace doesn’t take the opportunity to seize it, doesn’t it seem that the master of the palace is too incompetent?

In the Greatest Heaven Sect, Tao Junqi reported Yang Chen’s words and the matter of this trip to Sect Master Li and a group of core elders.

“Did he really say that?” Sect Master Li couldn’t believe his ears at first, but after getting Tao Junqi’s affirmative answer, he closed his eyes and pondered.

“We’ve wronged you. Junqi!” Another core elder said, “We’ve wronged you because of a few disobedient guys.”

“Junqi won’t feel wronged if I can do something for the sect.” Tao Junqi lowered her head slightly, only said this sentence, and said no more. If it was true that she felt a little wronged before, then after she followed Yang Chen out this time, it seemed that feeling was no longer there.

“Wushuang, when did you cross the tribulation?” Shi Wushuang’s master saw that she became a master of the Dacheng stage after seeing his proud disciple go out and come back. She was very surprised and immediately thought of Shi Wushuang’s mission. It must be because her disciples feel depressed, so she got angry and made great progress in her cultivation, right?

“I’ve wronged you, Wushuang!” Shi Wushuang’s master, holding her beloved disciple in her arms, was about to cry, her genius disciple had to suffer such grievances and be a servant. 

“He treats this disciple very well.” Shi Wushuang just said this, but she suddenly missed the time when she called Yang Chen husband.

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