Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 20: Princess Chao Yun

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At dusk, the most beautiful moment of the day, fragments of the golden light pierced the clouds, adding a red color into the sky blue horizon to cover an equal colored of sunrise and sunset. With the exception of the fragrance in the garden, the rugged stone mountain, was also having a smile on his face, Lou Xi Yan’s mood was extremely good.

Walking to the outside of Hua Ting pavilion through the front door of the courtyard, Lou Xi Yan stopped his footsteps. In a low voice, he said: “Mo Bai, watch her properly.” According to her character, she would certainly not be well-behaved staying at the Prime Minister’s manor. She had too many elusive matters that had not been handled clearly before, he would absolutely not let her leave outside of his control.

“Yes.” Mo Bai’s voice barely left and the shadow of the person suddenly disappeared between the stone mountain. One big person disappeared in a flash just now, whoever saw it would feel frightful. Lou Xi Yan was accustomed to it, lightly straightened his lapel, the corner of his mouth was raised softly, there was no smile in his eyes and he raised his steps to enter Hua Ting pavilion at the side of the courtyard.

Lou Xi Yan entered the interior of the courtyard. Sitting at the master’s seat above, Yan Ru Xuan saw him right away with one quick glance. The sunset came from behind his reflection and he seemed to step on the coming golden ray. Putting on a white jade Dijon’s hat, dark golden robe set off his increasingly majestic presence and handsomeness. Especially the corner of his mouth seemed to have no lack of smile, feathery light, warm, shallow and faint. Every time she saw him, her heart would jump violently and incessantly.

Lou Xi Yan had not entered the room yet, Yan Ru Xuan already got up slowly to wait for him to come in. A light golden long skirt following her movement softly, Fushun’s hairstyle (the original words used were 抚顺的发丝-Fushun de fasi, I googled it trying to see what this was but couldn’t find anything related to this) was also slightly raised, quietly standing at that place, quiet and dignified temperament so much so that it could bewitch any person, not to mention that the appearance of the bright moon was pouring on the face.

Yan Ru Xuan suddenly got up, Xue Xian Xin also hurriedly stood, following her line of sight to look, just to see Lou Xi Yan was walking slowly, smiling clearly, waiting for Lou Xi Yan to enter Hua Ting pavilion. She impatiently and immediately pretended to complain and said: “Xi Yan had returned, Princess Chao Yun waited for you for a long time.”

Lou Xi Yan simply nodded lightly towards Xue Xian Xin, faced Yan Ru Xuan, he greeted and clasped his hands and said: “Greetings to Princess.”

Yan Ru Xuan advanced one step and urgently said: “Yan gege (the words used were 颜哥哥-It can be translated to elder brother Yan but it sounds weird so I’m going to keep the pinyin) does not need to be so polite.”

Xue Xian Xin rejoiced covertly in her heart, Princess Chao Yun’s heart was tied up to Xi Yan. If the two of them advanced to forge an alliance, that would be good, that the Lou family’s authority would not collapse in the imperial court, she was trying to hide her true intention!! (Original words used were 一手遮天-yi shou zhe tian, an idiom that literally means to hide the sky with one hand). Wishful thinking (original words used 如意算盘-ru yi suan pan, another idiom that literally means counting one’s chicks before it is hatched), Xue Xian Xin got up to attend to the guest and said: “You chat first, I will go to take a look at how things are for the evening meal’s preparation.”

Xue Xian Xin left perfectly satisfied, Yan Ru Xuan faced Lou Xi Yan’s fluttering tiny eyes, her face was somewhat red-hot, hurriedly pointing at the medicine herbs on the side, with soft voice said: “Spring finally arrived, Xuan-er (Er means child and it is usually attached to the last character of a person’s name as an expression of affection in ancient China) is worry that Yan gege’s illness will once again reappear so I am delivering some medicine herbs. This medicine was searched and concocted by Imperial Mother’s famous doctor for you. You must take care of your body properly, do not work too excessively.” Every time she heard that Yan gege’s old illness recurred and could not attend the Imperial court, her heart was anxious incessantly.

Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at the medicine package on the desk, with clear voice said: “Many thanks to Empress Dowager, Princess’ grace, this subject will pay attention.”

Must he call her princess and himself a subject?! She had been chasing him this many years and he did not have any feeling at all?! She heard that Imperial Brother, bestowed him an exceptionally beautiful woman, he would despise her even more later, right?! Her heart was slightly in pain, concealing her tightfisted hands inside the wide sleeve of her garment, Yan Ru Xuan’s pair of eyes were filled with hope and stared at Lou Xi Yan, quietly asked: “On the 15th of next month, Bei Qi Country’s diplomatic envoy will come to make customary deferences to Qiong Yue, Imperial Mother and Imperial Brother will certainly not remember that day is also Xuan-er’s 16th birthday, at the time that Yan gege enters the palace, can you come to visit Xuan-er?”

Meeting her longing gaze, Lou Xi Yan quietly comforted and said: “Princess does not need to worry about this, the Emperor and Empress Dowager will not forget your birthday.”

“In that case, will you come to Qing Xuan’s palace hall to see me?” She definitely did not care that other people did not remember, she only cared that he would not forget!

Lou Xi Yan hesitated for a moment, but finally answered with a soft voice: “I am afraid that it will be difficult to leave the official business when the envoy pays a visit, this subject will send someone to deliver a gift to Qing Xuan’s palace.”

Gift… She was not a small girl anymore who would be happy and excited to receive a gift, he refused her request once again, this time was the 57th times.

“It is late, Xuan-er will return first.” Yan Ru Xuan was somewhat dazed and walked away from Hua Ting pavilion, Lou Xi Yan could not bear it in his mind, he sighed and said: “This subject will send Princess to go out.” Xuan-er was a kindhearted woman so she ought to receive a better treatment, but he could not give it to her.

“There is no need.” Faintly sighing and preventing Lou Xi Yan’s step to follow, his visual was directed at the beautiful picture of the meandering skirt away. Lou Xi Yan turned around to look towards the table where a large number of packages of medicine herbs were, his cold eyes flashed through chilly cold rays, no longer gentle and soft.


The dim light of night as if it was an ink, outside the room was pitch-black, inside the room, the yellow candle light passed through the heavy curtain shining inside the bed curtain, the light was barely enough to look at an object. Zhuo Qing softly opened her eyes to see a place full of cotton yarn curtain screen, she was absent-minded for a split second, but she recalled where she was very quickly.

Prime Minister’s manor had no deficiency, the high bed was warm, this was the best sleep that she had after arriving in this world. Stretching her body, Zhuo Qing lifted the bed curtain and she went to the outside direction of the screen barefooted. The floor was covered with a thick carpet, soft and very comfortable. There was a round mahogany table outside the screen, furthermore there was a soft couch. On the side of the screen, there was a high copper mirror, unexpectedly the copper could be polished so it was flat and smooth. Even though you could not compare it with a glass mirror, but it would be absolutely enough to use it everyday.

Standing in front of the mirror and after occupying this body for several days, Zhuo Qing finally had a chance to properly look at herself.

Willow leaf eyebrows, bridge of nose, perfect oval-shaped face, Zhuo Qing’s most favorite was the eyes, not too big but sparkling and pure, as if they were two deep and clear spring, tiny and raised lip that was full and moistened.

The information flourished at the modern era, the size of the celebrity was extremely a lot. Zhuo Qing also figured there were countless beauties and this woman’s features were indeed a rare beauty, even better if the packaging was good, absolutely could frighten the heaven and earth. But it was a pity that the right cheek had two scars from a knife wound that destroyed some sense of beauty. After all, using this body at the moment, even though Zhuo Qing did not feel ugly, but also could not help to say it was a pity. This face was extremely young, at most probably 16-17 years. Zhuo Qing laughed mockingly at herself, it seemed that she earned something in the end, completely uncalled for that she was 10 years younger.

Lightly touching the long fine black hair that reached to the calf, Zhuo Qing forced a smile, this long hair was truly baffling her. Softly ditching her collar, Zhuo Qing bowed her head to look down, could not help to blow a whistle. Lordy, what this child ate to grow up, she was a size 34D at the very least, her development seemed to be a little too good, right…….
Zhuo Qing was still minding her own business then gasped in surprise, the window of the room on the other side was half opened. A few gleam of light was somewhat dazzling to the eyes, she was walking to push opened the window to see, there was a lake that separated her courtyard and a small storied building, her next door neighbor. Not knowing what had happened directly in front, there were more than a dozen people who were assembling outside the room, the room was also brightly lit.

She drove out the maid before going to sleep, her stomach was terribly hungry now. She wanted to go and see what the situation was, then conveniently tried to find something to eat. Pushing opened the door, Zhuo Qing faced directly in front to walk to the three-stories building. Looking not too far, but on the top of the lake was bent, winding and turning into a long bridge, making Zhuo Qing completely miserable and with great difficulty she reached the small storied building in front, just to see that everybody’s face was anxious. Watching attentively to see the room inside the small storied building and standing in front of the people, Zhuo Qing recognized Lou Xi Wu whom she had seen in the afternoon.

“Excuse me, may I ask what is going on?” A clear and cold female’s voice leisurely echoed. The sound made a group of nervous people to be frightened and jumped.

Lou Xi Wu turned her head around and saw it was Zhuo Qing, impatiently said: “Go away, ugly woman, I do not have time to pay attention to you.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, indifferently answered: “Fine, I will go in to see on my own.” After she finished talking, she blatantly walked toward the small storied building.

She, she, she… Too outrageous!

After recovering, Lou Xi Wu hurriedly and powerfully stepped forward to block in front of Zhuo Qing and scolded: “You are not allowed to go in. Elder brother’s old illness has recurred, the Imperial Physician is treating his illness, you can not go in to disturb him!”

Zhuo Qing already guessed earlier that Lou Xi Wu would come over to block her, but hearing her saying that Lou Xi Yan was sick, Zhuo Qing was a little startled and asked: “What illness?” When he grabbed her for a length of time in the afternoon, the strength was not small, the complexion and breathing were as usual, did not resemble any illness appearance, he was not playing any trick, right!


One loud sound, it should be a sound of something that was being smashed, then a tensed voice roared from the inside of the room.

“Get out!” A fierce sound gasping for breath echoed, containing a repressed emotion and different unfeeling.

Zhuo Qing was frightened, this was… Lou Xi Yan’s voice!

Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was somewhat white for a moment, her nervous hands were trembling. Looking at her appearance, it did not look as if she was pretending, could it be that Lou Xi Yan was really ill? What illness could make a cultured and refined person, at the very least in front of people that he was a cultured and refined man to become this impetuous?!

Zhuo Qing was puzzled for a time, the door inside the small storied building was suddenly opened…


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