Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 24: The Emperor Arrived

I have to say that I really enjoy the interactions between Lou Xi Yan & Yan Hong Tian… I don’t feel bad for Zhou Qing’s “losing” encounters with Lou Xi Yan so far. Even the Emperor can’t go toe to toe with our dear Prime Minister. Hehehe… Feb & Asu, this chapter will answer your questions  from the previous chapter. This author has thought the whole plots on all three books nicely as you can see…

This chapter was edited by Din2.


“No need for the courtesy!” Along with an irritable and overbearing majestic presence, a male voice sounded, the door was suddenly pushed open, almost simultaneously, the candle flame was originally bright inside the room. Mo Bai softly brushed away his sleeve, unexpectedly he left behind a weak candle light, the rest of the candles were completely extinguished.

Zhuo Qing was pushed by Mo Bai to the other side of the screen, she still had not reacted, the hand already had a tray, a hasty and rapid footsteps also sounded. Zhuo Qing looked up to look, just to meet one tall silhouette coming hurriedly. The man’s back was facing Zhuo Qing, she was unable to see his appearance, only saw his dark gray long gown, embroidered with gold cuffs with dragon cloud design, low-profile while to the greatest extend prominent with unlimited luxurious, at the same time would show his domineering, honorable and imposing manner.

The man entered the door, catching sight of Lou Xi Yan’s back which was leaning against the cushions, half sitting, complexion was heavy, lowly roared to say: “You lie down properly, what are you doing sitting up!”

“Where is the Imperial Physician?” The inside room was so big, but could only see Mo Bai and a maid. The man immediately flipped out: “That person did not want his life, where did he run this time?!”

Zhuo Qing gently scooped her ear, this was the so-called sovereign king’s energy, Royal’s appearance?! This Emperor’s temperament was apparently not good. She would be better to act properly, lowering her head, Zhuo Qing closed her eyes to regain composure.

Lou Xi Yan softly touched his forehead, lowered his head and smiled to answer: “I just drank the medicine, already felt a little bit better, you shouted so my head hurt!” Not only he has a bad temper but also a loud voice!

Staring to look at him, Yan Hong Tian coldly groaned to say: “You can not differentiate good from bad type of person, hearing that you were ill, without stopping to rest I came over in a hurry, you would better be good!” In this entire Qiong Yue, possibly speaking for the six countries in the continent, supposedly, he was the only one who dared to speak to him this way.

Lou Xi Yan immediately sat straight, firmly cupped both of his hands and answered: “This subject is terrified, does not dare to toil the Emperor to take a lot of trouble over this subject.”

“Lou… Xi… Yan…!”

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows, Yan Hong Tian’s cold eyes slightly narrowed, the two people were staring at each other. Zhuo Qing secretly guessed, these two people, the ruler and his minister’s relationships were indeed unconventional, then they would not want to have a fight, right! Unfortunately she was disappointed, only to see Yan Hong Tian suddenly sat down on the bed to see Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was indeed gradually better, he softly asked: “Are you satisfied with that present?”

“What present?” Lou Xi Yan was startled.

“Qing Feng.”

“She…” Lightly lifting his eyes to look across Yan Hong Tian’s shoulder, looking a glance at a docile and obedient Zhuo Qing who was standing behind, Lou Xi Yan gently smiled and answered: “Very good.”

Very good? But Xi Yan rarely evaluated a woman this way. “Have you enjoyed her?” (This is implying if LXY has already “xoxo” ZQ. Hehehe)

Enjoyed her!?

Was she a pork chop meal?! What did he take a woman for?! Zhuo Qing’s head was filled with sinister line… Zhuo Qing’s gloomy appearance amused Lou Xi Yan, changing the subject, Lou Xi Yan repressed a low cough: “Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

“Why were you coughing again!” Yan Hong Tian frowned, patting him on his back, said: “You are not young anymore, should have a main wife, also good for your Lou’s family to keep the incense burning in front of a temple! (I think this is a saying that in the ancient period or maybe still happens in China that a daughter in law is usually the one responsible to take care of those ancestors related prayer, takes care of the house, etc) you and Xuan-er’s matter…”

Without waiting until Yan Hong Tian finished talking, Lou Xi Yan gently sighed and answered: “I, this half dead person, who will follow me to suffer hardship, the main wife’s matter will have to do it slowly.”

Lou Xi Yan merely said some random words, but attracted Yan Hong Tian’s anger: “What nonsense, Xuan-er can follow you is her good fortune, you do not seem to like Xuan-er, once more choosing in the same way.”

Unwilling to receive this spoken words, Lou Xi Yan found an excuse to change the subject: “Bei Qi and Di Nu, both countries are in a civil war all year round, this time Bei Qi comes to Qiong Yue to make customary deferences, I think that they come to ask for help.”

“Good fight! Bei Qi wants Qiong Yue to undertake a task, just see what kind of price they are willing to pay. You must not trouble yourself with this matter.” Understanding that he was not willing to take part in Xuan-er’s marriage, Yan Hong Tian also did not force him. In this whole world, he could force anybody, only Xi Yan, he could not. Lightly patting Lou Xi Yan’s shoulder, he got up and said: “Rest properly, keep the body well. I leave first, do not come to the imperial court these few days.”


Yang Hong Tian got up to walk to the front of the screen, suddenly stopped his footsteps, looked a glance at the maid who was at the corner. At Xi Yan’s side always had Mo Bai only, when did he have a maid by his side? The woman always bowed her head, Yan Hong Tian did not examine carefully and raised his legs to leave.

Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, this man’s attacking nature was really strong, he merely swept her a glance just now, she could already sense a hostility from that pair of black eyes. Confirming that Yan Hong Tian already left, Zhuo Qing immediately put down the tray, Lou Xi Yan thought that she would ask a few questions at the minimum, but did not expect that she did not ask anything. Hurriedly advancing to walk over to the outside door, Lou Xi Yan worriedly asked: “Where are you going?”

Zhuo Qing did not turn her head but faintly floated a clear sentence: “Looking for food.”

Lou Xi Yan was surprised for a moment, trying to collect himself and not knowing whether to cry or laugh. She was anxious and frantic, just because she wanted to find food?!

Zhuo Qing went out a moment later, Jing Sa’s hand was holding a picture scroll, softly pushed the door open to enter, stood at the outside of the screen, softly said: “Master, the investigation has finally finished.”

A tired whisper sounded from the bedroom: “Come in and speak.”

Jing Sa entered the bedroom, one hand was unfolding the picture scroll, and said: “The Qing sisters are prestigious, there are many people who collect their portraits in the capital. This was from Hao Yue’s poem gathering last year, the three Qing Family’s Misses composed poetry and they were painted by a scholar, Zhang Han.” On the picture, the three women were standing in front of a short table, a blue clothing woman was holding a palm-leaf fan, her hand was softly grinding with graceful posture, elegant smile. In the middle was a purple clothing woman who was properly taking up a pen to write something, flying confident eyes. Behind her, also had a petite figure woman in green with a silk handkerchief on her hand, the face had a gentle smile, delicate, charming and enchanting. Three people with three different bearings, but each one had a beauty and wonderful appearance, merely a painting, already was unable to stop oneself.

Looking at the appearance, the woman in the middle should be Qing Feng, she was posing like a noble and virtuous on the painting, dainty appearance. In reality, she was defiant, arrogant and self-sustaining. Looking at the smile on the painting, then comparing it to her current condition felt like having a flowery nightmare about the woman. Lou Xi Yan’s face appeared colder, a gentle voice with some chilliness asked: “Who hurt her face?”

Jing Sa and Mo Bai looked at each other for a glimpse, in the opposite side’s eyes had also seen a very light touch of surprise, happiness, anger, without showing any feeling’s type of Master, the mood seemed to be excessively excited tonight, they somewhat understood clearly in their hearts. Jing Sa bowed his head lightly and with melancholy answered truthfully: “It was herself. The three Qing Family’s sisters emphatically did not wish to act as the gifts to be delivered to Qiong Yue, Hao Yue’s King caught their father and mother to threaten them, did not expect that the two elders’ Qing Family died in prison unexpectedly. Before they started on the journey, they disfigured their faces themselves, also tried to hang themselves in the past. However, they were not successful, were rescued and immediately delivered to enter Qiong Yue.”

Suicide? He did not believe Qing Feng would kill herself, at the minimum he had seen this calm and arrogant woman to run into this kind of matter for a length of time, absolutely would not choose to kill herself! Pondering, Lou Xi Yan asked: “What other characteristics do the Qing Family’s sisters have?”

“Madam Qing was Hao Yue’s well-known tattoo expert, almost all Hao Yue Country’s noblewomen tried to invite Madam Qing because they wanted to tattoo in between their eyebrows with floral decoration. During the one month’s old birthday for the three Misses Qing, Madam Qing tattooed the last character of their names on their bodies, therefore if she was truly Qing Feng, her body should have a tattoo of the character Feng.”

“Conferring this one Feng’s character on her body was merely a simple matter, right.” Mo Bai frowned, what characteristic this was, Jing Sa could investigate so other people could also investigate it.

Jing Sa shook his head, staunchly answered: “This one characteristic, only the Qing Family’s sisters will know their existence. It was said that Madam Qing had a supreme feat, the character’s tattoos on their bodies would not come out during normal time, only during the time when their moods were stirred up or the body temperature raised, it would appear, also she only used this technique on her own daughters’ bodies.

“Look for an opportunity to verify her body whether or not she has a Feng character.” This woman’s behavior was entirely different than an ordinary person, at the very least, he wanted to be certain whether or not she was Qing Feng.

Jing Sa’s face was stiff, did not reply for a very long time, Lou Xi Yan sensed Jing Sa’s peculiar, softly asked: “Where is the location of the tattoo?”




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