Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 55: Anxious

We’re finding out in this chapter on what was the “thing” that both YHT & LXY liked at the same time for the first time years ago when they were both kids. Over 2,000 words again!

This chapter marked the end of volume one.

This chapter was edited by Din2.

The chariot finally went out of the Imperial palace and went straight back to the Prime Minister’s manor. The vehicle speed was somewhat quick and slightly bumpy.

Inside the chariot, Zhuo Qing was looking at Lou Xi Yan who was beside her and pondering in the chariot from when he entered the chariot, her heart was still somewhat ashamed and uneasy. If it was not because of her, he did not need to offend Yan Hong Tian, right, after all, that was the Emperor.

Zhuo Qing lowly sighed and said: “If you want to ask me something, just ask, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan recovered, looked towards her, softly smiled and said: “You have amnesia, if I ask, can you still be able to answer?”

“I…. can not.” She had so many things that she could not explain to him. Lou Xi Yan lightly shrugged his shoulder, this being the case, there was no need to ask too many expressions. Once again leaning her head, Zhuo Qing called once again: “Lou Xi Yan, I have questions that I want to ask you.”

Lou Xi Yan was quietly looking at her, waiting for her to raise the questions: “How long will Qing Feng be in prison? According to your understanding towards Yan Hong Tian, how will he punish her?” Just before leaving, watching that Qing Feng’s smile, it always made her heart frightened and anxious. If something would happen to her, she could not feel relieved either.

“Making a round trip from Qiong Yue takes at least half a month, if the case is investigated clearly then she will be able to come out freely after about half a month. As for whether or not she will receive any punishment, I do not know.” Yan Hong Tian always handled matters based on his mood, he would now know what kind mood he would have at that time. Maybe Qing Feng would die, maybe she would be given away, also maybe she would continue to stay at the palace.

At least half a month……. Staying inside the prison for half a month was a horrible matter. Zhuo Qing hesitated for a long time, she still said: “I know that this request will somewhat put you in a difficult situation, but I still want to say it.”

Looking at her awkward and remorseful appearance, Lou Xi Yan already knew what she wanted to say, mildly smiled and said: “I will use up my ability to make her life a little well while she is in the Imperial prison.”

Lou Xi Yan’s consideration of her need made her grateful: “Thank you.”

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan answered: “I may not necessarily be able to help, she is inside the palace after all.”

Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “I thanked you for taking me out of the Imperial palace.” Confronting Yan Hong Tian, that kind of man, needed too much courages. She admitted that she was somewhat scared. When Lou Xi Yan was pulling her hand to leave, her heartbeat went very fast, maybe because she was touched emotionally, maybe because she separated herself from danger, again, maybe because her heart was moved.

Lou Xi Yan had a heavy appearance, Zhuo Qing discreetly closed her mouth, her head was leaning against the window, closing her eyes to rest and no longer disturbed him.

The great waves on her eyes were very beautiful, he finally saw them but thinking about Yan Hong Tian’s words a moment ago, he sank into anxiety once again. Because the first time he said that he liked a certain thing, the conclusion for his liking was the end of the life of that certain thing. It was during that very same year when the Late Emperor wanted Yan Hong Tian to be adopted by the Empress who had not produced any heir. This Empress who happened to be his paternal aunt, Lou Su Xin. As a result, he often entered the palace to accompany his paternal aunt. He and Yan Hong Tian became good friends, just like cousins (表兄弟- biao xiong di – male cousins via a female line).

Afterwards, he also had several important minister’s sons and was able to have access to study with the Princes together at the palace. There was one year that The Late Emperor bestowed a newborn white tiger as a reward, the Imperial teacher would draw up the theme of discussion, the scholars would have competition. Whoever was the winner, he could receive that white tiger. Numerous Princes were eager to give it a try, this was in front of The Late Emperor to display their own’s great opportunity, anybody also did not want to give up.

But he was only interested with the small stuff, the white tiger was not even one month, it looked so simple, honest and adorable, snow white’s fur felt so soft and comfortable on his hand. He really liked it and remembered at that time, Yan Hong Tian also draped over his shoulder and asked: “You really like that white tiger?”

He exerted some strength to nod.

The competition began soon, the first round was chess skill competition, second round was poetry composition competition, and third round was archery competition. Not unexpectedly, after the first two competitions and entering the final round, there were only two of them left.

Archery was never his strong suit but he was always tranquil and even tempered fortunately, the arrow settled quickly and evenly, hitting the center of the target was not a difficult matter. His head looked one glance at the side of Yan Hong Tian, he was exceptionally excited towards that small tiger’s warming eyes. In determining to be a winner, Lou Xi Yan hesitated for a moment, even if the small tiger was adorable but his health was not good. His father would probably not let him to keep the animal. Yan Hong Tian seemed to like the small tiger also, if the small tiger returned to him was also good. This way the Late Emperor would also praise Yan Hong Tian, if he entered the palace, he could also see it frequently.

His heart hesitated for a moment, the arrow on his hand was naturally unstable, he could shoot within the range of the red center target but comparing to Yan Hong Tian’s right in the center of target, the outcome could already be seen.

Next, the people at the scene were all stunned at once, Yan Hong Tian suddenly pulled up a long arrow and aimed at the small white tiger that was on the ground walking just a moment ago. The long arrow quickly and fiercely pierced the neck of the white tiger, the red blood washed away the pure white fur. Yan Hong Tian threw down the bow and arrow from his hand, ferociously glared at him one glance, he did not say anything and just ran away.

That year, Yan Hong Tian was 10 years old and he was 11 years old. The past event was like a tide, he did not understand during that time, the only thing that Yan Hong Tian wanted was to win at all costs after a confrontation. Therefore, when he believed that he did not want that reward, so the conclusion for it was__ dead.

Slowly leaning his head, the woman who was next to him was breathing evenly, her complexion was peaceful. What would be her ending this time?

Would he harm her or help her?!

Lightly holding Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan already decided that he would not let her to have any harm this time because he liked her. She looked at his expression just now.

Zhuo Qing’s eyelids slightly moved, she allowed Lou Xi Yan to hold her hand.

The chariot was still speeding towards the direction of the Prime Minister’s manor.


The purplish red light muslin curtain, layer upon layer was hanging down on the outside of the screen, the night wind was gently blowing to raise the layer of ripples. The faint smell of an incense filled the interior, the pounding of the wooden fish was making a thumping sound, echoing deeply into the night, it was especially clear. A married woman who was kneeling on a brocade praying mat can be seen vaguely inside the hanging screen, one hand was striking the wooden fish and the other hand was turning the red sandalwood Buddhist prayer’s beads.

The old elderly lady stood before the light muslin, hesitating whether or not she should enter in, hesitating for a moment, she still did not dare to say anything, just about to withdraw to go out, a conspicuous female voice sounded impatiently: “What happened?”

The old elderly lady hurriedly advanced for one step, respectfully answered: “The Emperor and Prime Minister Lou were arguing today.”

The married woman’s eyes were slightly closed, as if she did not pay any attention, lowly asked: “Because of what matter?”

“Because of a woman.”

The hand that was striking the wooden fish stopped in the middle of the air, the married woman’s eyes that were always closed, slowly opened, full of interest, she asked: “Who has that much charm?” Her eyes swept past a trace of amazement, a trace of curiosity, it was more so than as if she was happy.

Not daring to have any trace of hesitation, the old elderly lady made some inquired about the affair one by one and said: “It was the woman who was delivered from Hao Yue, Prime Minister Lou brought her to the Palace banquet tonight. She stole the show, the Emperor made use of her idea, after the end of the banquet, inside the palace hall, the Emperor got angry several times. I heard that it seemed that they delivered the wrong person to enter the palace, originally, Qing Ling was supposed to be delivered to the palace but at the end she was sent to Prime Minister’s place, the one who was in the palace now was her younger sister.”

There was still this kind of matter? In that case, the Emperor had already seen Qing Ling before, therefore he was suddenly angry. Nevertheless, appearing to devise a plan to use something as a pretext to make a fuss? The married woman laughed grimly, sure enough, even a hero still had a weakness for the charm of a beautiful woman.

“Continue talking.”

“Afterwards, the Emperor and Prime Minister Lou had a private discussion for a half shichen (1 hour), but did not know what they were saying, however, Qing Ling was still taken by Prime Minister in the end. Her younger sister, Qing Feng was sent to the Imperial prison.” Able to make discreet inquiries, only these, the old elderly lady was silenced and standing outside of the curtain, waiting for the order from the person inside.

For a very long time, the married woman finally spoke, only faintly said: “Withdraw, ok.” The old elderly lady did not dare to stay anymore, quietly withdrew to go out.

In a moment, the thumping wooden fish sound echoed again, the married woman closed up her eyes one more time and the corner of her mouth seemed to have a sarcastic laugh. Her attitude was not well matched while she was quietly meditating inside the Buddha’s main hall and with the calm and unhurried sound of the wooden fish.


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