Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 78: Shattered Love

Another short chapter, only over 2,200 words. There was that #### signs again in this chapter so you have to interpret however you want to interpret when you see those signs. Btw, Dianachan, you have guessed correctly about the annoying Princess, but this isn’t the end of her though…

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Yan Ru Xuan tightly grabbed his hand, a couple of clear tears fell on the wrists from her misty eyes, with her weak body, she was afraid that she would fall to the ground, Lou Xi Yan lightly sighed: “Fine.”

Once she heard his consent, Yan Ru Xuan was excited, but soon after, her excited heart was frozen again because of his sentence.

“I will keep watch outside of the door to wait until you are asleep, then I will leave.” His voice was still gentle as before, but the idea of his expression was so cruel. Her mood was too excited and too sad, and made Yan Ru Xuan’s mood was completely out of control, tightly pulling his hand, her fingernails were pinching into the meat on his hand deeply. Yan Ru Xuan cried and called out: “Why do you not agree to stay behind for me? Can it be that asking you to stay is really so difficult? You just want to return to her side this much?!”

Lou Xi Yan was in pain, but only lightly frowned, he did not push her away, consolingly said: “Princess…..”

Who would have thought, because of this appellation, Yan Ru Xuan was enraged one more time: “Do not call me Princess, you have called me Xuan-er since I was a child, why do you want to call me this distinct appellation now?!” He did not know, every time he called her Princess, she thought that he would be somewhat further and further away!

Softly and yet firmly moving away from her hand, Lou Xi Yan retreated one step, with a low voice, he answered: “Monarch is a monarch, the official is the official, Chen should comply with this etiquette.” He just did not want her to have too many misunderstandings, he could only deliberately distance himself, unfortunately, she did not understand his intention!

“That is a lie! I definitely hear that you have called the Imperial elder brother’s name, why do you want to follow the etiquette with me only?!” Lou Xi Yan’s distance and indifference towards her finally made Yan Ru Xuan’s mental state that was not good originally to collapse completely. “I like you, do you really not feel it? Or you feel it, but you still want to hurt my feeling?”

Yan Ru Xuan’s eyes were wet with tears, she was extremely hysterical, Lou Xi Yan understood clearly, whatever words that he would say to her, she would not listen to any of it, and she was just draining her depressed feeling, nothing more.

“You speak ah .” Lou Xi Yan’s silent did not infuriate her again, it made her calm down slowly, unfortunately, the always dignified and elegant’s Yan Ru Xuan already sank into her own world, in her eyes, Lou Xi Yan’s silent towards her was impatience. At this moment, the red mark on his neck was like a fierce thin needle, the piercing entered her heart ferociously.

“Am I really not as good as her? Where is exactly she is better than me after all?!! Whatever she can give you, I can also give you!” Yan Ru Xuan was tightly biting her red lips, when Lou Xi Yan and Xiao Lan had not yet reacted, she already pulled apart the outside garment on her body, it rolled down on the ground conveniently. The pink undergarment could only cover up very little view, the bright and clean shoulder was exposed and because of that, she was shivering with cold.

Lou Xi Yan was in great alarmed, hurriedly turned his body around, stood at the back of the screen, looked towards the palace maid who was lost in thought on the side. Lou Xi Yan expelled a breath and said: “What you are looking distracted for! Quickly help Princess to rest on the bed.”

Xiao Lian finally recovered, picked up the clothing that was on the ground, carelessly draped it on Yan Ru Xuan’s body who was already weeping in tears. Why was the Princess muddled like this ah , she was a noble Princess, if this was to spread out, Prime Minister Lou would resolutely not take her as wife either, her reputation and integrity would certainly be destroyed ah!

Lou Xi Yan absolutely did not think that the matter would develop to this degree, in his impression, Yan Ru Xuan was dignified, gentle and quiet, well manner and polite, introverted and shy, how she could do this audacious thing to overstep her boundary!

“Chen asks to be excused first.” Lou Xi Yan took a step to leave, this time he would absolutely not stay inside the room anymore.

“Stop! If you go out of the door today, you will regret it.” Yan Ru Xuan shouted loudly, Lou Xi Yan’s reaction just now stabbed her deeply, the humiliation feeling made her somewhat incoherent in speech, she only knew that she would not let him to leave!!

Lou Xi Yan stopped his footsteps, completely stopped his footsteps, but the tall back, however, could not reveal any part that made people unable to ignore his cold thought, he was angry! Yan Ru Xuan was flustered and afraid, snuffled her nose and wiped the tears from her face, pleasingly said: “Yan Gege, do not get angry with me, all right, as long as you agree to stay, I will listen to anything that you say.”

“How is staying can change anything? I will not take you as a wife.” A cold and detached voice faintly answered, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart tightened again.

Deeply breathing, then pushing down the depressed and intolerable pain, Yan Ru Xuan asked: “Why?” She did not understand, was she so much lacking? Her chasing and admiration for the past years, just could not arouse his sympathy the slightest bit?!

Not waiting until Lou Xi Yan’s reply, Yan Ru Xuan seemed to mutter to herself again and said: “Marrying you is my dream from childhood, the first time I saw you, you were very attentive towards me, considerate, gentle and soft. From the very beginning, I really like you, in order for me to match up with you, I do not dare to neglect for one day, to be able to become your wife one day. Why can you look at me clearly for one glance!! Why……”

So, as it turned out, it was like this? Lou Xi Yan secretly sighed, if she let him know earlier the origin of her adoration, maybe she would not develop this to this degree, right. Lou Xi Yan answered: “Actually during that time, I really did not take your silk handkerchief because of you, it was because I had an argument with the Second Prince, I could not bear to see his proud appearance, then I undertook the task. For the past many years, you and Xi Wu are the same in my heart, my sisters, I do not have any male female’s love towards you.”

Even though, telling the truth would make her suffer, but if he could make her to come to realize it herself, he would not be this repulsive.

‘Younger sister……’ ####, every time ###. Funnily, remembering their first encounter, unexpectedly, it was because he was angry with Second elder brother that he played a trick?! Younger sister…… Only younger sister…… Yan Ru Xuan’s heart #.

Tumbling to sit on the ground, her face did not have any smile, but the tears were flowing from
her eyes, it was hard to predict if she would sustain it herself.

“Princess!” Xiao Lian hurriedly supported her shoulder, but simply could not support her already frail body. Both of them fell down together.

Yan Ru Xuan’s eyes were desperately sorrowful to make Lou Xi Yan’s heart was in pain, he really loved her dearly as his younger sister, today’s result that was like this, maybe it was better that she would blame him for not being able to be heartless a little earlier!

Not daring to help her up this time, Lou Xi Yan could only console and said with a low voice: “Rest early, maybe when you wake up tomorrow, you will discover that you actually do not need me at all.”

Towards Xiao Lian who was on the ground, he said this sentence: “Take care of the Princess carefully.” Lou Xi Yan moved forward to leave.

The Princess who was in her bosom was not weeping anymore, her ice cold body was shivering, her expression was dreadfully emptied.

How much the Princess had done for him, she understood it the most, it could because he said this sentence to her, or his smile, she would feel happy for several days. It could be because of his preference, she would practice the zither until all of her fingers were blistering. Practicing calligraphy until her hand could not hold anything, today, but he made the Princess to hurt like this!

Xiao Lian was glaring at Lou Xi Yan’s direction, her eyes flashed through a trace of dark color, this man was cold blooded and ruthless, he was absolutely did not fit with the Princess, darn him! 


“You have been lost in thought, what has happened?” Gu Yun was anxiously looking at Zhuo Qing who was preoccupied all day long, at dawn today, she made someone come to the General’s manor to ask for her to come over, and she said that there was a clue with regard to that piece of paper. They came out to look for the clue for half a day, but she was heavily worry all along, what had happened that made her think something throughly like this after all?

Zhuo Qing dispiritedly and listlessly answered: “Yan Ru Xuan returned to the Imperial palace at dawn today!”

“Ah?” Gu Yun stared blankly, soon after she said smilingly: “She came yesterday and left today? Your trick was really too amazing, ok.”

No mood to play a joke, Zhuo Qing answered: “It was not me, it was Lou Xi Yan. He went to her room last night, I did not know what they were talking about, then she returned to the palace at dawn today.” Her leaving was somewhat unexpected, she still made a solemn vow to marry Lou Xi Yan yesterday, but she suddenly left early today, how could this not make her suspicious!? What did Xi Yan say to her after all!?

Gu Yun was clearly thinking a lot simpler than her, smilingly said: “Maybe it was Lou Xi Yan who start the conversation with her, then she figured out that she would leave naturally.” He said that he did not like her, then she discreetly left so it was pretty normal! After all, who also wanted to be that indifferent person, ok!

“The problem is that she does not appear to be a person who will realize it easily.” Zhuo Qing did not believe that Yan Ru Xuan discreetly left, Gu Yun could think like this because she still did not understand the thinking method of the woman in this ancient time. When she spoke with Yan Ru Xuan yesterday, she obviously knew that Xi Yan did not love her, and yet she did not give up, and in the end, she would want to leave right away?!

Patting her shoulder, Gu Yun said with groundless fear and embarrassing smile: “Do not worry about it, at the minimum, the person has finally left, you should set aside any future matter for Lou Xi Yan to deal with.”

Zhuo Qing turned over to give a supercilious look, discussing any emotional matter with Gu Yun would forever be useless!!

Gu Yun suddenly stopped her footsteps, Zhuo Qing hurriedly stopped also and raised her head, she could only see a bronze inscribed table that was hung over on the gate, there were five big characters on it that were astonishingly eye grabbing ‘The Country Guard General’s Manor’! (For simplicity, I will call this General’s manor going forward).

With scarlet color, upright and strong calligraphic style, this inscribed tablet on the gate could already make people in shocked, the front door was in crimson wood, with two separate ink cloud engraved in auspicious animal, the carving was extremely delicate and fine, especially that precious stones were embedded in the pair of two eyes, as if it was really glaring to look at you in general.

There were eight soldiers who were holding spears on their hands on both sides of the separation, the military personnels’ specific temperament were not comparable to the common bailiffs, respectful, strict and aggressive. Even though the entrance was wide opened, there was nobody who dared to enter it casually either!

Zhuo Qing frowned and asked: “Are you sure that you want to come here?”

“We had already visited his house and the other locations that he visited frequently. This place can also be considered as Yang Liu’s work place, having a visit to look at this place will always be right.” If the expression of that piece of paper was the most plain idea, then they have to think the most of the oral map first.

Shrugging her shoulder, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “Fine, ok.”

She had already experienced the Prime Minister’s manor, she could also take a look conveniently what kind of a place was the General’s manor now!

Not knowing whether or not Su Ling was present?!


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