Chapter 80: Accident

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Qing Xuan Palace Hall

Outside the carved wooden window, there was a beautiful pear tree, it was a pity that the flowering season had already past, the only thing lacking was the beautiful pear blossom, but in between the emerald green leaves, one could see the small unripe fruit vaguely.

Inside the window, a beautiful shadow was leaning softly against the bedside, her pair of eyes were in a daze and watching attentively at the pear tree outside, the beautiful eyes, but one could not see whether she was sad, angry, resentful or pitiful. The pink light muslin inside the room was gentle and beautiful, along with the unhurried cool breeze was playing leisurely, but no one in the mood to enjoy it.

There were maids kneeling all over the place inside the room, both hands were carrying all kinds of delicious delicacies, but the woman was simply looking out at the outside of the window.

These had been how many days? After the Princess returned from the Prime Minister’s manor, she was always like this, she did not cry or make any noise, and kept silent. Feeding her to eat anything and she would just eat them, she almost did not chew other stuffs and just swallowed them immediately. Xiao Lian did not dare to make her eat too many hard stuffs, she could only send ginseng soup to her mouth, choking with emotion, she said: “Princess, drink this ginseng soup, ok.”

Yan Ru Xuan’s eyes were always watching attentively at the outside window, her mouth was unconsciously opened up, swallowed the stuff down in a mouthful. Feeding for a few mouthfuls, Xiao Lian did not dare to feed again, if she was not mistaken, after several feedings, she would throw everything up soon. Her originally dainty’s face, it was thin and only remained like a bone now.

Handing over the ginseng soup that was on her hand to the young palace maid behind her, Xiao Lian saw just now, that the Empress Dowager was standing behind them all along. Xiao Lian was startled and hurriedly kneeled down to pay respect: “May the Empress Dowager have a thousand of good fortune and peace.”

Paying no attention on the maid who was kneeling in the ground, Yang Zhi Lan lightly caressed Yan Ru Xuan’s pale, skinny and shriveled face, she was unable to control her heartache. This one daughter of her was being taken care of for so many years, it really hurt her dearly that her look actually became so haggard like this!! As her mother, how could she not in pain!

Holding Yan Ru Xuan to her bosom, Yang Zhi Lan softly coaxed and said: “Xuan-er, what do you want after all? Only when you say, Imperial mother will surely think of a way to make you get it!”

Did she want to marry Lou Xi Yan? If this was the only thing that could make her to live, she would just force Lou Xi Yan to marry her!

Yan Ru Xuan did not seem to hear anything, she was still staring blankly outside the window, and did not react towards anyone or anything.

Looking at her appearance, Yang Zhi Lan lovingly shook her shoulder, lowly choking with sobs and she said: “How can you be this foolish ah! You are tormenting yourselves like this, being heart broken, this is only mother ah!”

No matter how she was shaking and slapping her, Yan Ru Xuan was still like a puppet and did not say any word, Yang Zhi Lan was holding her thin daughter to her bosom, who was looking at the slightly blue horizon outside, her tears were silently rolling.

Heavens, why did you do this to me?!

I already lost a son, did you still want me to lose a daughter?!

What kind of enmity did I have with the Lou’s family after all, first, it was Lou Su Xin, now again, it was Lou Xi Yan!! I really hate ah. 
Xi Xia Palace Hall

There was no soul in sight inside of the palace hall, only Yang Zhi Lan was sitting upright on the master seat, Xiao Lian lowered her head, and was still standing on the side.

“What was the matter after all, Xuan-er only went to the Prime Minister’s manor for one day, and she could change like this?!”

Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion was gloomy and cold, her ordinarily kind appearance looked very different, Xiao Lian hurriedly kneeled down on the floor, lowly sobbed and said: “The Empress Dowager, please give Princess some justice ah, Prime Minister Lou is bullying her intolerably!”

It was really Lou Xi Yan!! Yang Zhi Lan secretly clenched her teeth, her voice was still steady: “There is no harm in saying what you think.”

Xiao Lian secretly reckoned, it was all Lou Xi Yan, the Princess would change to look like this, she surely should not let him to have an easy time! But he was the country’s Prime Minister, and also the East Empress Dowager’s nephew, even if she wanted to accuse him to the Empress Dowager, how could the Empress Dowager suppose to handle it!

He treasured that Qing Ling so much, she wanted her to die! Let him know and feel this kind of pain that penetrated through his heart!

Planning a solution in her heart, Xiao Lian lowered her head, and cried while she said: “After you left, Prime Minister Lou was leading along Qing Ling to return to Lan Yue building, they obviously knew that the Princess was at Zhai Xing pavilion. With one look, one could see the lotus pond in front of Lan Yue building, but they still deliberately did not enter the room, they were kissing in the courtyard, the Princess had already been crying inside the room at that time. During the afternoon time, the Princess lowered her noble status and wanted to speak with Qing Ling and interacted with her nicely, who would have thought, that woman’s manner was extremely nasty.”

Finished speaking, Xiao Lian deliberately stopped, carefully raised her head to observe Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion, her complexion was not pleased like before, but it did not change to become worst, only said with a cold voice: “Continue to speak.”

Secretly clenching her teeth, was this Empress Dowager still not angry?! Working harder, Xiao Lian distorted the facts even more and wail accusingly and she said: “The Princess mentioned about getting married with Prime Minister Lou, not only Qing Ling talked maliciously at once, she still said that she would not share one husband with the Princess, because she would not allow Prime Minister to take a concubine, using Prime Minister’s doting towards her as a weapon, she simply considered that everyone else was beneath her!! During the night when the Princess had a nightmare, she woke up crying incessantly, this servant went to Lan Yue building to ask Prime Minister Lou to come over to look, Qing Ling unexpectedly did not let Prime Minister Lou to come over. After waiting for a long time, Prime Minister Lou finally came, he still said that he would not marry the Princess, and only liked Qing Ling, ferociously hurt the Princess’ heart, he would not say any harsh word to Princess before.”

Finally, Xiao Lian simply threw herself on the ground, she was kowtowing while shouting: “Empress Dowager, it was all because of that woman who instigated and baffled Prime Minister Lou, and she still harmed and turned the Princess like this. Requesting the Empress Dowager to help the Princess with this grievance!!”

Yang Zhi Lan’s eyes were slightly narrowed, Qing Ling did not look like a stupid person, could it be that she misjudged the person?! No matter what, Lou Xi Yan doted on her and one could see clearly that she should not live!

Even though, her heart was already decided, but Yang Zhi Lan simply said: “You have said that she relies on Lou Xi Yan’s doting, and she does not pay any attention to anybody, if she has a contingency, Lou Xi Yan will be unlikely to take things lying down (letting it go).”

This young girl was actually very loyal to Xuan-er, but not sure if she could use her, she wanted to see if she had enough intelligent!

The meaning of the Empress Dowager’s words were……###, ###.

Replying: “There is no one who will conspire to murder her, but in this earth, there will be many unexpected accidents inevitably.”

The corner of her mouth finally perked up with a trace of smiling expression, Yang Zhi Lan nodded her head, faintly smiled and said: “Yes ah, accident will always be hard to avoid.”
Zhai Xing Pavilion

After Yan Ru Xuan left, Zhuo Qing moved back to live at Zhai Xing pavilion. First, Lou Xi Yan would not let other people to gossip, and second, he always came back really late, she would already fall asleep, he was unwilling to wake her up with any noise. He was sleeping on the small bed by the side, Zhuo Qing did not have the heart to see his tall figure sleeping on that small bed, so she simply moved back.

Gu Yun went to annihilate the bandits, the case was also closed, she resumed her boring life again. She tried to sleep until late in the day everyday, her boring time would be shorter a little this way, but during her tiring life, she would always wake up before ten, just lying down on the soft bed, she did not wish to get up either, and only to stare at the drapery blankly.

What could she do during the day later on? Doing nothing all day except enjoying the flower, playing the chess, throwing herself to recite butterfly poetry?? Solely thinking it, Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh, living as a young lady of the house, not everybody could experience it, but she would not!!

Letting her imagination to run wildly in her mind, the sound of an urgent knock from the door scared her to jump!

Zhuo Qing frowned, the ordinary maid would absolutely not dare to knock on the door like this, Lou Xi Yan was also impossible, who would it be? Lifting open the quilt, Zhuo Qing walked to the side of the window, separated by a thin paper on the window, she looked towards the outside courtyard. There was a group of women who were standing inside the courtyard, there were trays on the hands of some of the women, but she could not see what stuffs. And it was unexpectedly headed by Lou Xi Wu?!

Zhuo Qing was puzzled, but she still opened the door and asked: “What are you doing first thing in the morning?”

Lou Xi Wu’s walked into the house, along with a dozen women who came in together, Lou Xi Wu slightly raised her hand, several thirty something women came up immediately, they were busy pulling her clothing.

During her sleeping time, her original clothing was a thin unlined garment, they were pulling this, Zhuo Qing would practically be naked. Grabbing the sleeve piece of her clothing, Zhuo Qing urgently said: “Hey! What are you all doing!”

Several women simply did not care when she was shouting, they just continued to pull her clothes, Zhuo Qing was at the end of her patience, she pulled the wrists of the two women who were pulling her clothes, and said with a cold sound: “If you do not let go, I will punch you!!”

Both of the women were in pain, lowly shouted, the other women in the side retreated one step when they saw Zhuo Qing’s anger’s appearance, and did not dare to pull her clothes again.

Shaking off the hands of the two women, Zhuo Qing walked to the front of Lou Xi Wu, with an annoying face, she glared at her, and with a cold voice, she snorted: “Lou Xi Wu, it will be best that you give me an explanation, otherwise I will be rude to you!”

Lou Xi Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, slightly retreated one step, but she still self confidently answered: “I came today for two matters! First, you were not home this past two days, but elder brother already announced publicly at home that he wanted to marry you. I also did not know what he was anxious about, in short, the time was tight, and I was very unlucky that elder brother wanted me to arrange and prepare your wedding dress.” She did not want to come to provoke her either ah, this matter would be more suitable for second mother to do, right! But elder brother just gave this matter for her to do, he also only gave her one month time.

She was by no mean trying to cause any trouble, who would have thought that Qing Ling’s temperament was this big!

Pointing at those several women who were scared and retreating in the side a moment ago, Lou Xi Wu said: “They are the best embroidery workers at the thousand silk workshop, they want to take your measurements just now. They have to rush to make a collection of the member of the royal family wedding ceremonial robes for you within one month, so you will be better to cooperate. Otherwise, if they can not finish it on time, there will be many unlucky people at that time!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, she only heard two days ago that Lou Xi Yan wanted to get married immediately, she still thought that he was cracking jokes. At the minimum, they should wait until he finished getting busy with the celebration matter to begin the preparation, right. Looking at this attitude, he wanted to get married before the celebration?!

Looking at Zhuo Qing who was silent, Lou Xi Wu conveniently said about the second matter: “There are several collections of good clothes here, I need you to try them on, and pick a collection, we will enter the Imperial palace to attend a banquet this afternoon.”

Sweeping one glance at the trays where layer and layer of clothes were on, also there were matching bright and multicolored type of pearls on the side, Zhuo Qing did not understand and asked: “Why do I want to enter the Imperial palace?”

“The Empress Dowager mentioned your name in the Imperial decree, so you must go.” Second mother was still angry for a long time due to that matter, because she had never had the opportunity to enter the Imperial palace until today, and she saw her stomping on her feet as she was feeling so unhappy.

Zhuo Qing faintly felt uneasy, why would the Empress Dowager summon her to enter the Imperial palace for no cause or reason, was this related to Yan Ru Xuan’s concern? Maybe Lou Xi Yan knew something, so he wanted to get married urgently?

Getting stuck into her own train of thought again, and waiting for Zhuo Qing to recover, those several women were already assisting swiftly to take her measurements, while Lou Xi Wu self-servingly picked up those jewelries for the clothing and compared them on her body.

She did not catch on Zhuo Qing who was not even thinking, one comparison on her body, Zhuo Qing turned around immediately and have a supercilious look. Those clothes had layers upon layers of garments, there were several layers inside and outside, this hot day, could they let a person live wearing them?!

Then, there was still that long skirt that was falling on the ground, one could sweep the floor immediately, right!

Casted sidelong glances at Lou Xi Wu’s head above, she estimated that the gold jadeite tassels’ hair decoration could weigh about ten catties (one catty equals to 0.5 kg & 1 kg equals to 2.2 lbs). That lake blue color with golden silk embroidery cheong sam from head to toe was so excessive, Zhuo Qing lowly laughed and said: “Entering the Imperial palace is alright, but why do I want to dress like a Christmas tree!? It is not like I have not entered the palace before, take away all of these stuffs, I have some dress to wear.”

Lou Xi Wu did not understand what Christmas tree was, but she heard Zhuo Qing’s mockery on her dress, grabbing the long golden skirt and squeezing it on Zhuo Qing’s hands, Lou Xi Wu snorted and said: “Entering the palace this time is not the same, for my elder brother and the Prime Minister manor’s reputations, you must wear them!”

Lou Xi Wu was acting somewhat strange today, Zhuo Qing did not want to quarrel with her either, immediately said: “Explain clearly.”

Sitting down on the wood chair on the side, Lou Xi Wu was somewhat excited and she said: “Qiong Yue’s three years prayer celebration is not only Qiong Yue’s grand occasion, it is also the six countries’ grand occasion, at that time, each country’s merchants, high officials and noble people, important court ministers, even the emperor’s relatives, will all come to express good wishes to Qiong Yue, I can not say for sure if you will be able to see your friends from Hao Yue.”

Zhuo Qing frowned: “Say what the important point is!” Making her to listen to her chat idly like this, when would it be finished!

Flinging aside and curling her lips, Lou Xi Wu answered: “The important point is the celebration can not do without performance naturally, after each country appointment arrives, they all are not just simple and ordinary people. Qiong Yue, as the head of the six countries, there can not be any person who is lacking in manners in front of those people, it is certainly important to choose the women from Qiong Yue with good appearance and the best talents who will offer the art skills. The prestigious families, the daughters of the aristocratic families will be the first choices, this is the goal to go to the Imperial banquet this time, in order for the celebration to have an absolute safe performance, both of the Empress Dowagers will choose ten famous talented and good looking young ladies as reserves.”

As it turned out, they were just going to choose the elegant women this afternoon! Zhuo Qing mockingly laughed at herself and said: “What does this have any relation to me?” Speaking about her appearance, she was disfigured, speaking about talent, she only likes to do autopsy. She did not have any talent that she could show off, what did she go there for?!

Even though Lou Xi Wu was also puzzled that the Empress Dowager made Qing Ling to go, but the Imperial decree was already heard, she did not have any choice. Taking the jadeite jade pearl and hanging it on Zhuo Qing’s neck, Lou Xi Wu smilingly said: “You are the Lou’s family wife now, that is your relation with going to the palace, since the Empress Dowager appoints you to go, that is also your relation.”

“Sh**!” Zhuo Qing lowly cursed.

“What do you mean?” She said several terms that she did not understand today, Lou Xi Wu was really curious.

Zhuo Qing stared at the heavy and magnificent pearls dress, powerlessly answered: “You do not want to know!!”

She really wanted to decorate herself like a Christmas tree?! NO!

Tossing the clothes back to Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, smilingly said: “I can wear a dress, but I will have the final say on what kind of dress!”


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