Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Well-Deserved (Part one)

“Xu Cheng, you know the evaluation at the Dragon Division has always been very strict . Last time when the three of you went to the mission to blow up that foreign genetic lab, you barely came back . This time, you won’t have Luo Yi and Li Wei’s help, so how could it be easy? You might even sacrifice yourself on the mission . ” The instructor hoped for him to back away from the challenge .

Xu Cheng: “I know, but joining the Dragon Division has been my lifelong wish . ”

The instructor sighed . “Fine, but I might not be able to get you a tryout opportunity . However, you might get spotted by them by performing really well at the 36 Army Drill; that’s possible too . ”

Xu Cheng: “I know, so I will come back to participate in the 36 Army Drill . Just save me a spot on your 10-men team . ”

Instructor: “Okay, I will save you one . Since you want to go, then just come back early to build some synergy with your comrades . ”

Xu Cheng: “Alright, I will take care of the things over here fast . ”

After hanging up, Xu Cheng felt slightly happier .

At the Shen Family House, Lin Lei obviously had other intentions in staying behind . He needed to observe and see if Shen Yao had fallen in love with Xu Chen to the hopeless level of severity . The more Shen Yao liked Xu Cheng, the less likely that she could stay friends with Lin Chuxue when she finds out about the two’s marriage . Anyone would be embarrassed and angry if their best friend didn’t tell them about the person they married, not to mention how she also had a crush on him .

Shen Yao was a smart woman . She also had some plans in mind, which was to subtly probe from the side and see if Lin Chuxue really had no relationship with Xu Cheng,

Lin Chuxue was so pretty, and if Xu Cheng really grew up with her, it would be impossible if he never had a crush on her, which did worry Shen Yao . She still remembered Xu Cheng saying that he had someone that he liked, and Shen Yao was quite worried whether the person in Xu Cheng’s heart was Lin Chuxue .

When Shen Yao brought Lin Lei up to see his room, she anxiously asked, “Oh right, I heard you and your sister both lived in Britain before, how did you guys meet Xu Cheng?”

Lin Lei laughed and said, “Don’t you know Brother Cheng also lived in Britain before?”

Shen Yao asked curiously, “Oh? I know he came from a single-parent home, and he was raised up by his father . How did he get to Britain?”

“Uncle Xu brought Brother Cheng to our house in Britain . I heard Uncle Xu was in some trouble in Huaxia and was afraid that it would affect Brother Cheng’s living quality . So, Brother Cheng grew up in Britain and he only came back to Huaxia a few years ago,” Lin Lei said .

Shen Yao finally understood . No wonder Xu Cheng never talked about his past before .

“So, you siblings are both very close to Xu Cheng?” Shen Yao paused for a moment before asking .

“Sister Shen, do you want to ask how my sister’s relationship is with Brother Cheng?” Lin Lei smiled and asked .

Shen Yao’s face slightly became unnatural as she blushed . She said, “I saw how Chuxue doesn’t really talk much with Xu Cheng, so I’m just curious . ”

“Of course, you should already know my sister’s temper by now . She had always been the indifferent type and seems like she doesn’t care about anything . She’s also very quiet,” Lin Lei said .

“So… their relationship is quite good?” Shen Yao asked with uncertainty .

Lin Lei nodded .

Shen Yao was still a bit puzzled, so she continued to ask, “Do you know if your sister has a crush on anyone?”

Lin Lei didn’t reveal more but he also didn’t deny it . All in all, he was being pretty vague on purpose to make Shen Yao feel like there was something going on between Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng so she could be mentally prepared . He nodded and said, “If there’s no one in my sister’s heart, I think she would’ve found a boyfriend awhile ago, don’t you think?”

Chapter 155: Well-Deserved (Part two)

“That’s not always the case too . Like me for example, I’m still single . Then do you know who your sister likes?” Shen Yao immediately asked .

Lin Lei didn’t say anything .

It was actually Shen Yao that got a bit anxious and continued suspiciously, “It can’t be that your sister likes Xu Cheng, right?”

Lin Lei smiled . He was waiting for her to say it . He immediately replied, “That I don’t know . But I felt it was pretty odd too . Back then, my sister just suddenly decided to drop out of university and came back to Huaxia with Brother Xu . ”

If Shen Yao still couldn’t get the hint after Lin Lei said this, then she would just be purposely deceiving herself . After Lin Lei said that, he just walked away, leaving Shen Yao a bit lost, standing there with a blank expression .

– Police HQ –

Right when Xu Cheng arrived, Wu Gang came over with Cunye’s address information in Shangcheng and said, “Boss, this is the address of the Wei Nation Business Alliance’s Vice-President Cunye . Does he have anything to do with the underground money house?”

Xu Cheng was busy reading the files and didn’t say anything . After knowing the address, he asked, “Do you know where he likes to go normally?”

Li Chao raised his head and said, “Normally he’s at home, or he’s at work . ”

Xu Cheng: “Work? Where’s his work?”

Li Chao: “He’s the vice president of the Wei Nation Business Alliance, so he for sure has an office . Other than staying at home, he would also be going to the business alliance . ”

“Business alliance?” Xu Cheng heard the keyword and his eyes narrowed . Immediately, he didn’t even warm up his chair as he got up and said to Wu Gang, “Let’s go, come with me on a trip . ”

Wu Gang: “Where to?”

“Let’s visit his home to meet this Cunye guy . ” Then, Xu Cheng also said to Li Chao, “You come as well . ”

Both of them nodded and got into Xu Cheng’s Santana sh*tbox and drove to a condo on a commercial street in Shangcheng . It seemed like a pretty ordinary condo, and no one would expect that the vice-president of the Wei Nation Business Alliance would live in such an ordinary residence .

When Xu Cheng got off the car, he said to his two subordinates, “You two stay here . ”

Then, he walked straight into the lobby and then took the elevator up to Cunye’s unit . He knocked on the door, and then the muscular foreigner, Neil, opened the door .

When Xu Cheng walked in, he saw Cunye kneeling on a futon brewing tea . Xu Cheng walked over as he checked out the simple condo unit’s layout . “Tsk tsk, who would’ve thought that the vice-president would be this lowkey, yet secretly control hundreds of billions of dollars of black money in the underground money house? Am I right? Mr . Hetian?”

Cunye’s eyelid suddenly jumped, and he felt a burning rage, wanting to pull out his gun to kill Xu Cheng right away . He snorted . “Do you know? I can kill you right now . ”

“You won’t . ” Xu Cheng confidently said . “I have two subordinates waiting for me downstairs and they know I came up to see you . If you wanted to kill me, this bodyguard of yours from the Black Water Corporation would’ve already made his move, instead of letting me in to chit chat with you . If something happens to me here, you can’t afford to take the responsibility with your true identity as Cunye, and your business alliance won’t be able to continue dwelling in Huaxia . So, you want to, but you can’t kill me . ”

Cunye put the teacup down heavily, and then he looked up at Xu Cheng . “To be able to climb up so quickly from a patrol officer, your title as the police tiger is well-deserved . If I was your supervisor, I would also promote talented people like you . ”

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