Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Getting Followed (Part one)

Xu Cheng didn’t really care about the compliment . He knew one must be humble, or the higher one climbs, the harder the fall .

He sat down, looked at Cunye, and said, “Two options . First, you can hand over the underground money house’s black money, and you will be fine; the second option is I will find the money, but you won’t be leaving this city too . In addition, the business alliance behind you will also be subject to various economic sanctions because of you . ”

Cunye poured himself a cup of tea and nonchalantly said, “I, Cunye, am at least a renowned figure in control of over hundreds of billions of cash in the underground money house . Yet, now I’m being threatened by a naive brat to make a choice, with both choices not being in my favor . You think I will compromise and accept the humiliation?”

It was clear that he chose the second option, which was to fight Xu Cheng to the end .

“You are not afraid that if you and the underground money house are exposed, the Wei Nation Business Alliance’s business would be targeted by Huaxia?”

Cunye: “Then you should investigate where our underground money house is first and talk to me when you find anything . ”

Xu Cheng fixed up his attire and slightly nodded . The opposition’s intention was clear . War had been declared, and Xu Cheng stood up and turned to leave . Suddenly, Neil blocked his path .

Xu Cheng expressionlessly glanced at him from the corner of his eyes . Neil replied, “The contract I signed with my boss is a life and death contract, which means I’m obliged to remove any existence that poses a threat to him . Mr . Xu is a smart man, you should probably know what I’m talking about, right?”

“I know . ” Xu Cheng still didn’t care . But he looked at Neil contemptuously and said, “But I have to remind you, this is Huaxia, not a country at war which allows mercenaries like you to do whatever you want . If you think the Black Water Corporation is willing to declare war against Huaxia, just bring it on . But what I can assure you is, if you dare to stir up trouble here, you won’t be leaving this country alive . ”

Then, Xu Cheng moved to walk past him, but the latter slightly moved over as well, attempting to block Xu Cheng with his strong arm and shoulder . But what shocked him was, Xu Cheng directly bumped him to the side!

That power almost made Neil lose his balance . But amid the shock, he still maintained his calm demeanor and looked at Xu Cheng’s back as he walked away .

“What is it?” Cunye asked curiously .

“This guy probably reserved some strength when he fought Gate Master Yan,” Neil said .

Cunye: “Are you still confident that you can kill him?”

Neil: “Don’t worry, if he actually finds out where our reserve is, I won’t let him live to see the next sunrise . ”

Cunye then rested assured and took a sip of his tea . But after putting the cup down, he looked out of the window and sighed, “I don’t know why, but whenever I face that guy, I feel uneasy . Maybe it’s a conditioned response after getting screwed over by him multiple times… Anyway, as long as he’s alive, I always feel that something bad will happen . This [email protected] is too good at stirring up trouble, and now he already knows that I’m Hetian and the boss behind the underground money house . We can’t leave this guy alive . ”

Neil: “For you to get a good night’s sleep, should I act tonight?”

Cunye: “He moved into the Shen Family’s house, and they have a pretty good security and surveillance system . I’m afraid that you can’t do anything when Xu Cheng’s inside the house . But, the Shen Family’s mansion is a little far from the city, and the drive out of the city to the Shen Mansion may be the best time for you to act . Today, intercept him on his way home!”

Having said that, Cunye exuded murderous intent . “You want to come to my territory and threaten me? I won’t let you live to see tomorrow!”

Chapter 156: Getting Followed (Part two)

After Xu Cheng came downstairs, he heard Li Chao and Wu Gang nervously asking, “Boss, is this guy related to the underground money house?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Yes, but there’s no direct evidence to arrest him right now . ”

“Should Wu Gang and I follow him?” Li Chao asked .

“No, you guys don’t bother with this guy,” Xu Cheng said .

With Neil by his side, Li Chao and Wu Gang would be in danger if they really pushed it and followed Cunye closely . Besides, how would two police officers play the stalking game with a special-forces level mercenary?

When Xu Cheng glanced at Neil earlier, he saw a gun by his waist . Thus, they shouldn’t act recklessly .

After getting back to the police station, before Xu Cheng made it back to his office, he already saw Ran Jing waiting for him by the office door of Team 2 . Li Chao and Wu Gang were making funny faces and teasing Xu Cheng, “Boss, you should take a break when you can and take care of your family too . ”

“Screw off!” Xu Cheng glared at those two and then bitterly said to Ran Jing, “Shouldn’t you do some explaining? Otherwise, everybody in HQ will think that there’s something between us . ”

“Explain what? As long as we know there’s nothing going on, why would we care what they say? Are we going to tell them that we are also cohabitating?” Ran Jing chuckled and said .

“Please stop talking about cohabitation . I have been getting enough calls from anonymous people telling me to stay away from you . ”

“Are you getting scared?” Ran Jing smiled and asked .

“No, it’s just that…”

“Then that’s good, as long as you are not scared . ” Ran Jing said, “Besides, do you think getting involved with me is embarrassing or something?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed . “Fine, you are the woman so you make the calls . What do you need me for?”

“I can’t come looking for you if I don’t need something from you?” Ran Jing gave him a glare and said, “Because of you high-key screwing West Gate, East Gate became super quiet now . How am I going to deal with my case now?”

“Isn’t that for the best?” Xu Cheng said, “The purpose is to make them not have the balls to stir up trouble in the future! Wait until West Gate and the underground money house both collapse, East Gate will probably learn to behave themselves better as well . ”

“Oh, so I guess that you actually helped me and the society out there, huh?” Ran Jing glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and said .

“It’s not like you don’t know how dangerous a case related to any of the Gates is . Since they are willing to stop breaking the law, it’s not like you don’t have any other cases to work on . It would also be relatively safer for you and your team . After this case is done, I’m probably going back to the military . So, this time I must completely take down West Gate and use it to frighten the other two Gates . Think of it as me helping with alleviating some of the stress for your Team 5 . ”

“You are going?” Ran Jing paused for a moment, a bit shocked . “Everything’s going well, why are you leaving all of a sudden?”

“I have my own plans . ” Xu Cheng bitterly smiled . “It’s already been decided . ”

Then, he walked into the office . Ran Jing dragged his hand and asked, “Then, have you told Shen Yao about this?”

“Why tell her about it?” Xu Cheng was confused .

“She…” Ran Jing wanted to say Shen Yao liked him, yet she shouldn’t blab about it since Shen Yao hadn’t said anything herself . So Ran Jing changed her words and said, “We are all friends, I think you should also inform her . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be nice . ”

In fact, Ran Jing also wasn’t sure if the reason she was nervous about Xu Cheng leaving was really Shen Yao not wanting Xu Cheng to leave, or herself…

Xu Cheng nodded . “I will tell her later . Oh right, you should go home first after you are done work . I still have something else to attend to . ”

Ran Jing left a bit depressed .

At night, after work, Xu Cheng drove his own car and left the police HQ . After driving for about a kilometer, he already felt a car was following him .

Xu Cheng first went to the gas station to fuel up, and then he turned his head and looked at the suspicious car parked by the street . With his penetrating vision, he recognized the guy inside – Neil!

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