Chapter 309.2

Chapter 309: It’s Over Now (Part two)

Lin Chuxue nodded . She also understood that she would only be his burden if she were to stay, so she nodded and left with Lin Lei .

Lin Lei turned off the stream and left with his sis .

When Xu Cheng turned back to look at Jenkins, that guy had already fallen to the floor, and he also dropped his gun out of fear .

His bodyguards quietly stepped back and were thinking about how to run away . Even Terry was sweating all over and quietly began stepping back .

Xu Cheng’s voice sounded like the whisper of death in the unusually quiet environment, “Did I say you guys could leave?”

Those people immediately stopped in their tracks, and Terry was shivering as he slowly turned around to look at Xu Cheng . He sounded like he was about to have a breakdown as he said to Xu Cheng, with his eyes tearing up, “Mr . Xu, I have really not done anything to you or the Lin Family . If it’s because of my media doing a bad job at reporting, I will apologize to you right now . You can tell me directly how you want me to make up for it . ”

Xu Cheng pointed at the closest audience seat and said, “Since you are already here, just go and have a seat . The show is not over yet, you can leave after it’s done . ”

Terry swallowed his spittle but he also didn’t dare to oppose Xu Cheng . He nodded, and went to the seat and sat down .

His two bodyguards also obediently sat next to him . One of the bodyguards subconsciously reached towards his coat and was thinking about just shooting Xu Cheng when he was off guard and kill him . That way, he could save his boss, and he would definitely be rewarded a hefty sum . Maybe even Mr . Jenkins would reward him too .

However, just when his hand reached into his coat, Terry grabbed onto his wrist and stopped him .

“Don’t court death!” Terry glared at him and warned .

The bodyguard whispered, “Boss, I’m confident!”

But just as he finished saying that, he felt a wave of wind blowing towards him and Xu Cheng was already before him . Then, grabbed by the collar, Xu Cheng directly threw this 1 . 9-meter-tall man into a wall like a watermelon .

Bang! The bodyguard directly puked out a mouthful of blood and fainted .

Xu Cheng coldly looked at the other bodyguard from the corner of his eyes and asked, “Do you want to try as well?”

That guy swallowed his spittle as he shook his head, pulled out his gun, and tossed it to the side, showing that he had no intention to fight back at all .

Xu Cheng then turned to look at the two bodyguards beside Jenkins and said, “Do you also want to fight me for your boss?”

Those two guards immediately shook their heads like rattle drums . One of them tossed his gun away too, and the other one’s gun was already pulled out by Jenkins from earlier .

“Then you guys can have a seat too . The main event’s just about to start . Go on . ” Xu Cheng looked at the empty seats and said .

Xu Cheng then looked at his three comrades from Dragon Division, “Shouldn’t you three go out and keep watch as well?”

The 8 of Diamonds said, “We already watched you be a d0uchebag for so long, shouldn’t you at least let us watch the ending?”

Bei Shan: “Alright, let’s just go first . ”

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