Chapter 314.2

Chapter 314: Thank You, Chuxue (Part two)

Xu Cheng suddenly thought of something and immediately said, “Don’t announce it for now . ”

Lin Chuxue was a bit surprised . “Why not?”

He remembered that he came back this time to engrave his name onto his father’s tombstone . He made up his mind as well . He doesn’t care anymore if the Ye Family will come and look for him . He wanted his father to have a proper tombstone in his home country .

So, he wasn’t confident as to what will happen in the future, and keeping their relationship a secret was also a way of protecting Lin Chuxue . Who knew how the Ye Family would react after finding out about him, or maybe they won’t be able to tolerate the embarrassing illegitimate [email protected] child at all . Before everything gets settled, Xu Cheng didn’t want to get Lin Chuxue involved .

“You are the number one of Imperial Capital Entertainment . Besides you, your company doesn’t make much money . If you disclose our relationship, you might lose a lot of fans . You are just 24 so you still have a bright future ahead of your career,” Xu Cheng could only use an excuse to answer her .

Lin Chuxue frowned . “I don’t care about my popularity, I can completely retire from the entertainment industry, and I can also sell Imperial Capital Entertainment to someone . Don’t you want me to spend more time with you?”

Xu Cheng thought to himself, “Yeah of course, I also want to roll around in bed and do extreme sports in bed with you all day long . ”

That was the honest voice of Xu Cheng, a man .

But he was scared, especially after he heard what Dr . Jacob said back in Britain about how he might become a mutant .

Before he could figure out the genes in his body and confirm his health, Xu Cheng didn’t dare to touch Lin Chuxue . He was scared that he might pass on some virus to Lin Chuxue, and even if she might be fine, their future child might not be . After all, his genes were not the same as an average human’s .

“You are still young . I know that you like writing music, and I hope that you can continue to shine on the stage . I’m not that traditional, I don’t need a woman to stay at home and do chores . You can also have a career you like . As long as you are enjoying it, I’ll support whatever you do,” Xu Cheng said .

Lin Chuxue: “But I feel that this isn’t fair to you . I’m your wife now, I don’t think it’s necessary to hide our relationship just for my fame . I think we can bear all the hate but also all the blessings from my fans, I know our relationship is stronger than that . ”

Xu Cheng sighed . “Chuxue, let me take you to a place . ”

Lin Chuxue nodded . She put on her shades and hat and went with Xu Cheng to a place – Fen Mountain .

After she followed Xu Cheng to the tombstone on Fen Mountain, she finally understood .

Xu Cheng sighed, “I’m going to finish engraving my dad’s tombstone now, and you know the consequences of this, right? I can’t let my dad not even have a proper place to rest even after he died . He loves this land and this country, I definitely won’t tolerate his tombstone to be like this . ”

Lin Chuxue sighed . “I get it now, Xu Cheng . You can finish engraving it . In the future, I will support you no matter what you do! I also won’t disclose our relationship and let me be a burden for you that Ye Family can use to threaten you with . “

Xu Cheng gently pulled her into his embrace and said, feeling touched, “Thank you, Chuxue . Come on, let’s kowtow before my dad . (TL note: it’s a tradition) He hasn’t even met his daughter-in-law yet . ”

Lin Chuxue smiled and nodded, and she went on her knees with Xu Cheng before the tombstone .

“Dad, I’m here to see you . This time, I brought my wife too . How is she? So beautiful that you are going blind already, right?” Xu Cheng grinned .

Lin Chuxue lightly smacked him . “Be serious . ”

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