Chapter 360.2

Chapter 360: Let’s Just Die Together! (Part Two)

However, with that explosive strength of Xu Cheng’s, as the punch smacked down, his crossed-arms that were blocking was directly shattered by Xu Cheng’s fist!

That guest master groaned in pain as he immediately took a few steps back .

The other five guest masters directly charged over and grabbed onto each of Xu Cheng’s limbs!

His hands and feet were restrained, and there was one that strangled Xu Cheng’s neck with a steel chain .

That guest master that had one of his arms broken endured the pain and pulled out a knife with the other hand, and he came slashing forward fiercely towards Xu Cheng .

That blade drew a huge arc in the air and carried terrifying momentum towards Xu Cheng’s neck .


Xu Cheng’s skin was as tough as steel, and with a twist of his neck, the blade was shattered instantly . Then, with his neck holding the blade piece, he flung forward and tossed the blade towards one of the guest masters restraining his hands .

That guest master was caught completely off guard, and his throat was pierced through . The arm and hand that he was restraining were freed, and Xu Cheng hurled a punch at the guy that came at him with the blade, right in the chest . With a press of the hidden device, the dagger within his brawler’s gloves immediately pierced through his heart!

That guy, as if tied to a missile, was sent flying straight into the high exterior walls of the manor .

Xu Cheng’s body trembled, completely breaking himself free from the remaining four guest masters .

The 30 or so guards saw the tip in tide of this battle and immediately charged up with their blades . The daggers within Xu Cheng’s gloves now became his most powerful weapons, and wherever he went, flesh and blood flew everywhere .

He tore through the crowd like a lawn mower .

Suddenly, 5 more masters jumped out from the internal area of the manor, who Xu Cheng deduced were probably the core members of the Murong Family .

They ran out and directly joined in on the battle .

Xu Cheng tossed two dead bodies right at them, and then he quickly backed off . Going back, he found the device in his pile of destroyed clothes . Seeing that most of the masters were already out, he pressed on the device with his foot .

On the top of the mountain, Bei Shan’s device began ringing, and everyone immediately snapped into focus .

“Let’s move!”

They were all armed and ready . Wearing a flying device on their body, they lined up and began running towards the cliff from about 30 meters away . Then, spreading their arms and legs, they jumped off of the mountain towards the Murong Family . Activating the flying equipment, a pair of wings suddenly spread out from the equipment on their backs like gliders . In the pitch-black sky, the Murong Family wouldn’t notice that the Dragon Blades had landed .

They each carried an arsenal of weapons, and after landing, they killed whoever came in sight .

On the outside, Xu Cheng’s face was covered in blood . But, it wasn’t his but all from his opponent . Dozens of guards had died, dying the whole street in front of the Murong Manor red .

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