Chapter 508.2: 508.2

Chapter 508: All Just Traps (Part Two)

Elder Zhou: “It’s fine, you still have us . Although your teacher is no longer in this world, we can definitely give you some pointers . You are still young, you must not become complacent or lazy . You must always move your bones and exercise, alright? We are probably the people that know your master’s moves the best since back then, if you have anything you don’t understand, you can always ask us . There’s probably no one else in this world that knew your master better than us . ”

Xu Cheng mumbled in his heart, Why do I feel that there’s no one else in this world that hates him more than you guys? Just how much did you guys get bullied by my old man to be able to “know” him best?

Xu Cheng knew a fight today was inevitable .

He picked up a bottle of alcohol and began filling his cup .

The five old men’s hearts ached as that was their favorite drink . One of them immediately grabbed it after Xu Cheng had finished a couple of cups already . “Don’t spoil such good alcohol, drink slowly!”

After a loud burp, Xu Cheng felt his face blush as he looked at the five elders and chuckled and said, “Grandpa Ye, I know you’ve always wanted to prove your strength, and the four other grandpas as well . Now that you have all returned to your prime, I know you guys are afraid that I might go onto the wrong path due to arrogance if no one can suppress me, so the five of you want to join forces to suppress me . I understand your good intentions . ”

Xu Cheng suddenly slapped onto the desk, and the whole crowd looked over in shock .

Xu Cheng domineeringly pointed at the five elders and shouted, “Then come on, I will have a good fight with you today! After the fight today, I hope you five can rest assured in letting me go out to the world!”

Those single ladies all looked at Xu Cheng with admiration, feeling that he was very manly .

Elder Ye waved his hand and gestured, and all the surrounding tables were moved to the side, leaving a large open space for the central table .

Then, Elder Ye very much wanted to show off first by flipping the table to detonate the battle, but when he tried with both hands, he noticed that he couldn’t flip the table no matter what .

He frowned, and then he saw Xu Cheng pressing down on the table as he looked at the old man and said, “Want to show off? Did you ask for my permission?”

Then, Xu Cheng punched down on the table, shattering it, and the five elders were immediately blown to all directions by the force of the broken table fragments . Then, Xu Cheng slowly said, “I’ve said, that day, I only used 30% of my strength . If you want me to use my full force, then I will have to see if you guys are capable of drawing it out or not!”

“Holy fack, not even Zhang Chenfeng was this pompous . I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to teach him a lesson!” Elder Zhou couldn’t bear it anymore .

Xu Cheng pointed at him and said, “All five of you together!”

“Fack, I can’t tolerate it anymore too!” This time, all five of them couldn’t wait anymore .

Immediately, all five of them charged towards Xu Cheng and grabbed onto his hands, trying to lock him down .

“Holding on tightly? I’m going to take you all on a ride,” Xu Cheng asked the five elders .

The five elders froze for a moment .

What does that mean?

Just at the next moment, Xu Cheng bent his knees, and the five elders were still a bit confused . However, at the next second, with Xu Cheng’s mantis and cat-like jumping ability, plus the 50x explosive power, he bent down on the spot . With a loud bam!

“Big Bro’s gonna take you on a ride!”

Like a rocket, he shot himself up towards the ceiling .

At that moment, the people seemed to have witnessed the lift-off of a rocket, majestic and solemn .

With that insane speed, the five elders felt the air colliding so violently against them that they couldn’t even open their eyes properly . They finally knew what Xu Cheng meant by taking them all on a ride .

Xu Cheng took the five of them and jumped up a full 10 meters in height before going back down . After doing that 10 times at such a high speed, the five of them immediately began vomiting after they landed .

Then, when they were all dehydrated and dizzy, Xu Cheng went up to each of them and began beating them up .

It was a good example of beating someone when they were down .

At this time, Zhou Xiaoming became a bit worried about his grandpa and he asked, “Is Xu Cheng going to be okay after this?”

Ye Xiu laughed and said, “You guys don’t understand? That’s why Big Brother Cheng drank so much alcohol before this . He’s clearly trying to push all the blame onto the alcohol . It’s all a trap, you know?”

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