Chapter 521.: Chapter 521. - The Mandala Lab Exploded in Popularity (Part Two)

Chapter 521: The Mandala Lab Exploded in Popularity (Part Two)

To be honest, it would be extremely difficult to put a value at all on this company . According to the stats collected by the W . H . O . , there were as many as 7 million new patients diagnosed with cancer every year (at the time this chapter was being written) . If this medicine could be popularized in the future, even if this medicine was uniformly priced at US $300,000 worldwide, excluding the patent-licensing fees, the revenue prospect would be enormous, even to the scale of being terrifying .

When Stenson went to Xu Cheng’s place, he immediately began complaining to him, “Boss, I didn’t even dare to go back to my home, those guys from Wall Street are too scary!”

Lin Dong made tea, and after Xu Cheng took a sip, he said, “They want to invest?”

Stenson nodded . “There was a venture capital firm that’s willing to invest $5 billion for a 20% stake in the company . ”

Xu Cheng sneered . “They sure are smart, trying to get in before we perfect the technology . The price sounds reasonable too . But, don’t come to me if it’s anything below 70 billion . Just tell the public, right now the lab just gained 3 billion from the auction and that’s enough to keep the lab going for a while in terms of R&D and development, so it’s temporarily not considering financing options or going public, nor is it accepting investments . ”

The technology not being perfect was only a lie to the public . Right now, he could popularize the treatment, but the cake was too big, too attractive, and that was why he didn’t want to announce it .

Stenson nodded . “There are a lot of people looking for the real boss behind the lab now, Boss, I think they probably found out that we got some random person to be the legal front of the lab . That guy couldn’t answer any questions, so the guys from wall street were already suspecting that there was someone else behind the lab . ”

“Just leave them to their investigation . I have no apparent connections with the lab, so they won’t get to me,” Xu Cheng nonchalantly said .

Stenson bitterly smiled . “They are even using the Nobel Prize to lure you to come forth . It looks like they are really willing to use a big bait . ”

“To capitalists, anything is controllable, and that’s normal . I’m not interested in the Nobel Prize anyways . ” After Xu Cheng took another sip of the tea, he said to Stenson, “You see the level of the game we are playing now . If you continue to follow me, you have my money, you can hire some bodyguards for yourself . If you are scared, you can quit . I won’t look for your trouble . ”

Stenson wasn’t stupid . Now that he knew his boss more and more, he was less and less likely to jump ship . He would probably die . Even if not now, he would die in the future . Besides, the most important thing was that right now, he had over ten billion in his hand! There would only be more and more in the future . Although it wasn’t his, right now, all of his peers in the industry and the big tycoons show a ton of respect for him .

Xu Cheng didn’t have the time to look for investments, and he obviously wouldn’t let his money just sit in the bank, so for most of the time, it would usually be Stenson doing loans and investment projects at Wall Street . It was allowed by Xu Cheng, and now, it could be said that he was a famous sugar daddy on Wall Street . Such a sudden change of status and treatment made him feel very satisfied, and that was just the world of capitalism – money can make a big difference .

“No, Boss, all of this that I have, it’s all given to me by you . Although I have no faith in any religion, I still understand to be grateful, repay the kindness, and have a bottom line . ” Stenson said, “Unless one day you think that I’m not competent to hold my job anymore, I think I won’t leave this job . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . Right now, there was more and more money in Stenson’s hands . He hadn’t pulled any small tricks behind his back, and that was why Xu Cheng hadn’t triggered any murderous intent . Stenson was indeed a smart guy .

At this time, Lin Dong said, “Teacher, Dr . Hawking reached me through Senator Jerry, he said he wants to meet you and thank you . ”

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